5 Best Cane Corso Breeders And Kennels

The Cane Corso is one of the most recognizable and popular dog breeds in the world. Cane Corsos are very loyal, flexible, and perfectly trainable. Their ancestors from time immemorial lived side by side with humans, guarding dwellings and helping to graze cattle.

Here’s a detailed description of Cane Corsos and the top 5 reputable breeders within the USA, including key takeaways:

The Cane Corso: A Loyal and Striking Guard Dog

The Cane Corso is an impressive breed known for its loyalty, intelligence, and trainability. Their history as guard dogs and livestock protectors makes them a popular choice for those seeking a confident companion.

Finding Reputable Cane Corso Breeders

Choosing a responsible breeder is essential when welcoming a Cane Corso into your life. Here are 5 highly-regarded breeders in the USA:

1. Fidecore Cane Corso (Illinois):

  • Focus on ancient European lineages, ideal for families.
  • Puppies come with vaccinations, deworming, and food supply.
  • Breeders committed to understanding the breed’s Italian standards.
  • Limited litters annually may mean a waitlist.

2. Pride N Joyz Cane Corso:

  • Positive client reviews praise the beauty, intelligence, and friendliness of their dogs.
  • Puppies receive early socialization to minimize aggression.
  • Breeders provide ongoing support and guidance for new owners.

3. Iron Gates Cane Corso:

  • Emphasis on preserving the breed’s Italian heritage.
  • Retired females often remain as cherished house pets.
  • Limited litters and strict screening process for potential owners.
  • Puppies make excellent family companions.

4. Liberty Cane Corsos (New York):

  • Ideal for those seeking show-quality dogs.
  • Puppies adhere to breed standards in both temperament and appearance.
  • Comprehensive website provides detailed puppy information.

5. LaFaccia Cane Corso (New York):

  • Breeder since 2005 with extensive experience.
  • Focus on producing Cane Corsos suitable as family pets.
  • Excellent socialization practices to address potential aggression issues.
  • Breeders dedicated to matching puppies with the perfect families.

Key Takeaways

  • Research is Key: Thoroughly investigate breeders before making a decision. Look for customer reviews, commitment to breed standards, and a focus on temperament and healthy pups.
  • Responsible Ownership: Cane Corsos are powerful dogs that require experienced owners. Be prepared for the commitment of training, socialization, and providing a fulfilling life for this breed.
  • Expect Waitlists: Reputable breeders may have waitlists due to limited litters and focus on quality.
  • Be a Prepared Buyer: Show the breeder you are a committed and responsible potential owner.

By choosing a reputable breeder and providing proper care, the Cane Corso can be a wonderful and devoted addition to your family.

5 Best Cane Corso Breeders And Kennels:

We bring to your attention a selection of the best dog kennels in the USA. It includes highly specialized establishments supplying the best representatives of the breeds.

The choice is based on customer reviews and compliance of puppies with established standards. In addition, we took into account the presence of a long history of development and activity, a large number of champion graduates, proper care and provision of all necessary documents, as well as the opportunity to personally assess the conditions of the dogs. So, see these Cane Corso breeders below…

Fidecore Cane Corso:

If you live in Illinois or are considering getting a pet companion, you might want to look into Fidecore Cane Corsos.

They have been in the dog breeding business for more than ten years, and they primarily raise Cane Corsos with ancient European lineages. It is well known that these lineages are ideal for families.

The nicest thing about purchasing a Cane Corso puppy from them is that the puppies they sell already have essential necessities, such as shots, deworming, and a 30-day supply of chow. They will also assist you whenever you require information on your new dog.

They ensure that every pup has a healthy disposition and a built-in protective instinct. The correct temperament of the dogs is another area of emphasis for this Cane Corso breeder.

The responsible breeders also traveled to Italy to evaluate the Cane Corso breed’s criteria there. They subsequently applied what they had learned to their breeding procedures.

However, Fidecore Cane Corsos can only produce up to five liters annually. As a result, you will need to wait a few months if you want to get a Cane Corso puppy from them.

Pride N Joyz Cane Corso:

Fans of Cane Corso dogs can pay attention to the Pride N Joyz Cane Corso. Clients leave positive feedback about the purchased puppies and the work of Pride N Joyz Cane Corso in general.

According to them, the dogs are beautiful, fully meet the standards of the Cane Corso breed, and are highly intelligent and friendly.

Graduates have an excellent pedigree, which is provided by titled parents. Livestock shows excellent results at all exhibitions. The kennel is involved in the life of their dogs, here they are always happy to provide not only advisory assistance.

The founders and employees are always in touch at any time to suggest the best solution. On the site, you can see photo reports of pets and their parents from various exhibitions, as well as evaluate the current offer of puppies or book them from the upcoming litter.

They take care to socialize their puppies at a young age so that as they mature, they are less aggressive. As a result, you may anticipate receiving a friendly family dog from them.

The nursery specialists are always happy to advise future owners on the upbringing and training of animals. The kennel offers puppies from 1.5 months to 1.5 years. Detailed information can be found on the organization’s website. There are pets for sports and exhibitions.

Iron Gates Cane Corso:

Iron Gates Cane Corso offers to acquire the puppies of Cane Corsos. These little dogs are playful and active. Loyal and curious creatures will leave a few people indifferent.

All presented puppies have official confirmation of their breed. On the website of the organization, you can get acquainted with her personal observations and experience in breeding mini breeds.

They exert every effort to preserve the breed’s Italian heritage. In fact, they adore their dogs so much that many retired females keep house pets on the property.

Their waiting list can be pretty extensive because they don’t have many litters each year. Not only that, but they also forbid anyone from buying their dogs. They take good care of their puppies and don’t want to give them out to somebody who might not take good care of them.

Their dogs also make wonderful family companions. You can anticipate their puppies to mature into loving, obedient, and intelligent companions for you and your family.

You will receive a Cane Corso puppy with a docked tail and already having had its claws removed if you are approved to purchase one from them. Due to the fact that it is included in the package, you won’t need to worry about your dog’s vaccination, deworming, or health certification either.

Liberty Cane Corsos:

Liberty Cane Corsos is a dependable New York-based breeder as well. If you’re looking for dogs of the highest caliber for shows, this breeder of Cane Corsos should be your first port of call.

You can get puppies from Liberty Cane Corsos that can command attention. The temperament and physical characteristics of their pups should abide by the breed’s accepted standards.

The substantial quantity of information that Liberty Cane Corsos provides on its website also sets them apart from other breeders in New York.

Nearly everything is given on every page, including the pup’s size and coat colors, so you might not even need to phone them for extra details.

Those who wish to purchase Cane Corso puppies should look into the Liberty Cane Corsos. The breeder guarantees the purest genes and an ideal pedigree.

Healthy and beautiful offspring are the result of mating high-class males. The puppies presented here are optimally suited for exhibitions. By the way, all dogs from the kennel show excellent results in competitions and do not have congenital diseases.

In addition to purchasing a pet, Liberty Cane Corsos offers the services of cutting, chipping, and brushing teeth, and classes with a professional trainer are available. When buying a puppy, you can expect to receive discounted food, and an individual membership card from the Chance Bio veterinary laboratory.

Lafaccia Cane Corso:

A Cane Corso puppy for sale can be found right near Montebello if you reside in New York.

Since 2005, LaFaccia Cane Corso, located in the center of Montebello, has been making Corsi.

They have already mastered the art of breeding, so you can be sure you’re getting premium Cane Corso pups.

LaFaccia concentrates on providing Cane Corsos intended to be kept as family pets, in contrast to Dal Cielo and Corinthian. As a result, they frequently keep their puppies inside and give them exercise in their sizable yard.

Since Cane Corsos’ propensity for aggression when not socialized is one of their main temperamental difficulties, LaFaccia employs excellent socialization techniques to address this problem.

LaFaccia also spends time getting to know its customers. They wish to rehome their puppies with the greatest families while also assisting Cane Corso fans in finding the ideal dog for them.


It can be difficult to find a trustworthy Cane Corso breeder because thorough background checks are required. Finding a breeder that would abandon you as soon as you paid for their puppy is not something you want to do. Likewise, you must demonstrate your readiness to be a pet owner if you want a breeder to entrust you with one of their puppies. Being physically, emotionally, and financially prepared falls under this category.

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