Colorado Mountain Dog : Appearance and Breeding Requirements

Colorado Mountain Dog

Here’s a breakdown of the Colorado Mountain Dog, focusing on what potential owners need to know:

Breed Overview

  • Origin: Developed in Colorado, USA specifically for livestock protection
  • Heritage: Mix of Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees breeds
  • Appearance: Large, sturdy build. White coat with thick undercoat in winter.
  • Temperament: Gentle, devoted, protective, calm but alert

Things to Consider

  • Purpose-Bred: These dogs THRIVE on having a job to do. They’re ideal for farms/ranches, not just casual house pets.
  • Activity Needs: High! They were made for working long hours. If not on a farm, they need extensive walks, play sessions, and mental stimulation.
  • Size: They’re BIG. Make sure you have the space (and food budget) to handle them.
  • Grooming: Fairly low-key, but shedding can be intense seasonally.
  • Training: Intelligent but independent. Early socialization and focus on obedience is key, so they don’t think they’re the boss.


  • Generally Robust: Developed for harsh conditions, so the breed tends to be healthy.
  • Parasite Awareness: If they’ll be working outdoors, tick/flea prevention is vital.
  • Joint Issues: Like many large breeds, hip/elbow problems can occur as they age.

Who is This Dog RIGHT For?

  • Farmers/Ranchers: This is their ideal setting, protecting livestock from predators.
  • Active Families with Land: IF you can commit to extensive exercise and training, they can be loyal companions.
  • People who WANT a Guard Dog: Their protective instincts are strong, so the right owner welcomes this.

Who is This Dog NOT Right For?

  • City/Apartment Dwellers: They need space and a job, or they get bored and destructive.
  • Casual Owners: This isn’t a “low-maintenance” breed. They need firm but loving guidance.
  • Those Uncomfortable with Big Dogs: A full-grown Colorado Mountain Dog commands respect.

Key Takeaway

The Colorado Mountain Dog is a magnificent breed, but they are NOT for everyone. Their best life is one of purpose. If you admire them, consider supporting breeders committed to working lines and responsible ownership!

All You Need To Know About Colorado Mountain Dog

When it comes to shepherd dogs the name first pops into our head is Colorado Mountain Dogs. This is one of the dogs that is created for livestock grazing. Like other mountain dogs, this dog breed is also very large in size. Colorado mountain dog is not only great for grazing livestock but also they are very friendly and faithful companion too. So, let’s know more about Colorado mountain dogs.

Origin Of Colorado Mountain Dog:

The Colorado mountain dogs are from Colorado. In the Rocky Mountains, this dog is used widely to guard livestock from mountain lions. Originating in the mountains this dog is now widespread in the USA and primarily used in farms.

If we go through history In the year 2008 Wendy Francisco and her husband started to breed a dog named Caspian. This dog was a mixed breed of Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees. Caspian was a great dog for livestock guarding that fulfilled all the requirements that Wendy Francisco and her husband needed to guard their livestock from getting attacked by the mountain lions.

After Caspian, they found a female dog named Snow and crossbred them. With this beginning the Colorado mountain dogs started to grow more in population and now we have one of the best shepherd dogs. This dog breed is now perfect to protect farms and ranches.

Colorado Mountain Dog Appearance:

Colorado mountain dog belongs to the mountain and Large Group Dog community. The appearance of the dog is friendly. The size of a Male Colorado Mountain Dog is about 70 cm and a female Colorado Mountain Dog is 68 cm. The weight of a Colorado Mountain Dog is between 50-70 kg. This is a well-built dog and has a long fluffy tail. The color of the Colorado Mountain Dog is white. In winter they develop undercoat.

Colorado Mountain Dog Temperament:

Colorado Mountain Dog is a very friendly dog with a stable temperament. This dog does not show aggression and is very much confident and outgoing. They only get aggressive when they are protecting the farm or family. For their friendly nature farm animals get easy with them.

The dog is generally quiet and calm but they always remain alert of danger. They possess strong instincts that protect you from predators and dangers.

This is a loyal and devoted dog with a very strong guarding instinct. Not only with farm animals they also bond very well with humans and babies. They are playful and always keep you company.

Colorado Mountain Dog Breeding Requirements:

The Colorado Mountain Dog is an easy-maintenance dog. You do not groom the Colorado Mountain Dog very often. It is easier to maintain the dog in winter. In winter just brush your dog thoroughly once a week and they are good to go. But in summer they required frequent brushing in a week. Clip the nails when required.

As Colorado Mountain Dogs are white in color you need to give them an occasional bath. Do not use human shampoo to wash them. Use dog shampoo to keep their coat soft and shiny.

The ears of dogs are the most important part of the dog’s grooming as they tend to get infected. Just all these are required to keep your Colorado Mountain Dog clean.

Remember do not keep your dog dirty as they gaze around the farm they tend to get infested by ticks and parasites.

Colorado Mountain Dog Activity Requirements:

Colorado Mountain Dogs are super active as they spend their day gazing around the farm and fields. If your Colorado Mountain Dog is a farm dog then do not worry as they are in plenty of activity. But if they are a dog to accompany you then they should get plenty of exercise.

You should take your dog for walks regularly and also keep engaging it in plenty of playful games. Then bond well with kids through the games. They are well-mannered and the perfect dog for cuddling up.

What To Feed Colorado Mountain Dog?

As a Large mountain dog, the Colorado Mountain Dog needs protein in their food. Feed your Colorado Mountain Dog good quality food to keep them healthy and active.

When they are a few weeks old puppies include 15% fat and 20% protein in their daily food. As they are highly active dogs they also need a good amount of calories in their diet. So, to maintain a proper weight include a balanced amount of fat, fiber, and protein in their diet.

Colorado Mountain Dog Health Concerns:

Like all other dogs Colorado Mountain Dogs tend to certain health issues. One of them is infection and parasite infestation. A healthy Colorado Mountain Dog has a good appetite and activity. If you notice loss of appetite or inactivity in Colorado Mountain Dog then rush to the vet as they can examine the health concerns of the dog.

To keep your dog healthy provide your dog with good quality food and engage them in activity. Also, groom them thoroughly to keep them out of infections.


As we already know Colorado Mountain Dogs are one of the best dogs for livestock protection, but few of us know that they are one of the best companions a dog owner can get. They can be your cuddle cup and are also helpful to keep intruders away. They are also friendly with kids. They are independent dogs but they love to get attention and care. This dog stays always alert and cheerful to others which makes Colorado Mountain Dog a great pet.


Q. Are Colorado Mountain Dogs Good With Kids?

Yes, Colorado Mountain Dogs are very much friendly with kids and they love to play games with them. If your kid is with your pet Colorado Mountain Dogs then you do not need to think about your kid’s safety as the Colorado Mountain Dogs will take good care of them. The Colorado Mountain Dogs are always alert to dangers.

Q. Why Colorado Mountain Dogs Are The Best Livestock Guards?

The Colorado Mountain Dogs are one of the best livestock guard dogs as they are strong-willed and always stay alert. They also have strong instincts of danger.

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