Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs?

Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs?

Absolutely! Here’s a breakdown of why Schnauzers might be considered ‘difficult’ pets, along with key takeaways to help potential owners make informed decisions.

Why Schnauzers Can Be Challenging

While Schnauzers have fantastic qualities, they are not without their challenges, which could lead some to label them as “the worst dogs”:

  • High Maintenance:
    • Their wiry coat requires regular grooming (including trimming) to prevent matting and maintain a healthy appearance.
    • They need plentiful exercise and mental stimulation or they can be destructive when bored.
  • Strong Personalities: Schnauzers are smart and independent. Without consistent training, they can become willful and even try to dominate their owners.
  • Prone to Stubbornness: While intelligent, their independent streak can lead to stubborn behavior, making training a little more challenging.
  • Potential for Aggression: Some Schnauzers might display aggression towards other dogs or strangers if not properly socialized and trained.
  • Health Concerns: The breed has a predisposition to certain health issues like hip dysplasia, eye problems, and bladder infections, which can lead to veterinary expenses.

Key Takeaways

  • Schnauzers are NOT inherently bad dogs, BUT they’re not the right fit for every owner.
  • They require dedicated owners who can provide:
    • Time and effort for training, exercise, and grooming.
    • A firm but loving approach to managing their strong personalities.
    • Proactive care for potential health problems.
  • Potential problems can be mitigated:
    • Early socialization and consistent training are crucial.
    • Responsible breeders can help select dogs with better temperaments and minimize health risks.

Before Getting a Schnauzer

  • Be honest about your lifestyle: Do you have the time and energy for a dog that needs extensive grooming and exercise?
  • Learn about training: Are you prepared to handle a strong-willed and sometimes stubborn dog?
  • Research breeders: A responsible breeder will prioritize temperament and health in their dogs.
  • Meet several Schnauzers: Spend time interacting with different dogs of the breed to get a feel for their personalities.

Schnauzers can be amazing companions, but it’s vital to understand the demands of the breed to ensure a happy match for both you and the dog!

General Information and History:

German ancestry gives rise to the Schnauzer breed of small dogs. In the 19th century, they were originally recorded in Germany, where they were raised to protect and herd small domestic animals like goats and sheep.

These brave and courageous canines handled the assignment admirably. Given their appearance, the phrase “miniature schnauzer” translates from German to mean “little gnome” or “bearded dwarf.”

These dogs are little, yet they have excellent muscles. Their back, neck, and legs are powerful, and their body is flexible. Adults have a weight of 4 to 8 kg and a lifespan of 13 to 14 years.

Their ears are naturally floppy and positioned high, and their coat is firm, typically black or black-silver. In the 1970s and 1980s, they arrived in Russia and started to procreate. All things considered, this breed is quite intriguing and can make breeders proud because so many distinct traits might be crammed into such a small dog.

Character Of The Dog:

Each type of dog has its own character, this must be taken into account. The Schnauzer is considered a classic representative of the breed, and its standard.

This is an active, temperamental animal that loves walking, moving, and running. He will run alongside and catch up. His favorite toys are a ball, and a puller, that is, something that can be carried in his teeth and caught.

For all its fun and games, this dog is considered an excellent guard. She will certainly keep an eye on the owner and watch the baby.

You can leave her with your child during a walk. The dog’s ancient hunting instincts come into play only when it picks up the scent and begins to pursue its prey. Then he turns into a true hunter, but even then she does not go very far.

The Schnauzer loves to learn how to perform various commands and demonstrate tricks. Such dogs are used for showing in competitions because they are highly trainable.

They do not get lost, they demonstrate their best qualities. With proper upbringing, this is an excellent breed for a family.

Education and Training:

Due to their nature, miniature schnauzers require full training, and training a dog should begin from the moment it appears in the house. The owner must become an authority for the puppy, otherwise achieving obedience will not be easy.

Miniature Schnauzers are easy to train, intelligent, and always ready to work. Exercises for miniatures should not be monotonous and monotonous. Despite their excellent working qualities, this breed is much easier to train through play.

Hygiene Procedures:

The fur of miniatures needs care from early childhood. Every few days it is necessary to lightly comb it with a sparse comb, and from 4 months it is necessary to comb the dog at least twice a week. The beard should also be rinsed with warm water and wiped dry.

You need to bathe your dog three times a year, but the paws, chest, beard, and private parts need to be cleaned weekly using a special shampoo.

After water treatments, drying is definitely necessary – it is best to use not a hairdryer (you can sometimes use it), but several towels until the fur is completely dry. Of course, the dog should be combed.

Before combing, the coat is slightly moistened, then combed out using a slicker brush, and then with a single-row comb (the teeth should be rounded at the ends).

After changing teeth, it is necessary to begin regular trimming of the dog (every two to three months). Near the ears and throat, plucking is done manually, very carefully, in other areas – using a trimmer or stripper.

After trimming, you must go for a walk in an insulated overall for two weeks (in the cold season).

Care And Maintenance:

Based on the size of the dog, you need to choose a place where it will be comfortable and know how to care for it. It is better for a large dog to live in a country house, where it will guard the territory.

But she needs to be regularly taken out into the forest so that she can run around. An apartment is suitable for a medium or small dog, but long walks are a must. If a dog gets bored without moving, it may get sick or start destroying and gnawing everything.

Even as a puppy, she should be taught to lie on a bed, and a large dog should be left in the kennel. The bedding should be prepared from natural materials, with medium softness.

It should be easy to clean. To prevent your dog from catching a cold, you must choose a place to lie without drafts.

There is no need to bathe your dog often. Her coat is hydrophobic, snow will not stick to her, and she will not get wet when it rains. In winter the dog takes a bath in the snow, in summer he swims in a pond.

Why Schnauzers are the Worst Dogs:

Nowadays, purchasing miniature dog breeds, and dogs in general, has become very popular. They are referred to as men’s best buddies because of their furry four legs.

It’s true that a dog can keep you safe, entertain you, rescue you from loneliness and a sedentary lifestyle, and for some, even take the place of children.

But often, when we purchase them, we forget that our smaller brothers need care, care, and attention.

They, like all other living beings, can have both positive and negative sides. Thus, you should assess the advantages and disadvantages and take the whole picture into account before making any decisions. So, here let’s know why schnauzers are the worst dogs.

Needs Too Much Care:

As mentioned earlier, miniatures are very loving, but at the same time very proud. In return for their devotion and love, they require the same amount of attention and care. Some people believe that dogs are even capable of taking offense at their owners.

Like all other pets, miniature schnauzers require a certain amount of care. In addition to special food, nail care, regular health checks, and vaccinations, you need to monitor and care for your dog’s coat. It is necessary to wash and comb it regularly, otherwise, the thoroughbred dog will look like an ordinary sick mongrel.

Very Playful:

A temperamental and very energetic Miniature Schnauzer is ready to run and play tirelessly, sweeping away everything in its path. To prevent him from turning the apartment into ruins and from getting bored, you need to take him for a lot of walks. Moreover, significant physical activity will only be a joy for the dog.

 Dominating Breed:

This breed loves to dominate, so the owner must show such qualities as confidence and determination, firmness, and consistency during communication and training.

The dog must understand that the owner will not deviate from his opinion, and his demands should be fulfilled unquestioningly. Otherwise, the dog will be uncontrollable.

Stubborn and Ignore Commands:

Although Schnauzers are easy to train, they learn without problems and understand what their owner wants from them, some of them can still be stubborn and ignore commands.

However, harsh training methods will not be beneficial. Firstly, contact with the dog will be disrupted and it may become withdrawn. Secondly, become naughty.

Show Aggression To Other Dogs:

Schnauzers can show aggression when they meet another dog. If the children in the family are still too small, the Schnauzer can prove its dominant role by not allowing it to older family members or toys.

It cannot be said that this breed is aggressive, but they will not stand on ceremony with unfamiliar strangers. They are usually hostile in such situations, as their goal is to protect their owner.

Health Issues:

This breed is generally in good health. But still, diseases such as hip dysplasia, which results in lameness, as well as epilepsy, which is detected after 2 years of age, have remained from our ancestors.

Often, Schnauzer owners seek help from a veterinarian due to infectious inflammation of their pet’s bladder, cataracts, or hypothyroidism – impaired functioning of the thyroid gland.


When a Miniature Schnauzer appears in a house, it immediately becomes everyone’s favorite. This breed has many great qualities. Schnauzers are considered a very good, loyal, intelligent, and helpful dog.

You definitely won’t go wrong if you decide to choose this particular breed as your four-legged friend. The main thing is to pay due attention and care, then the dog will show its advantages.

Aapt Dubey
Aapt Dubey

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