Cane Corso Training Techniques And Tips

In the first year of a Cane Corso puppy’s life, it is extremely important to consistently go through all the stages of education, socialization, and dog training. How to do it right – we will tell you now.

Training of Cane Corso puppies should begin from the very first days your new Cane Corso puppy is in your house. Because from babyhood, the puppy must learn the basic rules of manners in your home, what is permitted and what’s prohibited, how to treat children and how to act with all the family members, when you can play with them and when not, where to go to toilet and more.

First and foremost, we’re discussing how a Cane Corso puppy should be raised. Once the puppies are thoroughly acquainted with your home, you may begin training them and teaching them commands.

Typically, one week is plenty. The puppy is now bursting with curiosity and is diligently absorbing everything he can about his surroundings.

A dog handler-zoopsychologist should be consulted if the puppy still exhibits timidity and poor eye contact after this period. Since this behavior is not normal for this breed of puppy.

So, let’s learn more about Cane Corso training tips and techniques to teach everything to your Cane Corso dogs. With proper training, a Cane Corso dog will make the best pet. Let’s dog in to learn about the tips and techniques.

Training a Cane Corso puppy

Puppies are simpler to train than older dogs. Puppy crate training starts at the same time as the first door is opened to the street. Although it isn’t at all necessary, initial obedience training deserves to be carried out in the house, where there are fewer interruptions, rather than just on the street.

New puppy owners often worry that starting training early may put the dog under too much stress. This is only conceivable if the Cane Corso owner employs outmoded, strict methods; on the other hand, with the proper training, an approach from the very beginning will be very beneficial since it helps you to immediately make contact with the lovable little puppy and form a trustworthy relationship.

You can begin rearing a puppy as soon as he enters your home, and when the quarantine period ends following the second vaccine, training and sessions with a professional cynologist can start concurrently with the beginning of walks.

Crate training your Cane Corso

This is important from the start. Remind your dog you’re the head charge and do not allow it to sleep in your place. Keep your puppy or adult dog in your proximity, so that they do not feel unattended. With proper training and positive reinforcement, even a new Cane Corso owner can train the dog properly.

“Bravery” training Cane Corsos

It refers to teaching your puppy to spend time alone. It’s not the most promising theory that your puppy gets all its strength and bravery from you.

Your Cane Corso should learn to be on its own sometimes. Additionally, this’s a great method to prevent the development of separation anxiety and behavioral issues.

Potty training a Cane Corso

The key to potty training success is continuously watching your puppy potties. In case the dog does it inside the house – it is your fault. Take them out outside after meals, during playtime, and also after they wake up.

When it comes to stopping unwanted behavior, consistency is the main key. If you can be constant, very soon your puppy will be potty & crate trained.


It is a massive part of a dog’s life. If you fail to properly socialize your puppy, then this will make your puppy shy. Moreover, you may see your puppy bites others or barks at strangers as soon as they see them.

So, from an early age, dog owners should take their puppies to the park where they will meet strangers and other dogs.

Leash training a Cane Corso

Leash-training your dog is also very important especially when you have decided to take your dog outside for socialization. Ensure your puppy knows when they’re allowed to smell, stop, and also mark territory.

Furthermore, life will be a lot easier if you can teach basic commands to your dog. Proper leash training will stop them from excessive barking, teach them proper temperament, etc.

Discipline Training your Cane Corso

This kind of training for big dogs is primarily focused on training your pup what their position in the pack is. Begin with maintaining your dog and scratching it while it lay on its back on your lap. Thus, your pup becomes submissive as well as learns you’re its leader.

Often dogs exhibit obvious dominant behaviors like snapping or growling or puppy grabbing things that they shouldn’t if you fail to discipline train your dog.

If you are a new dog owner who does not know how to do it, you can hire a professional trainer who has a puppy’s understanding, know about aggressive behavior, has serious behavioral problems, etc.

Thus, they can train a Cane Corso with your dog’s instincts and very specific rules for your dog’s desired behavior.

Obedience training a Cane Corso

Such a training session should begin soon after your puppy comes to your home. Ask an experienced trainer who knows about puppy stuff well and can endure working breeds for assistance, and they’ll teach you proper Cane Corso training tips.

Behavioral Issues In Adults And How To Deal With Them With Training

Here are a few behavioral issues you may face in an adult Cane Corso if you can’t train a cane Corso at the right time.


Not all the adults but a few adult Cane Corsos often play wild, and bite everything that comes their way. Thus, such a Cane Corso may ruin your furniture and other valuable things at home.

If your large dog does the same, follow two basic rules, use positive reinforcement from a young age to train your dog. And let them chew toys instead of biting valuable things in your house.

Excessive Barking

Cane Corsos quickly develop separation anxiety and as a result, they often bark excessively soon after seeing a stranger or other animals around. For this, you need to socialize your dog from a young age and if that does not help, you must consider using an anti-barking leash.


In case your Cane Corso dog breed has been properly socialized from an early age, they’re less likely to turn into an aggressive dog.

However, even after proper training, a few Cane Corsos will be fierce around other dogs, kids, and strangers, especially in case they aren’t raised with them.

Thus, you need to train your Cane Corso to socialize as soon as possible so they can understand how to properly behave around strangers, other animals, and children!


We often hear that Cane Corso, like other dogs, can’t be trained before 6 months, because training is stressful. This opinion is true for outdated methods based on cruel coercion and intimidation of the dog. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of cynologists using such methods today.

But fortunately, science does not stand still and modern methods allow you to train a puppy from the first days in a new home. Therefore, you should not wait until your Cane Corso puppy develops unwanted behavior, you can start training much earlier.

Your Cane Corso temperament will be the best if you start training sessions at a young age instead of waiting 6 months or so.

Hi, my name is Aapt. I walked my my dog alongside a neighbour dog and saw the calm energy of one make the other visibly less stressed while they walked side by side.