How Long Does It Take To Groom A Dog?

Although grooming has its aesthetic benefits, proper dog grooming techniques must be implemented to ensure the upkeep of your dog’s health and hygiene.

Here’s a breakdown of dog grooming, factors influencing time, and tips for nervous dogs:

Why Groom Your Dog?

  • Health: Removes dirt, prevents matting, allows for skin checks, improves circulation
  • Hygiene: Reduces odor, prevents infections
  • Bonding: Strengthens the connection between you and your dog

How Long Does Dog Grooming Take?

  • Varies Greatly: From 20 minutes for basics to 3-4 hours for a full grooming session.
  • Factors that Influence Time:
    • Breed (coat type matters)
    • Size
    • Dog’s temperament (anxious dogs take longer)
    • Coat condition (mats and tangles add time)
    • Services chosen (bath, haircut, nail trim, etc.)

Typical Grooming Steps and Time Estimates

  1. Assessment (5-10 min): Checking for health issues that impact grooming choices.
  2. Brushing (20-30 min): Removes tangles, loose fur, and debris.
  3. Eyes, Ears, Teeth (10-15 min): Cleaning for hygiene and infection prevention.
  4. Bath and Shampoo (20-30 min): Deep cleaning of the coat.
  5. Drying (30 min – 1 hour): Varies based on dog size and coat.
  6. Haircut and Styling (30 min – 1 hour): Trimming and shaping the fur.
  7. Nails and Paws (10-15 min): Trimming and cleaning.

Tips for Nervous Dogs

  • Start Young: Early grooming experiences build positive associations.
  • Rewards: Treats and praise make it fun for your dog.
  • Go Slow: Break sessions into smaller steps to avoid overwhelming them.
  • Professional Help: If your dog is very anxious, a groomer can help.

Key Takeaways

  • Grooming is About Health and Happiness: It keeps your dog comfortable and strong.
  • Time Investment Varies: Be patient, and adjust your expectations based on your dog’s needs.
  • Make it Positive: With patience and love, grooming can become a bonding experience.

Why Should You Groom Your Dog?

Sometimes your dog might not look scruffy or dirty, but it is important to ensure you regularly groom your dogs.

Although grooming majorly boosts the aesthetic look and appearance of your pets, it has many other benefits. A good dog grooming session with all the necessary steps and procedures has to offer many health benefits to your dog.

Dog grooming involves a thorough brushing of your dog’s coat and fur. Regularly grooming your dog involves brushing your pet’s coat to provide air circulation. Brushing also helps distribute the balance of natural oils present on your dog’s coat.

Brushing prevents the buildup of dirt, dust, and bacteria. It also helps promote the new growth of your dog’s shiny and healthy hair. Brushing removes debris and dead skin cells on your pup’s coat.

Trimming and clipping your dog’s nails help them give a groomed look. It will also help take off grease and any fungal buildup.

Grooming can prevent infections and itchiness as well as prevent the blockage of pores. It also involves giving a nice massage which improves blood circulation.

Regular grooming involves the detangling of their hair and preventing matting. Grooming also helps remove lice, ticks, or parasites from your dog’s coat.

Since dogs cannot communicate effectively when they are hurt or exposed to an infection or sore patches in their skin, grooming allows us owners to look for such painful experiences closely.

Grooming your dog regularly will likely bring you as well as your pet closer. Therefore, your grooming sessions can be turned into bonding sessions.

This will also enable you to better understand your dog’s behavior and get more information on your dog’s breed. A good grooming session can help your dog become more comfortable with you.

What Should You Do if Your Dog is Nervous During Grooming?

We understand grooming can be difficult and tedious for dog owners if their pup cannot stay still and is restless to jump around.

Sometimes, dogs could get anxious, and grooming sessions could no longer be calming or soothing. Early start of pet grooming training from a young age may help incorporate such behavior.

You should always aim to make grooming sessions enjoyable for your dogs. One way to do this is to give your groom dogs behavior breed food.

Giving your dogs treats as rewards for behaving well during pet grooming time will help to handle them better. You should also ensure that your dog is well-rested and relaxed to make the pet grooming time hassle-free.

How Long Does it Take to Groom a Dog?

Below, we have listed the steps involved in grooming a dog and how long does it take to groom a dog. It won’t take much time though, but the time taken for grooming depends on the size and the type of your dog.

Depending on the Dog

Many factors influence the question of “how long does it take to groom a dog.” Depending on your dog’s breed, size, coat texture, health conditions, attitude, and previous grooming arrangements and conditions.

On average, a dog grooming session can last from a minimum of  20 minutes to as long as 4 hours. Since it depends on the type of services, you choose to avail yourself of at a professional grooming service organization or do it on your own.

A simple pet grooming session of a bath and trimming of hair and nails may take up to 20-30 minutes, while a session that involves all grooming services may take 3-4 hours.

Some pets like to splash and slosh around water while given a bath and can stay very still and calm while getting their hair cut or nails trimmed.

This will allow the groomer to take less time and do their job quicker. While other dogs can get very anxious and create chaos, the time for a grooming session can extend and delay.

Type of Dog

The time taken by the groomer to groom your dog also depends on various other attributes. Depending on your dog’s breed, the pet grooming session can be either long or short. Dogs with long coats generally take up more time to groom in comparison to pets with shorter coats.

The texture of coats also varies from dog to dog. Dogs with bushy, curly, and fur prone to mats and tangles will take longer to get brushed and clipped. Similarly, long pets take more time to goom in comparison with short fur lengthed pets.

For example, grooming a Cockerpsaniel can take 1 to 2 hours since they are a sporting breed and require deep cleaning every week.

At the same time, it may take 3 to 4 hours to fully groom a Goldendoodle since they have curly fur, which is hard to detangle.

Grooming Sessions

The time taken to groom a dog also depends on when the last pet grooming session was done. If your dog is regularly groomed with all proper procedures, the time taken to groom your dog reduces significantly.

The time a groomer takes to groom your dog also depends on how well it was previously groomed and what needs to be added.

If your dog is being groomed professionally by groomers and grooming services for the first time, it might take more than expected. As it is a new experience for your dog, it might take some time to get comfortable with the groomer.

Grooming Procedure and Time Taken

As dog owners, we completely understand how necessary it is to maintain your dog’s physical appearance and keep up with your dog’s grooming requirements. That’s why there are so many grooming methods, and each has its own sweet time.

Pet Assessment

Pet assessment involves analyzing and gathering information about any previous illness or skin problems in the dog to be groomed.

The groomer also checks for infection and sore patches to avoid chemicals and allergen products. This usually takes around 5 to 10 minutes and should be done to avoid mishaps during the grooming session.


Brushing involves detangling the fur, removing mats and ticks, and removing any dirt or debris stuck in your dog’s coat. It takes around 20-30 minutes to properly brush the fur.

Cleaning Eyes, Ears, and Teeth

It is important to clean the eyes and ears and brush the teeth to prevent bad breath and bacterial buildup. This procedure generally takes around 10-15 minutes.

Shampoo and Bathing

Shampoo and bathing involve wetting your dog’s coat and lathering shampoo on its fur. Dog grooming salons would generally deep clean the fur and wash all the lather off to prevent itchiness.

A complete grooming package can also include an additional step of applying the conditioner. This takes around 20-30 minutes.


The drying process involves wiping water off the fur and withing the ears and paws. This process usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your dog’s size and the coat’s thickness.

Brushing Fur and Clipping

After your dog’s fur has been thoroughly washed and completely dried off, they would require a stylist to trim excess hair to prevent shedding.

The hair is clipped, and your dog is given a nice haircut and makeover. The fur is then brushed finally to detangle and remove any mats. This process takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

Nail and Paw Care

Nails and paws are an important part of the grooming session. Your dog’s nails must be clipped or trimmed to avoid accidents.

The nails also have to be cleaned to remove any dirt or grease. Deep cleaning of the paws is also necessary since they tend to get dirty very often. This procedure takes around 10-15 minutes.

Although dog grooming seems like an extremely tiresome job, it is very important for pet owners to provide the best sanitary care to their dogs. You can always avail of grooming services from dog grooming shops.

With proper caution, vital prerequisite knowledge, and knowing the answer to how long does it take to groom a dog, you will be ready to groom your dogs to ensure they look clean, fresh, and well maintained always.

Not only will your dog look shiny and clean, but people too would know your love and care for them.

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