5 Reasons Why Beagles Are The Worst Dogs

Why Beagles Are The Worst Dogs

Here’s why some people find Beagles difficult, focusing on what owners need to understand:

Beagles Aren’t “Bad”, Just Misunderstood

  • They’re not the easiest dogs to own, but “worst” is subjective and often comes from lack of preparation.
  • Your Experience is Amazing: This shows that with the right approach, Beagles can be wonderful companions!

Why People Struggle with Beagles

  • Hound Instincts: Bred to track by scent, they’re independent, easily distracted by smells, and can have a strong prey drive.
  • Stubborn Streak: Smart, but also determined. Need firm but positive training, not harsh discipline.
  • Energy Levels: If bored or under-exercised, they get destructive or howl excessively.
  • Vocalization: Barking and baying are how hounds communicate, this can be annoying for some.
  • Separation Anxiety: Like many breeds, they need companionship. Being left alone all day leads to problems.

Are Beagles Right For YOU?

  • Honest Assessment: Do you have the time, patience, and lifestyle for a dog like this?
  • Early Training is Key: Socialization and obedience work are a MUST, or their instincts take over.
  • Outlets Are Essential: Long walks, scent games, and mental challenges help them burn energy the right way.
  • Not for Beginners: If this is your first dog, consider a breed known for being easier to guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Beagles are rewarding pets, but demand effort. They’re not a “lazy owner” breed.
  • If their needs are met, they’re playful, sweet, and great family dogs.
  • Research ANY breed thoroughly. Don’t just go by looks or what you see online!

5 Reasons Why Beagles Are The Worst Dogs

Often beagles are considered to be the worst dogs. But do you know why beagles are the worst dogs, I mean why do some people consider them to be the worst dogs? If you ask me if beagles are the worst dogs or not, I will say Absolutely NO. Rather, my beagles are one of the most well-behaved dogs I have ever seen.

Then why do some people say that beagles are the worst dogs to have? Let me take you to the brief details of beagle dogs, their characteristics, and other things to understand the truth behind this saying.

Beagle Dog Breed: A Brief History Of The Breed

Do you know that beagle dogs are among the oldest dog breeds out there? This breed holds quite a long history. Beagles mainly originated around the 1830s in England. This breed was developed from many breeds, such as Talbot Hounds, Southern Hounds, and North Country Beagles.

Beagles were mainly meant to be hunting dogs in nature. Since beagles are hunters by nature, they are often hard to handle. Also, beagles are famous for being mischievous and stubborn dogs at times. But in my opinion, my beagles are extremely determined, and thus, training my beagles was quite a challenge for me.

If you are a beginner pet owner, it is better to avoid choosing beagles as your pet. Handling a beagle and training is not a beginner’s cup of tea.

Why Beagles Are The Worst Dogs: 5 Reasons

As I have already mentioned above beagles aren’t the worst dogs at all but YES, there are a few beagles who justify the saying. However, there are valid reasons for that. There are some undeniable reasons that make beagles bag dogs.

So, let’s see the reasons why beagles are the worst dogs.

Being A Hunting Dog By Nature

Even After being among the least violent dogs out there, beagles are still considered hunting dogs. From my brief history section, you can see that beagles were mainly developed to be hunting dogs.

Being hunters in nature, beagles will show high prey drive at times. When these dogs start showing prey drive, they become uncontrollable at times, which makes people think that beagles are the worst dogs to have as a pet.

For example, one time I took my beagles to the nearest dog park. There, my beagle dog all of a sudden started barking at strangers and I could not stop him even after so many attempts. This makes others think that my beagle is the worst dog in the park.

But the truth is, this can happen to anybody. I mean any dog can get agitated at times seeing strangers. But does that make the dogs worse? No, right?

Beagles Are Belong To Hound Category

Being a hound category dog, beagles are normally stubborn in nature. Initially, Beagle dogs were used for tracking small animals like rabbits and then chasing the small animals until the dog’s owner took the shot.

Since they have chasing characteristics, they are independent in decision-making, which often makes them different from other dogs. But it does not mean that beagles are the worst dogs. Yes, they are a little hard to handle but not impossible to handle.

Poor Socializing Skills

If you are an experienced dog owner then you must know how important it is to socialize any dog at an early age. Beagles are not exceptional in this case. Although being a hunter dog, socializing these dogs is a little harder than socializing other dog breeds, you can do it with proper training from an early age.

Normally, beagles are not very good at socializing, but with proper training from an early age, you can train to be a socially active dog. However, when you fail to socialize your beagles from an early age then you may face some issues with your beagle around strangers.

Some of the most common issues with poor socializing skills of beagles are as follows:

  • Fearfulness
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Excessive barking

Beagles Are Highly Energetic Dog Breeds

Beagles are extremely active dog breeds that need a lot of exercise a day to exhaust their energy. Since they are highly energetic dogs, you need to make sure that your beagles get enough physical activity throughout the day.

If you fail to provide your beagles with proper physical activity a day and proper mental stimulation, your beagles are sure to get bored. And just like human beings, when beagles get bored, they become irritated, which makes them behave worse.

To avoid a lack of physical activity, make sure you offer at least 50 to 60 min of exercise or physical activity to your beagle dog. For this, I take my beagle for a walk in the evening for at least 30 minutes and play with him daily. You can do the same to provide enough physical activity to your dog.

Separation Anxiety

Just like any other dog breeds out there, beagle dog breeds too get separation anxiety. If you are a busy person with a beagle dog, then your dog will certainly be the worst. Since your dog does not get enough time to spend time with you, it gets separation anxiety, which leads it to become worse.

This is one of the most undeniable reasons for beagles to act weird. If you want your beagle to act nicely, you will have to make sure that you do not leave your beagle dog alone at home.


So, with the above-mentioned explanation, I hope it is now clear that not all beagles are the worst-behaving dogs. Your dog may act weird if you fail to train your beagle properly. And training a beagle is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So, if you are a beginner pet owner who is trying to have a pet, do not go for a beagle. Only experienced pet owners can handle beagles. However, not all experienced dog owners can handle one.

You need to know in detail about the beagle dog’s training procedure, before having a beagle as your pet to avoid unwanted misbehavior from your beagles!

Aapt Dubey
Aapt Dubey

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