How Much Pepto to Give a Dog?

how much pepto for a dog?

The dog owners often used to give their pup human medication when the pet was suffering from stomach diseases. Pepto Bismol is one of the trusted stomach-soothing human medicines that work wonders in the case of dogs to treat minor stomach pain.

The amount of pepto bismol that you should give to your dog will depend on their size, weight, and the severity of their symptoms.

Pepto bismol is a medication that is commonly used to treat gastrointestinal upset in dogs, and it is available in liquid, tablet, and chewable forms. The usual dose of pepto bismol for dogs is 1 teaspoon (5 ml) for every 10 pounds of body weight, given every 6-8 hours as needed.

However, it is important to consult with your veterinarian before giving pepto bismol to your dog, as the correct dose may vary depending on your dog’s specific needs. Your veterinarian will be able to provide you with more detailed dosing instructions based on your dog’s individual circumstances.

How is Pepto Bismol Effective for Your Dog’s Stomach?

Pepto Bismol, scientifically known as Bismuth Subsalicylate, is a type of antacid that neutralizes the excessive amount of acid in the stomach for soothing minor stomach issues.

The ingredients used in the manufacturing of Pepto Bismol include Aluminum magnesium silicate, Methylcellulose, Methyl salicylate, Salicylic acid, Sorbic acid, Benzoic acid, Saccharin sodium salicylate, Amaranth, and most importantly, water. The most active ingredient among the following is used as the bismuth subsalicylate.

Together, these ingredients form a powerful solution that effectively neutralizes the excessive amounts of acid released by the parietal cells in the stomach. Thus, it’s effective in soothing your dog’s stomach issues and treating the gastrointestinal diseases of the pet.

Is the Antacid Pepto Bismol Safe for Dogs?

Pepto Bismol is a type of medicine used for human medication. We all know that human medications are not safe for canines most of the time. But the ingredients used in the manufacturing of Pepto Bismol are safe for dogs.

Meanwhile, it is also suggested that the dog owner give this medicine to their pet only after consulting with their veterinarian.

Discussing with the veterinarian is essential because the vet will suggest what amount of doses you can give your pet and check if your pet has previously had some disease that can get serious by using this medicine.

The bismuth subsalicylate will work as a boon for your dog until the number of doses does not exceed as prescribed by the veterinarian. As overdosing on this medicine can cause your canine health issues,

How Much Pepto Bismol Should Be Given to Your Dog?

The popular antacid for both humans and animals is available in two types, one is in liquid form and another is in chewable form.

The amount and the process of giving the dose of both the liquid and the tablets differ. The liquid Pepto is suggested to be given one teaspoon for every ten pounds and should be provided every six to eight hours to the pet, whereas the chewable tablets are recommended at 8.5 mg per pound.

Sometimes the doses of the antacid also depend on the weight of your dog’s body. Hence it was suggested to consult with a veterinarian before giving the medicine to your dog.

If your dog is not suffering from any disease, you can follow the below-mentioned table to provide a dose of the antacids to your dog as per the weight.

Table to Be Followed as Per the Weight of Different Dogs

This table is based on the scientific studies done by the medical authorities on the dose of tablets as per the weight of different dogs.

Body WeightLiquid Pepto Bismol DosageTablet Pepto Bismol Dosage
10 lbsOne teaspoon85 mg
20 lbsTwo teaspoons170 mg
30 lbsThree teaspoons255 mg
40 lbsFour teaspoons340 mg
50 lbsFive teaspoons425 mg
60 lbsSix teaspoons510 mg
70 lbsSeven teaspoons595 mg
80 lbsEight teaspoons680 mg
90 lbsNine teaspoons765 mg
100 lbsTen teaspoons860 mg

This table is suggested only if your dog is not suffering from other diseases. This is because the dosage amount may defer as per the type of disease your dog is suffering from.

How Does the Active Ingredient Bismuth Subsalicylate Work After Getting into the Stomach?

After the egestion of the medicine Pepto Bismol in the dog’s stomach, the antacid’s active ingredient, bismuth subsalicylate, gets separated in the respiratory tract and tries to neutralize the digestive upset and the gastrointestinal disorders.

The bismuth gets active for binding with the toxins of the stomach, which mainly causes gastrointestinal disorders by creating a shield against the acid released in the stomach by the parietal cells through a coating in the lining and intestine of the stomach. This working of the bismuth inside the digestive tract helps to treat diarrhea.

The active ingredient of the antacid also possesses some inflammatory properties which control the intestinal fluid secretions and the irregular bowel movements inside the stomach.

Which Type of Puppies Should Strictly Avoid Taking

These Medicines?

As per reports collected by the information given by the veterinarians regarding which dog should avoid taking these medicines, the dog possessing the below-mentioned points should strictly avoid taking Pepto Bismol.

The points are discussed below:

  1. If a dog is allergic to any of the active ingredients used in the manufacturing of Pepto Bismol, then the pet should never be given this medication. You can detect the allergy of your dog by visiting a veterinarian.
  2. The pregnant female dogs were strictly suggested to avoid these antacids, as the ingredients of Pepto Bismol can get toxic to the pet in pregnancy because of the hormonal regulation and the metabolic reactions of the body change during the period of pregnancy.
  3.  If the dog suffers from a canine bleeding disorder, the antacid should be strictly avoided.
  4. Small puppies were also discarded from getting a dose of this antacid as they possess a risk of dehydration with diarrhea, which can affect their health.
  5. Before these, dogs having aspirin and analgesics were also suggested to avoid these antacids. 

Side Effects Caused in Dogs Due to the Overdose of Pepto Bismol

As we have discussed above, the overdose of Pepto Bismol can cause many side effects to your dog, which can cause harm to your dog’s health to a significantly greater extent.

The side effects caused by the overdose of Pepto Bismol are discussed below.

Gastric Bleeding

The formula of salicylate in the Pepto Bismol becomes highly acidic if overdosed, as it reacts with the gastrin released, causing gastrointestinal ulcers that can even cause gastric bleeding in dogs. 

Stomach Ulcer 

Sometimes the overdose of Pepto Bismol can cause stomach ulcers in a dog’s body. This is because the neutralizing property of the active ingredients becomes excess in the digestive tract due to the overdose of the antacid. 


When the compounds present in this antacid become excess in the amount, it can cause constipation in the pet’s stomach. This can even be life-threatening for a dog sometimes.

Shortness of Breath 

An excessive dose of the Pepto Bismol can even cause shortness of breath in some dogs, as the anti acidic particles of the active ingredients of the medicine can get to the nasal tissues through the food pipe, causing breathing problems.

Is Pepto Bismol Worth it for Dogs with Parvo?

Parvo is a virus that mainly affects dogs, and the dog stops getting the vital nutrients required for its body while suffering from the parvovirus as the virus attacks the cells of the dog’s intestines.

If a dog suffering from parvovirus can survive the first three to four days of parvovirus, then the dog is ready to be treated with the antacid named Pepto Bismol.      

The dose suggested for a dog suffering from parvovirus is the same as the dog’s weight of 1 lb, which is one teaspoon. It will work as a wonder in soothing your dog’s stomach suffering from parvo. 

The Processto Be Followed While Giving Pepto to a Dog

Everything needs a correct procedure for better action. Here is the process you have to follow to safely give Pepto Bismol to your dog.

The steps that should be followed are discussed below

  1. The owner should always take care of the dose advised by the vet and give it to the pet accordingly.
  2. At first, start giving the dose by a small amount, and if the pet is able to tolerate it, then increase to a higher amount dose. 
  3. The dog owner should strictly avoid overdose while giving the antacid to the dog.
  4. While feeding the liquid form of Pepto, a clean plastic syringe without a needle should be used.
  5. Always prefer to give the chewable tablets after dividing them to the safer dose as prescribed by the veterinarian.

Now we have discussed all the things about the Pepto dosage of dogs that are going to help you in all aspects while you will give Pepto Bismol to your dog for stomach-soothing.

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