Facts About Italian Mastiff Cane Corso

The Italian Mastiff Cane Corso: Your Devoted Guardian

The Cane Corso, particularly the Italian Mastiff line, is a popular choice for those seeking an exceptional guard dog. Here’s what you need to know about this impressive breed:

Understanding the Italian Mastiff Cane Corso

  • Origins: Descended from ancient Roman molossus war dogs, known for strength and guarding instincts.
  • Appearance: Muscular build with a large head and wrinkled forehead. Short, sleek coat in various colors.
  • Temperament: Loyal, protective, intelligent, watchful, and somewhat reserved with strangers. Requires proper socialization.

Caring for an Italian Mastiff Cane Corso

  • Early Socialization: Vital to prevent over-protectiveness and promote good behavior.
  • Training: Consistent training for obedience and positive socialization is crucial.
  • Exercise: Regular walks and playtime are essential to manage energy and prevent boredom.
  • Nutrition: A high-quality diet formulated for large breeds is crucial.
  • Health: Prone to hip/elbow dysplasia and other conditions. Regular vet checkups are key.

Is a Cane Corso a Good Fit for You?

The Italian Mastiff Cane Corso is an amazing breed, but it’s important to honestly assess your suitability as an owner:

  • Experience: This breed needs a confident, experienced owner who understands large, powerful dogs.
  • Activity Level: Daily exercise and stimulation are non-negotiable.
  • Commitment: You must be dedicated to early socialization and consistent training.
  • Living Space: Cane Corsos do best with ample space to roam.

Additional Considerations

  • Grooming: The short coat is low maintenance, but occasional brushing is needed.
  • Potential Costs: High-quality food and veterinary care can be significant investments.

Key Takeaways

  • The Italian Mastiff Cane Corso is a magnificent breed with exceptional guarding instincts.
  • They require dedication, training, and understanding to thrive.
  • Responsible ownership is critical. With proper care and guidance, they make devoted and protective companions.

If you’re ready to provide an active and loving environment where the Cane Corso’s natural guarding instincts can be channeled positively, this breed might be a perfect fit.

About the Italian Mastiff Cane Corso

The breed information of the dog is the most searched factor about any kind of canine because the owner who is going to adopt that dog will get an idea about the health requirements and other physical needs of the canine only after knowing in detail about the breed information of the canine.

The researches done by the researchers over this dog breed and the male Cane Corso vs female Cane Corso have made a report about the breed information of this dog, according to

which it can be said that this Cane Corso dog breed belongs to the dog breed of the early greek rulers naming Neapolitan Mastiff, which are one of the strongest dogs of that time.

These dog breeds mainly originated in Italy, from which they have derived the name of Italian Mastiff Cane Corso. The Italian Mastiff Cane Corso is very passionate about its job of being active all the time and guarding the home.

Another important factor to note about the breed information of this Italian Mastiff Cane Corso is that, although it is available in different colours still, its genetics from the history of the canine are getting extinct day by day due to the presence of glutamine.

Due to the same reason, even scientists cannot perform gene amplification to reform such genetic traits for the regeneration of this unique dog breed.

Italian Mastiff Cane Corso

The Appearance of the Italian Mastiff Cane Corso

Now being dog owners, we all know how much the canine’s appearance matters when it comes to making an impression over the others. This is why most dog owners go for the appearance of the canine more than its personality and breed.

Both the dog owners and the cynologists who have been researching this breed have made comments regarding the appearance of the canine that this dog breed is muscular and very bossy.

The Italian Mastiff Cane Corso possesses a very bold-shaped structure head with the forehead filled up with wrinkles falling downwards the nose of the canine. The canine muscles are expanded, making it look even better than the other canines in the surrounding area.

The most important factor about this dog’s appearance is that it has a quite impressive height and size than the other canines available.

The dog’s height usually ranges from 64 – 70 cm, whereas the size of the dog usually ranges from 45 – 50 kg, and among all these, the most noticeable factor is the shiny coat of the canine with less fur.

The Temperament of the Canine

Now let’s discuss the temperament of the canine. We all are very well known for the fact that the temperament of the canine plays the most important role in the training of the canine and can be very helpful to the owner during the proper training of the canine and in maintaining proper behavioural precautions with the canine.

The dog owners who have owned an Italian Mastiff Cane Corso for a longer time have commented that the dog possesses a very affectionate and protective nature towards its owners and family.

Besides being protective, it also remains very active throughout the day to maintain a balance with the energy generated in its body for regular activities.

The canine is also proven to be among the best-performing dogs during training due to its faster-grasping capability. The only negative point the canine possesses in its behaviour is not being familiar with unknown visitors or other animals around.

For this, the dog owner has to specially make the pet learn how to behave properly with unknown visitors at home and treat the guests with sweet gestures instead of barking over them excessively.

The Health of the Italian Mastiff Cane Corso

If an owner is thinking of adopting a dog, whether a normal one like the King Cane Corso or a dog of unique species like the Great Dane Cane Corso mix, knowing about the canine’s health is very important for the owner.

This is because the owner will only be able to properly fulfil the health needs of the canine after knowing the details about its health, like the nutrient requirements, functioning of the organs, and many others.

Now that the veterinarians have commented on this canine’s health, it can be said that the dog possesses quite similar health conditions as the other dog breeds. The dog’s immune system functions properly, allowing the canine to stay active and perform all the other body activities.

Besides all this, the main factor to notice here is that, although having a strong immune system, the dog still has some chances of getting affected by the diseases like elbow dysplasia, pancreatitis, inflammation of the organs, bacterial diseases, and many others.

Thus it is suggested to the dog owners to keep visiting the vet for regular checkups of the canine to treat such diseases or for ear cropping for cane Corso.

Italian Mastiff Cane Corso

Living Needs of the Dog

The living needs of the canine the owner will adopt matter the most because this will help the owner keep the canine in control and benefit the pet with a healthy and active lifestyle. If you have any confusion, consult the vet or the cane Corso breeder.

The information on the living needs of an Italian Mastiff Cane Corso, is based on the comments that the dog owners of Cane Corso have made regarding what exactly they have required for properly taking care of the canine. Below mentioned are the points:

Mineral Enriched Food

This is one of the most important requirements of the canine, as the amount of nutritious food that will get inside the body of the canine will be the only one responsible for the betterment of its health.

The minerals used to get into the canine’s stomach promote the release of the enzymes for the proper functioning of the organs. Thus, consumption of mineral-enriched food is very necessary.

Training Sessions

It is known that the dog remains active throughout the day, which signifies that the amount of energy released in the canine body is very high.

Thus proper training sessions will be helpful to the canines in balancing the amount of energy released, and hence the metabolic activities of the canine will get promoted. This is why proper training sessions are preferred for the canines.

Vet Visits

No matter how good a canine’s health, a regular visit to the veterinarian is almost necessary for all types of dog breeds.

This is because the vets’ proper and detailed canine tests will help the owner keep track of the canine’s health conditions and provide him with medicines accordingly.

Care Guide for an Italian Mastiff Cane Corso

A care guide is mostly not required for dog owners who have experience training or have been owners of such dogs.

A care guide will be only helpful to the owner who is completely new to this field but can also play a certain role in furnishing the knowledge of the dog owners.

So here we have come up with some steps which can give you an appropriate idea regarding what exact process the dog owners have to follow for properly taking care of the canine below:

Provide Short Exercise Sessions Daily

A short exercise for around 40 – 50 minutes per day is very important for a dog Cane Corso, as this keeps the canine safe from anxiety attacks by balancing the energy released in its body.

Short Walks

The Cane Corso, who is below the age of eighteen months, must get short walking sessions daily as this will help the canine to be familiar with the unknown persons and will make the pet learn socialization and sidewise. It will also be beneficial for its health.

Avoid Dominative Nature

Most of the time, the dog owner used to show their dominance over the canine by keeping the pet in the crate whenever he did something wrong, which can be very depressing for the canine and may also hurt the bond between the owner and the canine thus it needs to be avoided.

Regular Grooming

It is also a basic need of the canine that the owner should take care of, as the proper grooming sessions of the canine decide the proper health of the canine’s coat and also prevents the do from looking messy and making the appearance of the canine even better.

Proper Potty Schedules

The proper potty schedule of the dog breeds cane is very necessary because if the dog keeps on holding its potty or peeing for a longer time, then the bladder of the canine will get affected, which can lead to various health issues for the canine, mostly for the cane Corso puppies thus proper potty schedules are necessary for the canine.

Dietary Requirements of the Italian Mastiff Cane Corso8

Knowing about the dietary requirements of the canine is equally important for the dog owner, just like knowing its health.

The owner will only be able to properly take care of the cane Corso’s health if he is aware of the dietary requirements of the Italian Mastiff Cane Corso.

So, here we have come up with some of the information that will be helpful to you while knowing the health details of the canine.

As per the vet comments, the dietary requirements of the breeds Cane Corso possess no different than the requirements of the other canine.

The body of a Cane Corso requires the same amount of nutrients like protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphate, zinc, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, etc.. Still, only in the amount the body of the canine lacks.

Thus, it is suggested to the dog owners that they should always visit the vet before deciding what type of food products and nutrient percentage will be sufficient for the canine per day and decide the dietary requirements per the vet’s comments.

Training Guide for an Italian Mastiff Cane Corso

The proper training of the canine decides how much it is going to be responsible towards the owners and how efficiently it will perform all the tasks. Thus, it is the complete responsibility of the owners to train the dogs properly.

The dog owners who are completely new to this field might require some guidance for proper canine training, so here we have come up with some steps to properly guide the new dog owners regarding this field below.

Keep Patience While Training

The Cane Corso breed is very clever, but still, they might take some time to understand some tasks and perform them perfectly. Thus, it is suggested to the dog owners to stay calm and composed in such situations for a smooth and easy process.

Avoid Physical Punishments

Physical punishments like keeping the canine in a crate or hitting him with a stick when he did something wrong can be very panicky for the canine. Thus, it needs to be avoided while training.

Use of Treats

Rewarding the pet with delicious treats after every task is a fact that the owner should never forget. It will drive the dog’s interest in the training even more and will encourage your Italian Mastiff Cane Corso to perform the tasks perfectly.

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