Cane Corso And Children: Tips For A Safe And Happy Relationship

Raising a dog and a child in the same family is a difficult task. Most likely, if the owner does not have experience in raising dogs, it will be problematic to manage without consulting a specialist.

Absolutely! Here’s a detailed description based on the information provided about the Cane Corso breed, along with key takeaways for raising a dog alongside children:

The Cane Corso: A Powerful, Protective, and Potentially Playful Family Companion

  • History and Origins: The Cane Corso, an Italian breed with a rich history, was originally used for protection, hunting, and driving cattle. Its strength, loyalty, and athleticism make it a formidable guard dog, but also a potentially loving family companion.
  • Appearance: Cane Corsos are instantly recognizable by their muscular build, large size, and powerful presence.
  • Temperament: This breed is intelligent, devoted to its family, and possesses a natural protective instinct. While they won’t attack without reason, Cane Corsos will act decisively to defend their loved ones. They are also active and playful, making them potential partners for energetic children.
  • Cane Corsos and Children: With proper training, socialization, and supervision, Cane Corsos can be wonderful family dogs who bond strongly with children of all ages.

Key Takeaways for Raising a Dog and Child Together

  • Supervision is Key: Never leave a child and a dog, especially a powerful breed like the Cane Corso, unsupervised. This applies to puppies, young children, and even older, well-behaved dogs.
  • The Importance of Training: Early socialization and obedience training are crucial for the proper development of a Cane Corso, especially if they are to be a part of a family with children.
  • Teaching Children Respect: Children must be taught how to interact with dogs safely and respectfully. This includes understanding dog body language, not disturbing them while eating or sleeping and avoiding rough play.
  • Early Introduction: When possible, introducing a Cane Corso puppy to a young child and raising them together fosters a strong bond and sets the stage for a positive relationship.
  • Consider Age and Responsibility: Puppies and young children demand attention and require consistent care. Ensure you have the time and resources to manage both before bringing a Cane Corso into a home with small children.

Special Considerations

  • Infants and Cane Corsos: Cane Corsos can be very gentle with babies, but extreme caution is still warranted. Their large size means they could unintentionally hurt an infant.
  • Adult Cane Corso and Young Child: Preparation is essential when introducing an adult Cane Corso to a young child. A professional trainer can help facilitate a safe and harmonious transition.
  • Adult Child and Adult Dog: Older children can take a more active role in caring for and training a Cane Corso, leading to a strong and responsible relationship.

Remember: Every dog is an individual. With proper care, training, and understanding, a Cane Corso can be a loyal and loving addition to a family, bringing joy, protection, and companionship to children and adults alike. If you have any concerns, always consult a professional dog behaviorist or trainer for guidance.

Cane Corso Dog With Both Small Children & Older Children:

Appearance is muscular, large, and majestic, the cane Corso’s size, as well as strength, are its dominating features. If you introduce a Cane Corso puppy to a child and raise them together, you can be sure of their future strong friendship.

Raised from an early age in the family, with proper upbringing and constant communication, the Cane Corso will be an affectionate, friendly, and great family dog that appreciates the attention paid and can be good with kids.

It is worth knowing that dogs of this breed are reasonable and reliable protectors as they are great guard dogs with a protective nature. These big dogs will not rush at passers-by, and only give their voice in special cases that deserve the attention of the owner.

Dog breeders note that the Cane Corso large dog breed has athletic forms and is a big fan of running and playing than other dogs. Which is especially welcome if there are children in the family. These four-legged family dogs are characterized by activity, mobility, and explosive temperament.

The main advantage of Cane Corso’s character is devotion to the family and special affection for its owner, as well as excellent guard dog qualities. So, Is Cane Corsos Friendly with Kids? Well, yes, they are. These large dogs tend to act greatly than other pets or other animals in your house if you can train Cane Corse properly.

A properly trained Cane Corso puppy makes a great family member and builds a great relationship with small and older kids.

Ground Rules For Little Child And Cane Corso Puppy

Before getting Cane Corsos, you need to wait until the child is at least one and a half to two years old. The main recommendation in the case when a child and a puppy grow up in the house is not to leave the two of them unattended.

The puppy will mature before the baby and in a certain period will take patronage over him. Then, when the child grows up, most likely, the balance of power will change, and the dog will accept the child as an equal, at which time they will become real friends.

Of course, much depends on the owner and the training process, so it is necessary to devote time to the proper upbringing of both.

Cane Corsos and Babies (Infants)

Cane Corsos are approvingly intelligent dogs, as well as you can notice that they’re well aware of their size along with the fragility of a baby or other children.

Thus, these gentle giants pay immediate attention to the baby’s location, and they’re trying to be as kind & gentle as they can be.

Cane Corso possesses excellent defensive instincts as well as a powerful sense of pack. Once they learn that the infant is in the family to stay then you’ll notice plenty of changes in your Cane Corso’s behavior, for example:

  • Walking slower with more cautiousness around the infant
  • Lying on the baby’s room’s doorstep
  • Increased awareness and attention of the infant
  • Sleeping near the infant
  • Licking the infant as soon as the baby is upset

Cane Corso dogs are very protective towards the most vulnerable members of their family, which is the baby. Nevertheless, there may be times when the infant can irritate the Cane Corso dog, then he’ll find a personal space in the home to rest.

There’re also cases when Cane Corsos show envy towards the infant, however, they never take the jealousy out on the infant, they’ll normally bark, and whine to allow you to understand that they want some attention to what the infant is getting right now.

Adult Cane Corso And Small Child

This problem is quite ordinary: when a young couple already has a dog, and then a child appears. Often, people who don’t understand the upbringing and maintenance of dogs tell various horror stories and advise getting rid of the dog before the baby is born.

But still, before taking drastic measures, it is necessary to try to resolve the situation peacefully. if you are afraid of such a situation, you can prepare your Cane Corso puppies well before the baby arrives.

For this, it is highly recommended to consult a professional trainer who can properly train your Cane Corso to bond with your baby.

Adult Dog And Adult Child

Adult children in the family and Cane Corso (adult) can easily find a common language. In this case, the child should participate in the domestication of the dog along with the owner. He must communicate with the dog, and feed it.

Since the Cane Corso breed is quite large, at first you should not send the child for a walk with the dog, as the child will not be able to control the dog.

Tips For A Safe And Happy Relationship

Most often, the appearance of an animal in the house makes children very happy. They will follow the dog, play, and walk with it. But still, the owner must know some rules that should be followed to build a safe and happy relationship between the children and the dog:

  • It’s necessary from the first days of the appearance of the dog in the house to explain to the children that the puppy has its daily routine, it must be regularly taken for a walk, fed, and cleaned up after it.
  • The owner should not allow unfair punishment from the side of the child about the dog. Also, do not allow the puppy to be aggressive toward the child.
  • If the child will only play with the dog, then he may have an association with it. You should watch how the baby communicates with the puppy.
  • When introducing a Cane Corso, a child needs to be told about the psychology of dogs and help the child understand the puppy’s behavior.


Reviews of the owners of this breed suggest that the described dog gets along well with children of any age. Of course, the acquaintance of the child and the puppy will be much easier and will serve as a guarantee of future friendship.

But the owners claim that the Cane Corso can find a common language with a child at any age. The main thing is to responsibly treat the upbringing of the dog.

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