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Crusty white dogs

Here’s a breakdown of the “crusty white dog” meme, focusing on why it’s harmful:

What is the “Crusty White Dog” Meme?

  • Origin: Began on Twitter/TikTok around 2020, with people mocking small, white dogs who have tear stains or eye discharge.
  • Cruelty: This targeted not only dogs, but often their owners, associating them with being wealthy and careless about their pet’s appearance.

Why This is Wrong

  • Eye Issues are Common: Discharge or tear stains can happen to ANY dog, regardless of color or breed. Some breeds are simply more prone to it.
  • Health, not Neglect: Often these eye issues are due to medical things like allergies, tear duct problems, etc. Owners shouldn’t be shamed for this.
  • Appearance Shouldn’t Matter: Dogs are beloved companions, not fashion accessories. A bit of eye crust doesn’t change their worth or how much their owners love them.
  • Internet Bullying: Memes like this turn into targeted harassment, even if the original intent was just “being funny”.

Breeds More Prone to Eye Issues

  • Maltese, Pugs, Shih Tzus, etc.: Their facial structure and fur type can contribute to tear staining, irritation
  • Doesn’t mean they WILL have problems: Good hygiene helps, but sometimes vet care is needed.

How to Help Your Dog’s Eyes

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe away any gunk with a damp cloth or safe eye solution (ask your vet for recommendations)
  • Keep Fur Trimmed: Long hair around the eyes can trap irritants.
  • Vet Visits if Needed: If the problem is severe or doesn’t clear up with home care, it could signal an underlying health issue.

Key Takeaway

  • It’s OK to find humor in the everyday, but not at the expense of others or when it promotes harmful stereotypes.
  • Dogs, like people, deserve dignity even if they have an occasional messy moment.
  • Focus on responsible pet care, and celebrate the love between owners and their dogs, not superficial appearances.

What Is The Fuss About Crusty White Dogs Nowadays?

Crusty white dogs – In today’s ever-ending trend-raising world, the internet doesn’t leave anyone. You or anyone else can become a meme on the internet overnight. And dogs were no exception in this matter—especially the crusty white dogs.

This trend mainly started in 2020, when the crusty white dogs became an online sensation all of a sudden. And you may have seen the trending videos on crusty white dogs.

Back then, these dogs along with their owners experienced so much hatred on the internet. But the question is why people made such a buzz about crusty white dogs. And what are these crusty white dogs?

Let’s find it all out in this article below.

Crusty White Dogs: What Are These?

As per the online memers, these are any white breed of dogs with crust, stains, or mucus in or around their eyes, generally known as crusty white dog breeds. This could be any white dog from pugs to Shih Tzu with a crust around their eyes.

Dogs with crusts or stains around their eye are often unpleasant looking which intrigued memer to make the topic so viral.

This crust around the eyes of your dog is often produced due to mucus or dried-up tears. This is because mucus or dried-up tears build near your dog’s eye fur. Since these stains are quite difficult to get rid of they make the dog look a little bit uglier than normal dogs.

How Did Crusty White Dogs Turn Into A Meme?

In June 2020, memers online started making memes about the fact that rich white people out there tend to have white dogs with ugly crusty eyes. This trend mainly went viral on Twitter and TikTok.

Once the topic went viral, many videos were made. Even I have seen so many videos of these dogs back then. It was disgusting how people were making fun of innocent dogs and their owners online using videos. People even started naming these dogs as unattractive dogs, shady dogs, shameful dogs, and so many more.

While the owners were making positive videos on these dogs showing the benefits of such a dog, the members on the other hand were making disgusting content on these dogs. It was one of the most disgusting memes I had ever seen. A crusty eye is not something that any pet owner likes.

No matter what, a pet owner can’t prevent this. However, with proper treatment, you can certainly cure these issues. But no one should make fun of other’s health conditions (no matter if it is a doh or a human being.)

Which Dogs Are Likely To Fall In The Category Of Crusty White Dogs?

It certainly does not matter whether a dog breed is brown, white, or black, any dog out there can get mucus or crusts around its eyes. Nevertheless, some dogs are more likely to get crusty eye issues than other dogs. Here are some of the dog breeds that highly tend to get crusty eyes.

  • Maltese
  • Shih Tzu
  • Bichon Frises
  • Pugs
  • White Pomeranian
  • White Poodle
  • West Highland White Terrier

These are some of the dogs that are highly prone to getting crusty eye issues. However, it does not mean that every dog from these breeds will certainly get crusty eyes. I own a Maltese and it did not get crusty eyes. So, if you are a pet parent to any of the above-mentioned dogs, do not worry as it is not very common.

Make sure you keep your dog’s eyes clean and clear. However, even after much care of your dog gets these, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible to start the treatment. This will certainly help you get rid of the issues quickly.

How To Prevent Dogs From Getting Crusty Eyes?

You must know the saying that “prevention is better than cure”. So, if you have the above-mentioned dogs or any of the dog breeds as your pet, you should pay close attention to your pup. You need to make sure that your dog does not get affected by health issues like crusty eyes.

Although there is a cure for this issue why take the hassle when you can prevent it on time? So, let’s have a look at the prevention tips to prevent your dog from getting crusty eyes. These are the tricks I follow for my dog to prevent crusty eyes. You can follow the same:

You can follow a regular eye-cleaning routine for your dog. For cleaning my dog’s eyes, I use saline solution. It is safe for dog’s eyes. So, you can use it without fear of damaging your dog’s eyes.

With regular eye-cleaning, you can remove dirt and debris from your dog’s eyes and keep its eyes healthy and clean. However, if you are not sure about using saline solution, you can use store-bought eye drops or artificial tears that can lubricate your dog’s eyes to reduce any kind of irritation.

However, it is always better to consult your vet before using anything on your dog’s eyes. Whether you prefer using the saline solution, eye drops, or artificial tears, make sure you consult your vet first. Only a professional vet can guide you on the right path. I have asked my vet and my vet has suggested using the saline solution. That is why I am using the saline solution for my dog’s eye-cleaning routine.


So, I hope it is now crystal clear to you that the crusty eye in a dog is a health condition that no one should make fun of. But in 2020, somehow this sensitive topic went viral, and online content creators and memers took advantage of this matter.

People who made such a buzz around this sensitive topic must be retarded minded otherwise no one can make fun of a sensitive matter like this. Hope no such sensitive topic ever becomes viral like this one. It was really very hurting for dog owners.

So, hope my content made you realize how retarded it is to make a buzz out of a sensitive topic like this one. And I also hope you will not make the same mistake!

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