How Much Does it Cost to Board a Dog?

How Much Does it Cost to Board a Dog

Here’s a breakdown of dog boarding options, associated costs, and how to prepare your pet:

What is Dog Boarding?

Temporary care for your dog when you’re away. Boarding facilities offer a safe and supervised environment for your pet, ensuring their needs are met while you’re gone.

How Much Does Dog Boarding Cost?

  • Average (US): $30-$55 per night
  • Factors Affecting Cost:
    • Location (urban vs. rural)
    • Dog’s size
    • Type of boarding facility chosen

Types of Dog Boarding

  1. Kennel Boarding:

    • Most common and affordable option.
    • Basic needs provided: food, water, exercise, cleaning.
    • Cost: $20-$50 per night
    • Good for dogs that socialize well and don’t require special attention.
  2. Pet Hotels:

    • Luxury experience with upscale amenities.
    • Private rooms, TVs, pools, treadmills, and more.
    • Cost: $45-$100+ per night
    • Best for pampered pups or those used to high-end comforts.
  3. Veterinary Boarding:

    • Ideal for pets with medical needs.
    • Regular medical supervision and emergency care.
    • Cost: $20-$50+ per night
    • Less focus on individual attention, but ideal for health concerns.
  4. In-Home Boarding:

    • Your dog stays with a sitter in their home.
    • Personalized care, often includes access to furniture and beds.
    • Cost: $35-$40+ per night
    • Best for pups needing lots of attention or those uncomfortable in kennels.

Cost Table

Length of Stay Average Cost Luxury Cost
Per Day $18-$31 $84+
Per Night $25-$55 $55-$95
Per Week $100-$375+ $375-$665+
Per Month $450-$950+ $950-$2600+

Preparing Your Dog for Boarding

  • Vaccinations: Update shots at least a week before boarding.
  • Instructions: Leave a list of care needs, including medications and routines.
  • Pack Familiar Items: Food (properly labeled), toys, bedding, etc., for comfort.

Key Takeaways

  • Dog boarding is a safe and responsible option when you travel.
  • Costs vary, so research facilities in your area to find the best fit for your budget and dog’s personality.
  • Thorough preparation helps your dog adjust smoothly to boarding.

Remember, choose a reputable boarding facility that prioritizes your dog’s health and well-being while you’re away.

Factors Responsible for the Influence of Dog Boarding

The increase in dog boarding rates depends on various factors discussed below.

Type of Place Where the Owner is Living

Suppose the owner belongs from a rural area. In that case, we all know that rural areas don’t have access to these modern facilities till now,

so the few boarding options available will charge more as the dog owners there don’t have any other options to choose which bound them to pay the high payment of the boarding options there.

Size of the Dog

Sometimes the increase in the rate of the dog boarding options depends on the size of your dog, as the authority has to spend more time cleaning and caring for the dog.

The larger size of the dogs might consume much of the shampoos and cleansers used while cleaning, so that could also be a reason for the costly boarding options.

Choice of the Owners

The costly rate of the boarding options available in your city of living will depend on which type of boarding you choose for your dog.

If the owner wants to keep their dog in a high-profile dog boarding hotel, then special services will be provided to the pet, which will require some extra charges.

How Much Does it Cost to Board a Dog? – What are the Types of Dog Boarding?

While discussing the types of boarding available for the dog owners to choose for their dogs,

there are four types of boarding available: kennel boarding, pet hotels, veterinarian boarding, and In-home boarding. All the four types of boarding available were specialized in their way.

Specifications of the Four Types of Boarding

The dog owners will always want to go for the best for their dog while planning for an outing so that their pet will not feel lonely without their owner.

That’s why all dog owners must get aware of the specifications of all the four types of boarding to choose the best for their pet.

The specifications of the four types of boarding are discussed below.

Kennel Boarding

Kennel boarding is the most common type of boarding, it is known to almost everyone, and most dog owners prefer this type of boarding for their dogs.

It is preferable because the authority is used to fulfill all the dog’s basic needs that its owner regularly completes.

The authority used to provide services like regular food, freshwater, daily work, and an outside time and a maintained frequency in the cleaning process.

The services provided by this type of boarding were quite enough for the dog in the absence of its owner. If the owner wants to add extra quality time like playtime or different walks, the owner has to pay for it.

Pet Hotels

Suppose you have always provided your dog with highly payable cleaning treatments and fancy affairs like spa treatments, manicures, pedicures for dogs, and separate bowls for their water and eating.

In that case, your dog will probably not feel comfortable in the previously discussed type of boarding, that is, kennel boarding.

The facilities provided by the pet hotels are very fancy. They used to provide a separate room for each of the pets, which included luxurious services like a cooler, television, scented air, ceiling fans, and beds. It also has indoor pools, its playing ground, and even treadmills.

The luxurious facilities provided by the pet hotels were costly, so the pet hotels were a bit more expensive than the kennel boarding.

Veterinarian Boarding

Veterinary boarding options were mostly preferred for dogs suffering from some medical issues. If a dog is suffering from a disease, the owner should go with the veterinary boarding options.

The facilities provided by the veterinary boarding include regular medical checkups of the dogs, time to time food and water, and immediate surgery in the time of need.

The ambiance of the veterinary boarding ensures that the dog that is not stable physically will stay with utmost comfortability in the place.

The authority will not pay any particular attention to the pet as this was only meant to provide medical assistance.

In-home Boarding

In this type of boarding, the dog will live most peacefully as a private dog keeper will keep the dog in their home and give access to the dog on his furniture, bed, and even on the couches.

The services provided by in-home boarding include love and care and the pet’s everyday needs like food, water, daily walks, etc.

It is suggested to the owner to keep their dog in-home boarding if it is a puppy, as a bit dog requires love and care more than the fancy treatments.

Costs of Each of the Four Types of Boarding

For choosing the best type of boarding, getting known to the facts of specifications is not enough. It’s also essential for the owner to know about the cost of the four types of boarding available as it will help them go with the best both in price and quality.

The cost of each type of boarding was discussed below

Kennel Boarding

The kennel boarding doesn’t provide luxurious services to the dog; hence it was pretty affordable. The charges of kennel boarding range from $20 to $50 per night, whereas some extra costs of $20 will be taken from the owner if they want to book some quality time for the dog.

Pet Hotels

Pet hotels were the most expensive among all the other types of boarding available as they provide luxurious facilities for the dog. The cost of pet hotels ranges from $45 to $50 per night.

Veterinarian Boarding

The cost of veterinarian boarding will differ to a greater extent depending on place to place. Whereas if a minimum assumption is taken, it will range from $20 to $50 per night.

In-Home Boarding

As a dog will get a precisely home-like experience during in-home boarding, that’s why the range of the cost might be a little bit higher. The cost of in-home boarding usually ranges from $35 to $40 per night.

Table of Dog Boarding Rates

Here we have come up with the mostly taken rates of boarding a dog per day, night, and month. The table below will give you an approximate idea of the dog boarding rates per the needed time.

Length RequiredAverage CostLuxurious CostPer day$ 18 to $ 31$ 84Per night$ 25 to $ 55$ 55 to $ 95Per week$ 100 to $ 135$ 375 to $ 475Per 15 days$ 140 to $ 175$ 525 to $ 665Per month$ 458 to $ 720$ 950 to $ 2600

What is the Cost of Boarding a Dog in American Companies?

There are numerous famous companies based in America that specifically deal with the boarding of animals.

The boarding cost of such companies usually ranges from $30 to $55 per night, but it may also differ as per the type of services you want for your dog.

The authority often provides free services to the customers, like one night free or 5 hours free, if the customer is planning to purchase a multi-day boarding for their dog.

What Steps Should a Dog Follow to Prepare their Dog for Boarding?

Along with choosing the best boarding option for the dog, it is also necessary for the owner to follow the proper process in making their dogs ready for boarding so that they will get comfortable throughout the boarding.

The steps to be followed are

  1. Proper vaccinations should be given to the dog seven days before the date of boarding.
  2. Prepare a list of instructions for your dog keeper, which may be medications or anything.
  3. Pack all the food products of your dog in a box and label it with your dog’s name.
  4. It is also necessary to label all the dog’s things so that the dog keeper will make it easy to find your dog’s stuff.

With this, we have discussed everything about boarding a dog, its cost, the types of boarding facilities available, and the cost of each kind of boarding. The discussed things will help you know about the cost of boarding a dog in all aspects.

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