16 Police dog breeds? Used In Police K9 Work

Various breeds of dogs are used in occupations related to law enforcement, in all countries of the world. Indeed, dogs have great physical qualities such as their highly developed sense of smell, their great agility, their strength, and even their intelligence,

so many assets to help these public security professionals. But which breeds are used by these trades and for what purpose? So, here in this article let’s know more about the best dog breeds police work.

Here’s a breakdown of the best police dog breeds, outlining their key strengths and why they’re suited for law enforcement work:

Top Police Dog Breeds and Why They Excel

  1. German Shepherd: The classic police dog! Highly intelligent, trainable, athletic, loyal, and possesses an incredible sense of smell.
  2. Belgian Malinois: Similar to the German Shepherd with exceptional athleticism and drive, prized for their focus and determination.
  3. Labrador Retriever: A friendly breed with a remarkable sense of smell, making them ideal for detection work (explosives, drugs, etc.)
  4. Doberman Pinscher: Loyal, fearless, and fast. Dobermans combine speed and agility with the strength required for police work.
  5. German Shorthaired Pointer: Versatile hunting dogs, excellent scent-work and natural agility make them great additions to police forces.
  6. American Pit Bull Terrier: Controversial, but known for their loyalty, determination, and courage, making them effective for specific police tasks.
  7. Rottweiler: Powerful, protective, and naturally imposing. They are fearless defenders, well-suited for guarding and intervention work.
  8. Boxer: Energetic, athletic, and powerful. Their agility and intelligence make them valuable assets to law enforcement.
  9. Bloodhound: Unparalleled scent-tracking experts. They relentlessly follow trails, making them ideal for finding missing persons or criminals.
  10. Giant Schnauzer: Large and imposing, their size and strength are a deterrent while their intelligence makes them highly trainable.
  11. Dutch Shepherd: Similar to Belgian Malinois, these dogs are smart, athletic, and driven.
  12. Bouvier des Flandres: Brave, intelligent, and known for their exceptional guard dog instincts.
  13. Border Collie: The smartest dog breed! Their boundless energy and intelligence make them incredibly trainable for specialized tasks.
  14. Cane Corso: Strong, protective, and devoted. Their intimidating size and guarding instincts make them excellent guard dogs.
  15. Basset Hound: Surprisingly capable scent dogs, often used for their tracking ability in particular police situations.
  16. Rajapalayam Dog: Known for its courage, loyalty and protective nature.

Key Takeaways

  • Versatility: Police dogs are used for many roles: detection, tracking, intervention, and protection.
  • Physical Requirements: These breeds possess strength, athleticism, and the stamina needed for physically demanding work.
  • Intelligence and Trainability: Crucial for a police dog to learn complex commands and work under pressure.
  • Temperament: Loyalty, protectiveness, and a strong work ethic are essential traits for a successful police dog.

Important Note Not all dogs within these breeds will be suited for police work. Only individuals with the right combination of temperament and skills are carefully selected and trained for these demanding roles.

Top 16 Police Dog Breed used in police k9 work

Dogs are animals that man has also always used to help him in various tasks. They were first used for hunting, as guard dogs, but over time we have seen them take a more important place in various trades, especially that of the police. So, here I offer you to get acquainted with the top 16 breeds that are ideal for police service. See this below…

1. German Shepherd

best dog breeds police work

The German Shepherd is certainly the most represented and well-known breed of dog within the police force. Its many qualities, including its exceptional flair and great intelligence, make this breed a perfect tool for many tasks.

German Shepherd Dogs are great for police service for a variety of reasons, including the ability to attack with lightning speed and immobilize the enemy. Basically, they are trained to search for and detain criminals.

This dog, following the command, will not stop in front of obstacles in the form of high fences, water, etc. But even the most courageous dog will need protection in the form of an anti-parasitic collar that you can make yourself.

The German shepherd is used in the defense of territory, in the search for missing or on the run, and in the detection of explosives and even drugs.

2. Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is one of four varieties of the Belgian Shepherd. The dog has excellent working potential, which is difficult to overestimate. In addition, she is endowed with a very attractive appearance.

The Malinois breed was bred by breeders for herding and security service. Its representatives perfectly cope with each of these 2 tasks.

The need to breed a short-haired shepherd dog from Belgian breeders appeared in the 19th century when wolf raids were regularly organized on farms.

One of the main advantages of a representative of the breed is endurance. He runs fast, builds up speed all the time, and rarely gets tired. This quality of the animal appealed to the police. It has been used for official work by law enforcement agencies for many years.

And the Malinois is a kind and responsible rescuer. The dog looks for the unfortunate victims of the elements under the rubble of buildings, as well as in the forest area. She has an excellent sense of smell, so there are no problems at all with finding the right person in a particular area.

3. Labrador Retriever

This intelligent-faced dog breed is considered the friendliest dog breed, which is why it is so common among families with children or the elderly all over the world. This smart dog with the character of a puppy will always come to the rescue and will serve faithfully.

Despite these characteristics, Labradors are ideal for police service. The dog will easily find explosives, and drugs, and will be the eyes and ears of a policeman. You need to be a brave and selfless dog to find bombs.

4. Doberman Pinscher

It is very difficult to teach an adult dog new tricks and commands, but a Doberman is a dog that learns all his life. This is a medium-sized dog, ideal for police service.

Doberman, as this breed is affectionately called, is an athletic and graceful dog, light in weight, but with excellent speed and physical characteristics.

These dogs are valued by the police because they are real bloodhounds, and hunters and have the stamina that is necessary when hunting down or pursuing a criminal.

The Doberman, once sadly famous for being the favorite dog of the Germans during the Second World War, these dogs very close to their master and suspicious of strangers, and is endowed with agility, strength, and intelligence beyond the ordinary. common, which is why they are used today, in many countries, as defense dogs, or even police dogs for exceptional intervention

5. German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer or Shorthaired Pointer is one of the best dog breeds for the police. The breed was bred in the 19th century and has a spotted color, small size, short smooth coat, and energetic and friendly character. In addition to the fact that this breed is great for serving in the police, it is also an excellent hunter.

6. American Pit Bull Terrier

best dog breeds police work

This breed of dog with infamous origins for clandestine dogfights is characterized by its loyalty, courage, and determination, which makes it the perfect intervention and territory protection dog. The American pit bull terrier is mainly in the United States to fight crime.

7. Rottweiler

best dog breeds police work

Rottweilers are known for their aggressive behavior and energetic nature. While not the largest dog on this list, he is without a doubt the most daring fighting dog that will set the ground on fire under the criminal’s feet. He can easily bite off his finger.

Mainly used by the Austrian and German police, the Rottweiler is a dog that deters with its imposing build, which does not prevent this breed from being endowed with great speed and being quite agile.

It is also a very intelligent dog breed, which is used in intervention and protection missions.

8. Border Collie

Border collies openly despise a sedentary lifestyle and become indescribably happy with any activity linked to increased physical activity and energy consumption. They are loyal smarties and wonderful workaholics.

These shaggy “managers” have a need for order in their blood because the ancestors of present borders were outstanding shepherds.

Only an engaging game can divert the border collie from grazing any other living thing if there isn’t a flock of sheep nearby.

The best brains, competent pupils, and sincere friends are examples of this species. However, the owner will need to put in the most effort if the animal is to live up to its potential: One of those dogs who is pleased with a cozy bed and a warm blanket is not the border collie.

9. Cane Corso

best dog breeds police work

Modern Cane Corso are the descendants of gladiator dogs, they exude natural strength and grandeur. In appearance, they are harsh, and they can even inspire fear, but in fact, they become true friends with their owners and remain so throughout their lives.

Being the fourteenth breed bred in Italy, the Cane Corso is the pride and national treasure of this country. In the nature of the dogs, the dedication of the shepherd and the courage of the fighting breeds were surprisingly intertwined, and the lively temperament of the Italians themselves was also reflected.

Cane Corso has sensitivity and intuition, they are ready to protect the owner and his family at any time and in any situation, which makes them unsurpassed guards. If a dog of this breed lives in your house, there is no need for alarm systems.

They will not meet a thief who has entered the house with aggression, which is how they differ from other guard dogs, but the robber will very much regret meeting a native of the sunny Apennines.

The aggressive reaction of the Cane Corso is left as a last resort when it feels that a real threat looms over the owner and his property.

10. Boxers

The name of the breed indicates that it is a fighting breed. There are two types of boxers: service boxers and German boxers.

Thanks to their athletic constitution, boxers are able to jump well in height and length, which is what they rely on during training. The agility of boxers and instant reaction are the main qualities of a real police dog.

The boxer is a dog that has all the physical qualities required to work with law enforcement. Mainly used by the German police, the boxer, due to its intelligence, agility, strength, and hardworking spirit, is mainly used for territory security missions.

11. Bloodhound

The Bloodhound is an excellent hunting dog (hound group). She is called intelligent, intelligent, and faithful. Outwardly, the dog does not give the impression of a ferocious predator, but he has an excellent instinct that allows him to track down almost any prey.

This dog is ideal for active people who like to seek adventure. It gets along well with babies, and the elderly, as well as with any living creatures.

The Bloodhound dog is one of the largest hounds. Its main feature is an excellent flair. She is able to smell the game even for several kilometers.

People involved in hunting know that there are practically no equals to such a dog.

This talent of the dog could not help but appreciate the police. In America and some European countries, it is regularly exploited in the capture of dangerous armed criminals, the search for drugs, as well as missing people.

There are many successful cases of capturing prison escaped prisoners by the Bloodhound. The dog does not seek to injure a person, his main task is to help the owner neutralize the fugitive.

12. Giant Schnauzer

A large dog already benefits from its size and can easily detain a criminal. Few people are afraid of a small decorative dog, and a giant schnauzer inspires fear and respect through its very appearance.

The Schnauzer has long hair on its muzzle and looks like a retired general who has many years of service behind him and a long track record.

The dog is ideal for police service due to its height, body length, sharp teeth, powerful jaw, courage, and devotion. In addition, the dog is excellent for training.

13. Dutch Shepherd

The reputation of the Dutch Shepherd speaks for itself. In the police, they are used to perform official tasks of a different plan. This is a very smart and strong dog.

After 10 years of service, dogs in the Dutch police are replaced with young ones, and those who have served are sent to a well-deserved rest.

Having common origins with the Belgian shepherd, the short-haired Dutch shepherd, by virtue of its courage, intelligence, and above all its highly developed scent, is an excellent tracking dog as well as looking for missing or on the run. This dog breed is loved by all police around the globe.

14. Bouvier des Flanders

Bouvier de Flandres is especially valued as a fearless watchman, a born shepherd. Dog breeders from France, Holland, and Belgium prefer this dog for its bright appearance, impressive size, and excellent character. In these countries, four-legged pets were dubbed “Belgian bears.”

The Flanders Bouvier was originally intended to guard domestic animals during grazing. This breed is distinguished by the most intricate and mysterious history of appearance and development.

Today you can hear more than ten assumptions about the origin of the Bouvier, but, unfortunately, none of them is supported by sufficient facts.

15. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a short-legged, fat dog with the soul of a tireless hunter and the appearance of permanent wrath. Although it most certainly resembles him, this dog is anything but depressed; instead, he is a very gregarious and upbeat companion. But to argue that having a Basset Hound always makes things simple and laid-back would only be half true.

The stocky “gentleman” is exceptionally intelligent and has a fair dose of selfishness, yet he rarely compromises his morals and comfort on demand.

It follows that if you want to get along with the breed, you must be willing to respect its customs and interests; this is also true of Basset Hounds.

The height of the Basset Hound at the withers, according to the standard, should be 33-38 cm. Dogs weighing from 18 to 29 kg. The head of the Basset Hound is dome-shaped with a distinctly protruding nape, a massive muzzle, and a moderate stop.

The offended-sad expression of the muzzle, inherent in the breed, is achieved due to the elastic skin that forms small wrinkles under the eyes and at the eyebrows. In addition, dogs are characterized by drooping, when the lower jaw overlaps with a freely hanging upper lip.

Basset Hounds have prominent nostrils: large, wide open, often protruding beyond the line of the lips. The preferred color of the earlobe is black, although brown and liver varieties are acceptable for light-coated animals.

16. Rajapalayam Dog

Rajapalayam is the oldest native breed of greyhounds in India. In the past, it was valued by the royal court and the aristocracy for its protective, hunting, and fighting qualities.

Today they guard rice plantations and houses, sometimes participate in the pickling hunt for wild boar, and serve in the Indian frontier troops.

The breed got its name in honor of the city of Rajapalayam, from which its distribution began. In appearance, the dog resembles a cross between a greyhound and a great day.

Distinctive breed features are a more heavy bone and flesh-pink color of the nose. The breed needs socialization training from an early age.

A properly educated dog becomes a wonderful companion, gets along well with domestic animals, and is indulgent towards strangers.


Not all dog breeds are suitable for working with law enforcement. These above-mentioned dogs are used for various tasks, depending on the specifics of their breeds.

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