Can Dogs Eat Tomato Soup?

A deliciously thick and soupy dish made from tomatoes, tomato soup, is often used as an additional ingredient in most human dishes to give it a better taste.

But is it also preferable for dog dishes? To determine this, dog owners often search for Can Dogs Eat Tomato Soup?

No, tomato soup is not preferred for the consumption of dogs. Consumption of tomato soup can lead to many issues like improper digestion, ulcers in the stomach, and even acidity as the ingredients used for its preparation are not so healthy for the canine’s stomach.

Instead of the above mentioned, there are many other disadvantages of feeding tomato soup to the canine. So if you are willing to know more about this, please go through the article discussed below to get the details of the matter.

Do Dogs Like to Eat Tomato Soup?

Most of the time, the food given to dogs is blunt in taste, as no additional spices are used for its preparation.

The foods from the market, such as canned food or kibbles, are a bit different in taste and healthy too due to which dog preferred kibbles or canned food more.

Similarly, it is noticed in most dogs that when they are given a dish prepared with extra additives like spices, salt, or sugar, they enjoy it with utmost interest.

This happens because dogs are fond of the taste of the additional ingredients which make the dish delicious.

 As we all know, such additives are also used for the preparation of tomato soups, which always keeps on driving the dog’s interest towards it; thus, based on it, we can say that almost all the dogs like the consumption of tomato soup.

What are the Harmful Ingredients of Tomato Soup?

The ingredients used during the preparation of the tomato soup decide how much it will be harmful to the canine’s health. Here’s the name of the toxic ingredients used for the preparation of tomato soups.


Onion is a toxic vegetable for dogs because a substance named N – propyl disulfide causes the breakdown of the red blood cells at the cellular level, leading to anemia in dogs.


The consumption of garlic can lead to damage to the red blood cells when ingested and may lead to certain types of dangerous conditions such as hemolytic anemia, Heinz body anemia, and methemoglobinemia; thus, it is dangerous for dogs.

Black Pepper

Although black pepper doesn’t contain harmful ingredients for dogs, its consumption can irritate the stomach. As it does not provide any benefits to the canine, it is better to avoid using black pepper.


The butter consumption by the canine may lead to obesity when consumed in a large amount, as eighty percent of it is composed of saturated fat.

It also does not provide any kind of health benefits except the irritation in the stomach. Thus, it falls under the category of harmful ingredients.

What are the Potential Threats of Feeding Tomato Soup to the Canine?

Now, as the ingredients used in the preparation of tomato soups are harmful to the canine’s health, it causes many diseases to the canine when it gets into the stomach. Here are the names of the potential threats caused due to the consumption of tomato soup.


The additives used for the preparation of tomato soups cause gastrointestinal disorders in the canine and result in excessive loss of fluid from the canine body.

The loss of fluid from the body reduces the level of electrolytes in the canine’s digestive system and leads to lethargy.

Tremors Over the Body

The loss of electrolytes from the body means less energy supply to the body organs of the canine and a decreased functioning of the tissues.

Thus, consuming tomato soups results in involuntary muscle movements named tremors over the dog’s body.

Vomiting or Diarrhea

The additives in the tomato soup cause a very harsh reaction with the active enzymes of the stomach, due to which the compounds can’t get completely digested, and due to improper digestion, splitting up of the food consumed or diarrhea occurs.

Abdominal Pain

When toxic ingredients like garlic or onion get into the stomach, the toxic substances released by it interrupt the hormonal regulation of the abdomen, reduce the normal blood flow to the abdomen, and cause abdominal pain as the muscles contract increases at the particular site.

Can Dogs Eat Tomato Soup?

No, tomato soup is not at all suggested for the canine consumption. Even the vets have commented that even a bit of it can be harmful, and if accidentally the canine gets an excess of it a large amount, it may turn deadly for the furry friend.

Due to the additional sodium and sugar, as well as any potential flavorings or other substances, that tomato sauces, sauces, stews, or liquids may include, they aren’t very good for dogs.

It is recommended to adhere to fresh tomatoes because soups and sauces frequently contain seasonings like onions and garlic that are hazardous to dogs.

Thus to avoid such deadly circumstances for the canine, it is better to skip this tasty treat from the daily diet.

Can Dogs Eat Condensed Tomato Soup?

No matter if the tomato soup is condensed or canned. In both cases, the ingredients used are almost identical, harmful to the canine’s health. Just the difference is some chemicals are used in the canned tomato soups to make them more preservative.

Thus based on this, it can be said that condensed tomato soups are also not suggested for the dogs to eat as the percentage of toxic ingredients remains the same.

Does Cooking Tomatoes Reduce the Percentage of Solanine in it?

We all know that the consumption of tomatoes is harmful to the canine mainly because of the presence of solanine in them.

Most of us used to have a misconception that the percentage of solanine in the tomatoes disappears after getting cooked, due to which we start feeding cooked tomatoes or tomato soups to the canine.

But the thing to notice here is that cooking the tomatoes doesn’t reduce the percentage of solanine in it, so feeding cooked tomatoes can be dangerous for the canine’s health.

Is a Vet Visit Necessary After the Dog Accidentally Consumes Tomato Soup?

We have already discussed in the articles that the consumption of tomato soup can cause many health issues, including obesity, vomiting, and many others.

These diseases are usually impossible for dog owners to tackle at home as they don’t have access to effective medicines.

Thus, a quick vet visit is necessary after the dog consumes tomato soup because the vet will test the pH level of the canine’s stomach to determine the level of acidity and then prescribe the medicines accordingly to neutralize the toxicity of tomato soup in the canine’s stomach.

For How Long Does the Poisoning of Tomato Soup Last in Dogs?

If the dog owner has gone for an instant vet visit just after the dog has consumed the tomato soup, then the poisoning might not last for more than six to seven hours.

But if the owner treats the pet with home remedies or if the poisoning is not that serious, it may take 22 to 24 hours to get neutralized completely.

How Much Tomato Soup Can be Life-Threatening for the Canine?

Although the consumption of tomato soup is not suggested for dogs, still a question always strikes the mind of dog owners. If the pet accidentally consumes it, how much of it can cause normal symptoms, and how much can it be deadly for the canine?

As per the comments made by the veterinarians, it can be said that if the dog of larger breeds consumes a half bowl of tomato soup, it can turn life-threatening for the canine, whereas in the case of smaller dogs consuming one-fourth of a bowl can turn life-threatening.

How Much Tomato Soup Can a Dog Consume at a Time?

The canines are so attracted to the taste of tomato soup that when they get accidental access to it, they can consume almost one bowl at a time, and the smaller dogs can consume around half a bowl at a time.

This is the maximum limit of a dog’s capacity for the consumption of tomato soup. Still, if it happens, the canine will get deadly issues within a few minutes after the consumption as the stomach will not be able to resist such a huge amount of toxicity at a time.

Can Dogs Have Tomato Soup Once a Week?

Most of the time, the dog owner used ask if the canine can have tomato soup once a week, but it is not at all suggested as it is already proven that it can cause various health issues to the canine.

Still, suppose the dog owner wants to add a few of it weekly to the canine diet to drive the dog’s interest toward a blunt-tasting diet.

In that case, the preferred method is to prepare a separate soup for the canine with very few additives so that the canine’s digestive system doesn’t get harmed by its consumption.

Dog owners need to keep all the facts mentioned above in mind while searching for can dogs eat tomato soup to provide a healthy diet to the canine.

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