racing dog breeds

20 Top Most Racing Dog Breeds

Dog breeds that run at a very high speed were originally produced for herding and hunting purposes. But now people are often preferring them as a pet. So, we ranked 20+ racing dog breeds using information from the AKC and Vetstreet, and … Read More

non-shedding dog breeds

21 Top Non-Shedding Dog Breeds

Any furry or hairy creature, including human beings, is going to shed regularly to some extent. A few popular dogs shed a lot every single day. On the other hand, some are dogs that shed only seasonally. Also, some low-shedding … Read More

aggressive dog breeds

17 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Dogs aren’t only loyal, friendly, and playful but they’re also aggressive sometimes. Depending on their temperament and upbringing, dog breeds can become a dangerous threat to human beings. These aggressive dogs were mainly descended from wolves by human beings, and … Read More