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Chainsaw Man Pochita

For anime fans, Pochita is one of the most beloved characters. In ‘Chainsaw Man‘ Pochita is also referred to as Chainsaw Devil or Chainsaw Dog. The cute looks and loving nature of Pochita makes him one of the favorite anime character around the world. So, here let’s know more about pochita.

Chainsaw Man Pochita is an orange-colored cute-looking dog with a chainsaw protruding from the center of his forehead. Fans go ga-ga when they see Pochita with Denji. Pochita only starred in the first episode of “Chainsaw Man”. Here let’s know in brief about Pochita.

Here’s a breakdown of Pochita from ‘Chainsaw Man’, focusing on what makes him a unique and beloved character:

Who is Pochita?

  • Appearance: Small, orange dog-like creature with a chainsaw sticking out of his head.
  • True Identity: He’s the Chainsaw Devil, one of the most powerful devils in existence.
  • History: Badly injured in a battle, he took his near-death dog form, and was found by Denji.
  • Bond with Denji: After Denji saved his life, Pochita became deeply devoted, ultimately sacrificing himself to merge with Denji and give him the Chainsaw Man powers.

Why Fans Love Pochita

  • Cute but Deadly: His appearance is disarming, making his fearsome nature when unleashed all the more surprising.
  • Pure Loyalty: Pochita goes against typical devil behavior. His selfless love for Denji is touching.
  • Central to the Plot: Without Pochita, there’s no Chainsaw Man. He’s the heart (literally) of the story.
  • Mystery: We still don’t know everything about him, which keeps fans engaged.

Pochita’s Powers

  • Typical Devil Stuff: Regeneration, super-strength, the usual devil package.
  • Chainsaws: Blades sprout from his body, used as vicious weapons.
  • Devil Erasure: Devils he fully consumes are wiped from existence. This made him feared even by other devils.

Key Takeaways

  • Pochita is not just a cute mascot. He’s a complex character who embodies themes of sacrifice and unlikely bonds.
  • His origins are shrouded in mystery, adding to the intrigue of his character.
  • Pochita demonstrates even the most feared beings can be capable of love and loyalty, making him more than just a monster.

Who Is Pochita?

Pochita is an orange-colored dog with a chainsaw fused with Denji in the anime series Chainsaw Man. He appeared in the first episode of Chainsaw Man.

Pochita used to be Chainsaw Devil before turning into a dog. In hell, every other devils are scared of him. Pochita is different from other devils as he emerges with Denji to save Denji’s life without any selfish wants. The selfless act made Pochita a different and lovable character in Anime.

Pochita used to communicate with Denji through whining and barking. After the fusion with Denji, he can send thoughts directly to Denji’s mind. He even can warn Denji about danger through thoughts.

Pochita used to hate human, but after Denji saves him he changes his mind about human and even sacrifice himself to save Denji. The reason Denji became Chainsaw Man is Pochita. After the fusion of Pochita’s heart with Denji, he can transform himself into Chainsaw Man as Pochita poses the fear of chainsaw.

Pochita was a very kind devil. He helped both humans and devils when they needed it. He even sacrificed his life to save Kobeni. Regardless of his kind nature, he is the strongest Devil.

Why Did Chainsaw Devil Turn Into A Dog?

Well, it is still a mystery why the Chainsaw Devil turns into a dog. In the series, Makima revealed that he used to be Chainsaw Devil, one of the strongest devils in hell. All the other devils were scared of him. Chainsaw Devil poses the power of disappearing devils by consuming them. If the Chainsaw Devil consumes any devil they disappear and can not resurrect them. That is the real reason why all the other devils were scared of him.

With great power, hatred also becomes your friend. As every devil was scared of him, he had many enemies that turned into a battle between the weapon devils, four horsemen,  and Chainsaw Devil. In this battle, he almost died and escaped. In this situation, he transforms into his near-death form which is his dog form and he mysteriously ends up on the earth and meets Denji.

Denji rescued him from near death and saved his life. Thus he bonded deeply with Denji and started feelings for him that he sacrificed his life to save Denji.

Abilities Of Chainsaw Devil:

The Chainsaw Devil is one of the powerful devil that poses the fear of chainsaw. He also has all the abilities that a devil possesses. He has the ability to restore his health and revival into hell. No matter how many times he is killed he can revive himself and can come back to kill other devils. The main reason other devils were scared of him is, that if he consumed any devil then the devil would be completely erased from hell and could not revive his life.

Powers Of Chainsaw Devil:

There are some special powers of the Chainsaw Devil. These are described below…

Great Speed:

One of the power of the Chainsaw Devil is great speed. When he was fighting with Makima he attacked them with his speed before Makima could react. He moves so fast that his opponent thinks that he is teleporting himself.

Healing Power:

Just like other people Chainsaw Devil poses the power of healing. He heals himself so fast that no matter how many times you kill him he heals himself by consuming blood.


The Chainsaw Devil is very strong and his body is tough. He can survive explosions, sonic lashes, and blasts.


The Chainsaw Devil has immense strength and he can defeat almost every devil. When he was in a local shop he almost killed local people with his movement.

Consuming Devils:

The Chainsaw Devil is able to consume other devils and disappear them from hell. If He consumes any devil then the devil could not revive himself and he is erased from the hell. This is the reason other devils were scared of him.

Chainsaw Appendage:

Pochita is the personification of Fear of chainsaws. There is a chainsaw protruding from Pochits’s head that functions as an actual chainsaw. To activate it the cord in his tail needs to be pulled. He can also enlarge his chainsaw to wrap the opponent’s body. He is able to catch multiple opponents at a time.


The Chainsaw Devil Dog Pochita known as Chainsaw Dog is the series Chainsaw Man. He is a cute orange-colored dog who is very kind-hearted and sacrifices himself selflessly to save his human companion Denji.


Q. What Is The Name Of The Chainsaw Dog?

A. The name of the Chainsaw Dog is Pochita. This is an orange colored dog that has a chainsaw protruding from his head. To activate the chainsaw his tail needs to be pulled.

Q. What Happened To Chainsaw Dog?

A. The chainsaw dog used to be one of the strongest devils named Chainsaw Devil. Other devils used to be scared of him. After experiencing near death he took the form of a dog and was sent to Earth where he bonded with Denji. To save Denji he sacrificed himself and became Denji’s heart.

Q. How Many Form Does Pochita Has?

A. Pochita has three different forms. These are near death form, normal form, and hybrid form. In near death form, he becomes an orange colored dog with a chainsaw coming out of his head which Denji uses by pulling his tail.

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