Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

This is often noticed that dog owners have both cats and dogs as a pet, and they used to feed some of the cat food to the canine when they lacked the dog food.

But the fact is, will it be harmful to the canine? To determine this, most dog owners search for Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?.

No, dogs should not eat cat food because the number of nutrients in the cat food is insufficient for a proper balance of the nutritional level of the canine, and it can make the dogs sick and suffer from severe issues.

So if you are interested in knowing more about why dogs shouldn’t eat cat food and what amount of it can be harmful, please go through the guide below to get the details in brief.

Do Dogs Like to Eat Cat Food?

As per a survey done on the behavior of most dog breeds on how they respond after eating cat food, information is obtained that most dog breeds love the taste of cat food and always enjoy it with utmost interest while getting some to eat.

The reason behind the love of dogs for cat food is that the ingredients used in the manufacturing of cat foods are mostly based on meat. We all know how much the canines love to eat meat and get attracted to its smell.

Using meat-flavored-based ingredients is the most probable reason dogs love to eat cat food.

What are the Harmful Effects of Cat Food on Dogs?

 As cat food does not contain sufficient amounts of nutrients that can maintain the canine’s healthy body functioning, such as smooth metabolic functions, regulation of the enzymes, and many others.

It can lead to many harmful effects on the canine. Here are some harmful effects of cat foods on canines:

Abdominal Pain

As we all know, cat food is a rich source of protein and fats for the canine, and fat is a component that the canines usually face difficulties digesting properly.

Fats make the pancreas release the pancreatic enzymes in a larger amount which leads to pancreatitis and thus causes abdominal pain to the canine.


Cats’ food does not fulfill the nutritional requirement of a canine body, due to which the dog always suffers from an upset stomach.

The dog’s discomfort due to an upset stomach makes him lethargic in behavior.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

Dogs don’t get their complete nutritional requirement after consuming cat food for a few days. This makes important body functions such as properly regulating the digestive system.

The release of the enzymes for promoting the digestion of the nutritious materials is absorbed slower, and this mainly leads to issues such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Slower Functioning of the Organs

The lack of nutrients in the body makes the enzymatic reactions inside the body produce less energy for the smooth functioning of the body organs.

Thus the organs started to function slower as they didn’t get enough energy for perfect functioning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle of the canine.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

No, it is suggested to the dog owners that they should never feed cat food to their canine for a long time.

It is a scientific belief that cats are usually carnivores, which means they are mostly attracted to the smell of meat or meat-flavored foods, whereas dogs are both carnivores and omnivores.

As dogs are both carnivores and omnivores, the meat-based nutrients present in the cat food are not enough for proper maintenance of the health of the canine.

The body of the dog needs more nutrients than that meat. Therefore it is suggested to the dog owners that they should not feed cat food to their canines.

Is it Safe to Feed Cat Food to Canines?

Usually, it doesn’t cause any type of serious issues such as inflammation of the organs and others, so we can say that cat food can be safe for the canine. But the fact to notice is that if it lasts longer, the canine can get affected.

Hence cat food can be safe for the canines if given occasionally, and it’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure this because overfeeding can lead to many issues.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food During an Emergency?

Although the nutritional level of the cat food is insufficient for that of canines, still, when it comes to saving the canine from hunger in a critical situation, feeding cat food to the dog can be preferred. Make sure you are not making this a regular practice.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food in a Moderate Amount?

Yes, consumption of cat food in a moderate amount will cause no issues to the canine. But the owner should take care of the fact that along with the cat food, the dog is getting more meals that can fulfill the deficiency of nutritional levels in its body.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food Biscuits?

No, it is not preferred. It is always suggested to dog owners that they should always avoid giving cat food to their canines for proper health maintenance. Because instead of an improper nutritional balance, it can also stimulate the future appetite of the canine.

Can Dogs Eat Ziwi Peak Cat Food?

Yes, cat foods from ziwi peak are safe for your canine as this food is manufactured in such a way that it can fulfill the nutritional levels of both the cats and the canines. The AAFCO considers this unique food brand, so it’s preferable.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food Mixed with Dog Food?

No, this is not preferred because it will interrupt the canine’s digestive tract. After all, dogs don’t need the nutritional levels of both cats and dogs.

So instead of doing experiments with the nutritional levels of the canine, it is suggested to dog owners to simply feed dog food to their canines for better health.

Can Dogs Eating Cat Food Have Seizures?

Yes, if a dog eats cat food for a longer time, then the pet might be affected by a seizure. This type of allergen caused due to improper nutritional levels in dogs.

The monosodium glutamate of the meat-based ingredients of cat food can be mainly responsible for causing seizures in dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Fish-Based Cat Food?

Yes, this is because fish is proven to be a part of the healthy diet of the canine. After all, its components can fulfill the nutritional requirements of the canine’s body.

But the point to take care of is that a bit of dog food is also necessary to properly maintain its health.

How Much Cat Food is Too Much for a Dog? 

As per a survey done on how the dog’s body responds after the consumption of cat food, a result is obtained that the dog started suffering from many issues such as vomiting and diarrhea after eating it for a whole day in its meals.

So, we can say that feeding cat food to the canine for the whole day by dividing it into three equal meals can be harmful to your canine.

Can You Train a Dog to Stop Eating Cat Food?

Yes, proper training for the dog for not eating cat food can stop the canine from getting attracted to the cat food. All the owner has to do is just repeat the training process for a couple of days until the dog doesn’t get familiar with it.

How to Stop a Dog from Eating Cat Food?

Now, as we have discussed all the disadvantages of feeding cat food to dogs, we also know how much our canines love to eat cat food. It’s time to discuss how to stop our canine from doing so: here are the methods you can follow.

Feed Your Cat in a Separate Place

Dogs’ cat food eating behavior is mostly seen when the owner also has a cat as a pet. The most significant step that a dog owner can follow to stop the dog from eating cat food is to place the cat’s plate in a different place.

Feeding the cat in a place the dog can’t reach will stop the dog from regular consumption, as he will not be able to reach the food plate of the cat.

Introduce Some Commands

This can be useful when your dog is well-trained and understands your words. For using this step, all the owner has to do is introduce some new commands to the dog which resemble the meaning of stopping a behavior.

The preferable commands that the owner can go with in such a condition are by using “leave that” or “stop it” use of such commands will make the pet understand that his owner doesn’t want him to do so, and he will stop doing this on his own.

Use a Pet Gate

Being dog owners, you might be aware of what it is. Using such pet gates can be helpful for stopping a dog from eating cat food.

All the owner has to do is just put a pet gate between the cat and the dog whenever the meal time comes; it will create a boundary between the pet and thus also stops the dog from eating cat food.

The discussed factors will be really helpful to the dog owners while searching for can dogs eat cat food for a healthy canine diet.

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