how long can a dog have worms before it dies

how long can a dog have worms before it dies

Worms are one of the health issues in dogs. It is difficult to get rid of worms in dogs and it takes a lot of time. Worms are the reason dogs can have serious health issues. That is why it is important to treat worms in dogs.

There are many cases where a dog lives his entire life with worms, but we need to treat it to give our dog a healthy life. So, this article lets us know how long it takes to reduce worms in dogs.

Here’s a breakdown of dog worms, focusing on treatment timelines and prevention:

How Long Does Worm Treatment Take?

That depends on:

  • Type of Worm: Roundworms are easier to get rid of than tapeworms or heartworms.
  • Severity of Infestation: A heavy infestation takes longer. May need repeated doses of dewormer.
  • Dewormer Used: Some brands work faster than others. Your vet picks the right one for the job.

Generally, it’s not immediate. Expect:

  • Signs of Dying Worms: You might see dead worms in your dog’s poop. This is a good sign!
  • Improved Symptoms: Within a few days to weeks, your dog should stop vomiting, gain weight, etc.
  • Full Recovery: Complete clearing of worms can take weeks, sometimes requiring multiple rounds of medication.

Why Treating Worms is Urgent

  • They Damage Your Dog: Worms steal nutrients, irritate the gut, and can cause serious illness over time.
  • Worms Spread Easily: Eggs in dog poop can infect other dogs, or even re-infect your dog.
  • Risk to Humans: Some dog worms can infect people too, especially children.

Preventing Worms is KEY

  • Year-Round Deworming: Most vets recommend preventive medication, not just treating when you see a problem.
  • Cleanliness is Crucial: Pick up dog poop promptly, clean food bowls/toys, wash your own hands after handling them.
  • Vet Checks: Regular stool tests find worms your eye can’t, allowing for early treatment.

Key Takeaways

  • Worm treatment isn’t instant, but the sooner you start, the better for your dog.
  • Don’t guess about worms – talk to your vet. They’ll diagnose the type and prescribe accordingly.
  • “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” absolutely applies to worms!

How Long Can a Dog Have Worms Before It Dies?

There is no perfect answer that is capable of giving the solution to how long it takes to reduce worms in dogs. It completely depends on the worm and the severity of the worm infestation.

If we leave a severe worm infestation untreated then it is possible the dog might die within a few weeks. So, a regular checkup of a dog is very important to get knowledge if the dog is infested with worms or not.

Symptoms Of Worm Infestation In Dogs:

If a dog is infested with worms it will show some signs and symptoms. These Symptoms are…

Diarrhea And Vomiting:

The common sign and symptom of worm infestation is Diarrhea and Vomiting. Worms cause discomfort in dogs that affect their digestion system causing Diarrhea and Vomiting. If we see our dog has recently started to vomit then we should check it up.

Loss Of Appetite:

Worm infestation causes discomfort to the dog’s digestive system thus the dog refuses to eat or lose its appetite. If we notice that our dog lost its appetite we should take it to the vet.

Weight Loss:

Worm infestation is one of the reasons that a dog loses weight as it creates discomfort in the dog’s digestive system. If we notice our dog is losing weight rapidly then we should get it checked up by a vet.

Hair Loss:

Hair thinning or rapid hair loss is another symptom that shows that our dog could be infested by worms.


If a dog is infested with worms then its belly starts to appear like a pot. This is one of the primary symptoms that a worm-infested dog shows. So, if we see our dog is having a pot belly appearance then we should consult a vet.

How To Protect Dogs From Worm Infestation?

Worms find ways to infest a dog’s body. It is nearly impossible to prevent it. But we can prevent the severity. There are many types of worms that infest a dog’s body.

Some of them are harmful and some of them are less harmful. We can take some measures to lower the risk. So, let’s know how to keep our dog out of danger of getting worm infestation…


Deworming is the most important thing to do to protect our dog from worms. Regular deworming helps to keep worms out of a dog. A monthly worm checkup is good to keep a dog safe.

At least deworming a dog 3-4 times a year is necessary to keep our dog out of risk. If we still see some symptoms of deworming or see the dog twitching its anus then we should not wait anymore and rush to a vet.

Wash Raw Food Thoroughly:

We often feed our dogs raw meat, fish, fruit, or some veggies. These foods are a high-risk source of worms. That is why before feeding raw food to a dog we should always wash and clean the food thoroughly.

We also should not feed our dogs raw meat, especially red meat. We always cook the meat well and before feeding to keep our dog out of danger.

Provide Fresh Foods:

From stale or poor food our dog can be infested with worms. So, before feeding our dog we should keep in mind that the food is fresh.

Keep Yard Clean:

To avoid worm infestation we should keep our yard clean. Our dogs spend a lot of time playing in yards. Some types of parasites can infest them this time. So, we should clean our yard properly to keep these parasites away from our dogs.

Keep Toys and Bowls Clean:

A dirty feeding bowl and toys are one of the storehouses of parasites. If we give these to our dog parasites can easily infest the dog’s body. So we should always keep these clean to stop worm infestation.

Keeping The Dog Clean:

Keeping the dog clean is one of the important things to do to stop worm infestation. Always wash the dog thoroughly with a suitable dog shampoo to keep them clean.

Also, regular trimming of hair and nails is helpful to prevent worm infestation in dogs.

Regular Check Up:

To keep our dog healthy we always should do a regular check-up with the vet. A vet can identify and treat dogs if they are infested with worms.


Worms are very dangerous parasites that can lead a dog to death. There are many ways parasites find their way into a dog’s body. By feeding the dog a well-cooked food and maintaining hygiene we can prevent worm infestation on dogs.

To keep our dog out of danger we should also take our dog to the vet and get a checkup done. If the dog is infested with worms we should not leave it untreated, start the deworming process as soon as possible. This will keep our dog healthy.


Q. How Long Does Dewormer Stay In a Dog’s Body?

A. The deworming medication stays for only a few hours in a dog’s body. To keep our out of danger of worms we should give our dog anti-parasites doses every two weeks.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Show The Result Of Deworming Treatment?

A. It takes 1-2 hours to show the result of deworming medication. After giving the dog deworming medicine we will find that our dog is pooping out the worms. We can also see within 15 hours the worms died off completely.

Q. How Often We Should Deworm Our Dog?

A. We should deworm our dogs once a month. This will keep our dog out of danger of worm infestation. Worm infestation keeps getting back in dogs which is why we should also take preventive measures.

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