Can Dogs Eat After Eight Pm?

Can Dogs Eat After Eights? Absolutely Not

After Eights, or any chocolate, are toxic to dogs. This is due to a substance called theobromine:

  • Theobromine Toxicity: Dogs can’t metabolize theobromine like humans. It builds up, causing poisoning symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal heart rhythms, and seizures. In severe cases, it can be fatal.
  • Even Small Amounts are Dangerous: The darker the chocolate, the higher the theobromine content. A little bit of After Eights can harm a small dog.

What if My Dog Eats an After Eight?

  • Don’t Panic, But Act Quickly: Contact your veterinarian immediately. They’ll advise based on your dog’s size and how much chocolate was consumed.
  • Inducing Vomiting (Only Under Vet Guidance): Your vet may instruct you to induce vomiting, but this must be done under professional guidance.

Why Chocolate is Harmful to Dogs

While delicious for humans, the ingredients in chocolate are dangerous to dogs:

  • Theobromine: The primary culprit, causing serious health issues.
  • Sugar: Excessive sugar leads to dental problems, obesity, and diabetes in dogs.
  • Fat and Additives: Many chocolates contain fats and additives that can upset a dog’s stomach or be toxic.

Key Takeaways

  • Chocolate of ANY kind is dangerous for dogs. After Eights are no exception.
  • The darker the chocolate, the higher the risk, even in small quantities.
  • Seek veterinary advice immediately if your dog consumes After Eights or any other chocolate.
  • Prevent accidental consumption by keeping chocolate securely out of reach.

Do Dogs Like the Taste of After-Eights?

Yes, almost all dogs are fond of the taste of after-eights. This is mainly because dogs have a nature of being attracted to the taste of sweet-tasting food products.

Most of the time, dogs used to consume this treat with utmost interest, mainly because of the chocolaty and mint flavor of the chocolate.

In some rare cases, the dog might also refuse its consumption due to the mint flavor it possesses.

The main fact to notice here is that just because the dog is attracted to the taste of this chocolate, the dog owner should not go feeding this regularly to the canine, as it can lead to different types of discomforts like stomach upsets and periodontal diseases the canine.

What are the Disadvantages of Feeding After Eights to the Canine?

As we have already mentioned above that the consumption of after eights are not at all preferred in the case of canines.

Thus if the dog accidentally consumes it, the owner might notice some behavioral changes in the canine’s body, which need proper treatment to get properly cured.

The dog owner should also know about the disadvantages of feeding after eight because it will give them a proper idea regarding why they should avoid it from the canines diet. Below mentioned are the disadvantages of feeding after eight to the canine.


The dog eventually throws up the substance consumed due to improper digestion, mainly because of the theobromine.


Similar to vomiting, the dogs also suffer from diarrhea because of theobromine in chocolate, which is mainly responsible for the digestive upsets of the canine.

Abnormal Heartbeats

The consumption of chocolate first leads to improper digestion, which then further affects the heartbeats of the canine and leads to abnormal heartbeats.


The consumption of chocolate leads to indigestion and many other discomforts which makes the canine lack energy, and thus, the dog gets affected by lethargy.

Can Dogs Eat After Eights?

No, the chocolate after eight is not suggested for consumption by the canine.

Not only because it can cause health hazards to the canine but also because it can lead to severe damage to the canine’s teeth which can make the canine lose its teeth and interrupt the proper swallowing of the food products consumed.

Thus to save the canine from such discomforts, which need regular vet visits and medications for a proper recovery, it is better to avoid the chocolate named after eights from the canine diet.

How Much After Eights Can a Dog Eat at a Time?

After eight is milk-based chocolate possessing a mint flavor. Although it has been suggested to dog owners that they should never go for feeding milk-based chocolate or any type of chocolate to the canine, in some cases, the dog owners have to do so to control the craving of the canine to save him from anxiety attack.

Thus based on the research done on the recommendations given by the veterinarians and the suggestions given by the dog owners, it can be said that just to make the dog calm down, giving half of a piece of chocolate is enough.

It will be even better for the canines’ health if the dog owner can reduce the dose of chocolate. Thus it is suggested that the owners reduce the bite as much as possible.

What are the Ingredients Used in the Preparation of After-Eights?

The dog owners need to know the ingredients used in the preparation of this chocolate because knowing about the ingredients used in the preparation will help the owners to decide why they should avoid feeding this to the canine and will also help the owner to choose the amount accordingly so that the dog doesn’t get harmed.

Below mentioned are the name of the ingredients used in its preparation.

  • Sugar
  • Cocoa mass
  • Glucose syrup
  • Vegetable fat
  • Cocoa butter
  • Butterfat
  • Emulsifier
  • Stabilizer
  • Natural peppermint oil

The dog owners can visit a vet to check if any of the ingredients used above can be toxic to the canine or if the canine is allergic to it.

If the owner detects that the canine is allergic to it, they should strictly avoid feeding chocolate even when the dog gets out of control, as it can be fatal for the canine’s health.

Can Dogs Eat Shakes Prepared After Eight?

No, it is not suggested to the dog owners to feed the canine chocolate shakes prepared after eight.

This is because the chocolate itself is considered harmful to the health of the canine, and if it is given in the form of a shake, then this can turn even more fatal for the health of the canine.

The other additives in the shake, like sugar, processed milk, and cream, can be very harmful to both the digestive system of the canine and its tooth, and the risk of periodontal diseases might increase after its consumption. Thus it is suggested that dog owners avoid feeding such dishes to the canine.

What to Do With Dogs Suffering From After-Eight Toxicosis?

Dog owners need to know what they can do if their dog suffers from after-eight toxicity. It will eventually help the owner prevent their canine from getting into such deadly conditions.

As per the research, the dog owner searching for can dogs eat after eight should abruptly go for a vet visit, but in some severe emergencies, temporary treatment is required to save the canine’s life.

In such cases, the dog owner can make the dog split up the chocolate he has consumed by simply giving him more water to drink, which will reduce the risk to a bit extent.

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