How to Become a Dog Groomer?

At present, the dog owners seek for dog groomers to keep their dogs neat and clean, as they don’t have that much time to spend hours grooming their dogs. That is why there is a need for trained dog groomers in every community.

Being a professional dog groomer also needs skills and certification to treat the dogs with utmost care and love. Now how to become a dog groomer? Choose an authentic grooming course, and ensure practical experiences. Lastly, get your grooming certificate.

Everything about the career of a dog groomer will be discussed in this article which will help you in all aspects. So please go through the entire article to gain the information.

How to Become a Dog Groomer? – Why are Dog Groomers Important?

Now people throughout the whole world are always busy in their official work to maintain a balance in their financial stability. It was almost impossible for all the people to make time to spend hours after their dog’s cleaning.

Dog groomers are the ones that most people prefer when it comes to the hygiene and health of their loved ones. The responsibility of a dog groomer is to make the dog of their client appear their best by using the skills they have learned.

Nowadays, dog groomers play a significant role in keeping the dogs clean and disease-free by removing all the dirt particles and debris from their furs.

What are the Basic Things a Dog Groomer Needs to Learn?

Being a dog groomer is not that easy. The person should be perfect in all the skills to avoid mistakes while grooming, as it can hurt the pets.

Here are the basic things that a groomer needs to learn

Breed History 

A dog groomer should be aware of the breeding history of all the dogs. This will make the groomer learn which part of a dog’s breed should be covered in which season, but this will differ from breed to breed.

For example, the abundance of fur on the hips of a dog breed named poodles is there to keep the joint of the dog warm in cold water. Hence, if the groomer cuts that fur, it may affect the dog’s health.

Similarly, the process of taking care of a dog’s coat differs from breed to breed. That is why a dog groomer should know the breeding history of dogs.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid for Dogs

As per the research done by the American pet professionals, some pet owners also used to go to a dog groomer while their pet got a minimal injury. Hence, dog groomers need to learn CPR and a first aid course to give them the proper treatment required during emergencies.

Sometimes the groomer also has to perform CPR on a dog as some dogs were taken to a groomer in a distressed condition.

Techniques of Stripping, Thinning, and Carding

A dog groomer should be perfect in these unique techniques because these techniques are often to be used in some dogs of unique breeds.

For example, carding should be required in Chihuahuas to remove the undercoat from their coat, whereas stripping and thinning should be used in dogs having two coats to remove the excess hair.

That’s why these techniques play an essential role in the procedure of grooming, as it needs to be performed in different types of breeds.

Steps to Follow for Becoming a Dog Groomer

Like other professions, a dog groomer doesn’t have to be highly educated. A person having a high school diploma is also eligible and can be the best fit for this profession.

A person should follow the steps to gain prosperity in a career as a dog groomer are discussed below.

Take a Relevant Grooming Course

A person who wants to be a dog groomer must take a relevant grooming course to gain all the knowledge about the steps to follow while grooming, a basic of dog anatomy, and mainly to become an expert in this process beat the others in the particular field.

A grooming course is very short in length but can make you the best groomer. This will only take a few weeks for the person, but the classes are a bit expensive.

A person willing to enter this career can take the course from anywhere like state-approved grooming schools or from an online course provided by a well-established brand doing a study over animal anatomy. Rather than these two, there are many other options available for this dog’s grooming course.

Practical Experience in the Process

For a dog groomer, just learning the basic things and studying a few steps about the process was not at all enough to be an expert in this field. The person needs to have practical experience in this field.

To gain practical experience in this field, a person can take the apprenticeship programs provided by grooming schools or even approach a famous dog groomer and assist them in their work. Spending time with dogs and learning the skills from an experienced dog groomer will improve the person.

Certification from a Well-Established Grooming Authority

Suppose the individual is interested in this field and wants to make a very clientele career. In that case, it is imperative to get certified in this course from a well-established authority.

The certification process only includes a written exam consisting of the facts you have learned in your dog’s grooming course and a bit of demonstration of the practical skills you have gained while working as a dog groomer.

This certificate plays a crucial role as it will make you a certified groomer, and we all know that all the pet owners will prefer to go for the best for their dog’s health. Hence you will get more clients than the other groomers in the field.

Qualities of a Perfect Dog Groomer

All the certifications and degrees were necessary for getting into the job, but the person’s qualities will make the individual a perfect groomer.

The qualities that a person should possess are discussed below

Physical Fitness

A dog groomer has to be physically fit to be able to handle a dog throughout the whole process, as grooming dogs can sometimes be very painful due to the pulling of hairs. Sometimes the dogs will also try to escape from the place, so the groomer must have to be energetic to control the dog.

Calm Mind 

The dog groomer should possess a calm mind because sometimes the dogs can get very irritating during the process. The dog’s anxiety due to the severe pain of hair pulling will be disturbing. Hence the groomer has to keep their mind calm and composed to have a smooth and perfect finish in their work and be efficient.

Positive Attitude 

The dog groomers should always have to maintain a positive attitude towards their work and have to behave well with both the customer and the dog. Sometimes the dog’s behavior during the process can be very irritating, but the groomer’s positive attitude will help finish the work smoothly.

Harmonious Relationship with the Pets 

Maintaining a good bond with the pet has always been a significant sign of an expert dog groomer. A harmonious relationship with the pet will make the process easier. The groomer should always ensure to make the pet comfortable during the process.

Good Knowledge of Dog Breeds

A perfect dog groomer should know the dog’s breeds to understand which type of cut the particular dog needs.

If you are willing to become a dog groomer, then make sure to possess all the qualities discussed above. These qualities will make you different and more valuable than the other dog groomers in the field.

What are the Responsibilities of a Dog Groomer?

The responsibilities of a dog groomer are to make the dog clean and look better in appearance by using their skills.

Some of the major responsibilities of dog groomers are discussed below.

  1. A dog groomer should discuss with the owner what kind of haircut they want for their dog and do the haircut as per their needs.
  2. It’s the responsibility of a dog groomer to inform the owner if they have noticed any kind of disease in the skin while grooming the dog.
  3. The groomer should use proper tools like clippers, brushes, and dryers while grooming a dog.
  4. Use shampoos as per the skin condition of the dogs they are grooming.

At this moment, we have discussed all the steps, responsibilities, qualities, and techniques that will help you become a dog groomer. The things we have discussed will clear all your doubts in every aspect.

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