Can Dogs Eat Celery?

Can Dogs Eat Celery? Yes, in Moderation

Celery is a safe and even healthy snack for most dogs when given responsibly. It offers these benefits:

  • Low-Calorie: Great for overweight pups or those needing a weight management plan.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Provides vitamins A, C, K, zinc, manganese, and potassium.
  • Antioxidants: Helps reduce inflammation and may protect against chronic diseases.
  • High Fiber: Supports healthy digestion and weight control.
  • Hydration: Celery’s high water content keeps your dog hydrated.
  • Freshens Breath: Helps reduce plaque and bad breath.


  • Moderation is Key: Too much celery can lead to digestive upset due to fiber content.
  • Sodium Concerns: Celery naturally contains some sodium. Limit portions to avoid excessive salt intake.
  • Pesticides: Wash celery thoroughly to remove potential pesticide residue.

How to Serve Celery Safely

  • Fresh and Raw: Offers the most nutritional value.
  • Cut into Small Pieces: Prevents choking, especially for smaller dogs.
  • No Added Salt or Seasonings: Keep it plain for your dog’s health.
  • Avoid Processed Celery: Celery found in soups or stews may contain ingredients harmful to dogs.

Portion Control

  • Treats Should Be Limited: Celery should be an occasional treat, not a dietary staple. Follow the general rule that treats should not exceed 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake.
  • Start Slowly: Introduce celery gradually to monitor for any digestive discomfort.

Fun Celery Treat Ideas

  • Celery sticks with peanut butter (ensure your dog isn’t allergic to peanuts)
  • Celery sticks with a bit of cheese (for dogs who are not lactose intolerant)
  • Celery mixed with meat and rice
  • Celery juice drizzled over their regular food

Key Takeaways

  • Celery can be a healthy addition to a dog’s diet when served in moderation and prepared safely.
  • It offers essential nutrients and can be a great low-calorie snack option.
  • Wash celery thoroughly and stick to fresh, raw celery for the most benefits.
  • If you have any concerns about your dog’s diet or health, consult your veterinarian for personalized advice.

What are the Benefits of Celery for Dogs?

We already know it is safe for dogs, but how does it benefit them? It offers a variety of benefits to your little buddy. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Low-Calorie Treat

Celery is the go-to food for humans when they are trying to cut back on carbs and lose weight. This is simply because it is low in calories, making it a great choice for your dog.

The most preferred diet for your dog is a low-calorie one if you are worried about their weight or want them to lose some. It can be served as an excellent snack.

  • Vitamins

Celery is loaded with many vitamins like vitamin K, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Vitamin K is important for blood clotting in your dog and also upholds the strength of their bones.

A good immune system can be maintained with Vitamin C. It also helps the body to cope with stress more safely and healthily.

Vitamin A promotes healthy skin, good eyesight, and the health of your dog’s muscles and nervous system.

  • Minerals

Celery is not just a powerhouse of vitamins, but it also provides a lot of important minerals that your dog needs. For example, zinc.

Zinc promotes a strong immune system and proper digestion in dogs. It can also help in cognitive development.

Celery also contains manganese, which helps maintain your dog’s blood sugar balance. It reduces inflammation and promotes good bone health.

  • Potassium

Potassium is an electrolyte that can help your dog stay hydrated and prevent muscle cramps. Celery can provide a good amount of potassium to your dog.

Giving a considerable amount of celery to your dog can also help with blood pressure and heart and kidney issues.

  • High Water Content

Celery is naturally high in water content. It can provide your dog with the hydration it needs without having to drink water on the side.

It can be a great way to keep your dog hydrated during the summertime.

  • Antioxidants

Celery leaves contain a lot of antioxidants, like Vitamin E. It is a helpful component that can help your dog stay away from diseases and reduce inflammation, if any.

A diet containing antioxidants can make your dog less stress-prone and protect them from chronic health diseases. It can even help them prevent major diseases like cancer and arthritis.

  • Fiber Content

Fiber is an important part of your dog’s diet. Feeding them celery can ensure that they are consuming enough fiber.

Celery can make them feel full for longer, making it a great alternative for overweight dogs. You can also serve it to your dog if you want them to lose weight, as it will reduce their urge to eat frequently.

  • Prevents Bad Breath

Celery can help your dog with bad breath. The high water and fiber content in celery make your mouth produce saliva that prevents plaque by keeping away the food particles.

It can also cleanse the tongue and clean in between your teeth.

Can Dogs Eat Celery?

Yes, celery is safe for dogs to eat but in small quantities. It is a good option for dogs who are obese and want to lose weight.

It is a healthy addition to your dog’s diet plan because of its high fiber and water content and low calories.

Can Dogs Have Too Much Celery?

No, dogs cannot have too much celery. We have discussed all the benefits celery can provide to your dog because it is filled with nutrients.

But, if too much celery is given to dogs, it can impact their body in an unhealthy way.

Let’s discuss the risks of too much celery for dogs –

  • Excess Sodium

The problem of excess sodium from celery comes from its salt content. Sodium is not good for dogs as it can cause high blood pressure and stress on their kidneys.

It is necessary to feed celery in small quantities to your dog to keep salt consumption to a minimum.

  • Excess Fiber

Even though fiber is good for your dog’s health, excess can cause diarrhea and other digestive problems.

  • Exposure to Pesticides

Celery leaves may contain pesticides and other chemicals which can be dangerous for your dog’s health.

Always remember to wash it thoroughly before use.

Can Dogs Eat Celery?

Can Dogs Eat Celery Sticks?

If you have a big dog, celery sticks can even replace chewing bones. And when it is fed as a raw stick, it can also help clean your dog’s teeth.

You can also try some peanut butter on celery sticks to make it tastier for them but only if your dog is not allergic to peanuts.

Can Dogs Eat Celery Leaves?

Yes, dogs can eat celery leaves, which are even more favorable. But, they might have a risk of pesticides in them.

If you want to serve the stem part, wash it properly to remove any extra dirt or chemicals on its surface.

Can Dogs Eat Celery Root?

Celery root is also known as celeriac. It is packed with vitamins and minerals. It is also safe for dogs, just like celery itself.

It can be served as a crunchy snack or cooked as a soup. But make sure to not feed it in the raw form too much.

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Celery?

No, frozen celery is not a good option for your dogs. Even though buying and storing frozen celery is more convenient, it loses all its nutrients during the freezing process.

Celery is known to be one of the most nutritious vegetables, but there is no point in serving it to your dog if it loses its benefits. Always go for organic and fresh celery.

How Not to Feed Celery to Your Dogs?

Even though we have gone through all the pros and cons of giving celery to your dog, it is still good to know in-depth what should be avoided.

  • Do Not Add Salt While Serving

Celery already has salt content in it. And too much salt can cause excess sodium in dogs which are not good for their digestive system.

Therefore, do not add salt while preparing celery for your dog. Wash it properly and chop it into small pieces to avoid getting it stuck inside their throats.

  • Keep a Check on Other Ingredients

Celery is combined with a lot of other dishes, but some of them might contain ingredients that are not safe for your dog.

Always avoid giving celery with dishes like stew, soups, etc.

How Much Celery Can Dogs Eat?

Even though there are a lot of benefits of feeding celery to your dog, it should be fed in moderation to avoid health problems.

Any treat you want to give your dog should not be more than 10% of their total calories in a day.

For example, if your dog is allowed to have only 900 calories daily, you can only serve it 90 calories worth of treats during the day.

If you want to include celery in your dog’s diet, make sure to introduce it slowly. Start with half or two pieces depending on your dog’s size.

Moreover, remember to consult your vet to ask them about their opinion and move ahead accordingly.

What are Some of the Celery Treats You Can Give Your Dog?

Now there is a chance that your dog may not like having celery alone. It can taste boring for them without extra salt or seasonings.

But, there are some ways you can serve celery to your dog to make them benefit from it while also enjoying it.

  • Celery and Peanut Butter

A lot of dogs loves peanut butter. If you serve your dog celery sticks with some added peanut butter, they will not be able to resist it.

  • Celery and Cheese

You can serve celery with some cheddar cheese, and you can also use cottage cheese if you are worried about your dog’s health. Although, make sure your dog is not lactose intolerant before serving them this treat.

  • Celery and Meat

If your dog loves meat, mix it with some boiled rice and make a paste out of it. Now, you can dip those celery sticks in the paste and offer them to your dog as a treat. Do not add any salt or seasonings to the mix.

  • Celery Juice on Top

If your dog does not like munching on celery alone, you can also make a juice out of it and pour it over their meal.

This way, they can absorb all the necessary vitamins and minerals they need. If you know how often can dogs eat celery, you will be able to fit celery juice into their diet properly.

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