How to Keep Dog Out of Litter Box?

how to keep dog out of litter box

There are several steps you can take to keep your dog out of the litter box. Some possible strategies include:

  1. Make sure the litter box is in a secure, inaccessible location where your dog cannot reach it. This might mean keeping the box in a closed room or behind a baby gate.
  2. Use a covered litter box, which will make it harder for your dog to access the litter box.
  3. Use a litter box with a hooded lid or a self-closing lid, which will prevent your dog from getting into the box.
  4. Train your dog to stay away from the litter box by using positive reinforcement and rewards.
  5. Use deterrents, such as bitter apple spray or a motion-activated alarm, to keep your dog away from the litter box.
  6. Consult with your veterinarian for additional advice and guidance on how to keep your dog out of the litter box.

keeping a dog out of the litter box

Here we will discuss some easy yet smartest hacks that will help you keep the dog out of the litter area. Just follow the below pointers.

Frequent Cleaning of the Litter Area

The first thing that you can always do is clean the cat’s litter area every time they poop. This process is effective, but you need to have the patience to carry out the same. But frankly, this method is useful for those at home most of the time.

However, if you are a working person, it won’t be possible. In that case,, you can clean the litter box at least twice daily. Remember you have to be fast so your dog does not have time to reach there.

Train Your Dog

Well, the next thing you can do is start training your puppy. Train them in such a way that they don’t go after that in any case. But before starting this training process, make sure that you treat your dog with some superb foods full of balanced nutrients.

Also, be certain that your dog receives enough exercise and is free of mental tribulations. The said things will ensure that your dog isn’t leading a mundane life. It is because, at times, it is seen that dogs often do explore such things out of monotonousness. The process to follow.

  1. Hold any delicious treat in your hand and let the dog smell it.
  2. If your dog stops to pay heed, you can use this command like leave that.
  3. On the other hand, hold something that would be more delicious than the ones in the covered hand.
  4. Let them practice as they adopt this command of addressing the delicious treat. The moment they start to smell the litter area, it just tells them to ward off the same.

Eventually, just lure them with some tasty treats as they turn away from litter.

Remember that this option is time-consuming and effort-making, so patiently teach your dog the command said before, like leave that.

Well, you need to wait and see what your dog does. It is because initially, he or she will try to sniff, but the repeated use of the command will prevent him or her from doing so.

Teach Your Dog to Leave a Command

Training your dog to understand the command is best because dogs respond well to the commands. So you can teach them to leave it or stay away from the litter container. Now simply, you can start by telling your dog that just stay away or leave delicious treats.

Automated Process

As said earlier, if you are a working person, you can use the litter box, which has an automated on and off process. The automated litter containers come with a covered lid. And the best part is that you don’t have to clean it yourself.

Rather, the cleaning takes place automatically after every poop. But yes, these are a bit costly, and cats are initially startled by its working procedure. But with time, they get used to it.

Change the Place of the Litter Container

The easiest thing you can do is keep the litter container on the table or a raised countertop. No doubt your cat will love to climb up and clear their poop.

But be careful of your dog because if your dog is small, then he won’t be able to ride up unless he is pro at doing so. Otherwise, if the space is restricted, the big-sized ones won’t be able to reach the top.

Set Up a Gate for Your Pet

Well, as the pet owner, you will have to constantly look for solutions so that you can keep the dog from hovering over the litter. If placing the litter container on a raised area or having an automated litter container is not your deal, then simply install a gate for your pet.

Set up the gate in such a way that you put your cat dedicatedly inside the gate only. The best part is that you dont have to muse over whether your dog is messing up or not.

Also, there is hardly any chance for the dog to cross that gate because that somehow works as a barrier for him or her. But there is one thing: the gate or door for your pet is a pricey option. Nevertheless, it’s hassle-free, and you can stay out of your home without stress.

Put a Muzzle

Well, though we have mentioned a couple of methods here, you can also use the dog’s muzzle. But yes, the moment you are muzzling your dog, ensure you are in and around him or her because you have to be alert.

This process will work the best when you are at home only. Remember, some specially curated muzzles are there that allow the dog to have water, so these are the acceptable ones.

Door With a Dog Proofing Latch

If you think setting up the gated area for your pet is not the right alternative, then you can add this dog’s safety-proof door with a latch.

With this system, you can just open the area, which would be enough for your cat to move in and out to the litter area.

But the trick is you need to ensure that you don’t keep the door wide open rather, it should be exactly the space your cat would need.

Visit the Vet When Needed

Well, the moment you visit your vet, you know that dogs behave like that because of improper nutrition. Seeing your vet is good because he or she can tell you that sniffing a cat’s litter is completely unhealthy for your dog.

Just as you tell your vet about the problem, the doctor will conduct a thorough check of the puppy or dog and prescribe some dietary supplements.

Additionally will suggest you mix the food in a balanced way, ensuring vitamins are included in adequate proportion.

Finally, he or she will suggest some of the tips stated in the list. But on the whole, you also need to keep your cat’s wishes in mind. Don’t relocate the litter container in a single day; you need to do this gradually.

Use a Door Chain

Well, you can use a chain like using a pet door or gate, but this one is pretty easy. Also, you dont have to size the door or gate for convenience. Rather you need to drill through to set up the chain on the door.

Again the sizing of the chain has to be perfect, and the chain should have an adequate length so that it adjusts well to the cat’s size but is not big enough for your dog. You might have to raise the door height a little so that when the chain is, the door does not get shut.

Motivate Mentally

At times it has been seen that dogs behave like that because somewhere, they are bored or mentally demotivated.

Each dog is different, and the mental encouragement is also different for each. Now somewhere, the mental encouragement is directly linked to their level of intelligence and acceptance. Dogs with smarter brains need to sharpen their brains often rather than others.

Well, the best way to keep your dogs motivated is through training. But make sure that you carry out the sessions on a daily basis.

Doing it religiously will not only make your dog well behaved, but he or she will also be better at understanding the commands.

Dogs need entertainment, so you can also play puzzle toy games besides training.

These come with various complicated puzzles, and you can use the food to keep him engrossed. These puzzle toys can keep your dogs busy for a longer duration.

As discussed before, you need to restrict the availability of the litter container. According to experts, it would be better if you place the same inside the bathtub;

else, you can get one with a lid. Now, these options will not allow your dog, and you will get the worthy solutions for how to keep the dog out of the litter box.

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