How to Comfort a Dog with Pancreatitis?

How to Comfort a Dog with Pancreatitis

Here’s a detailed description based on the information provided, along with key takeaways for caring for a dog with pancreatitis:

Understanding Pancreatitis in Dogs

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas, a vital organ responsible for digestion and blood sugar regulation. It can be acute (sudden onset) or chronic (long-term). Symptoms include:

  • Hunched back
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Dehydration
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite

How to Comfort a Dog with Pancreatitis

  1. Withhold Food: Fasting for 24 hours allows the pancreas to rest, reducing inflammation.
  2. Consult a Vet: Prompt veterinary care is crucial. They’ll prescribe medication to manage pain, vomiting, and restore electrolytes.
  3. Chiropractic Care: Can ease muscle tension and pain caused by pancreatitis.
  4. Prescribed Diet: A specially formulated diet from your vet promotes healing and reduces strain on the pancreas.
  5. Smaller Meals: Feeding several small meals throughout the day is gentler on digestion.

Diet for Pancreatitis Recovery

  • Low-Fat: Choose easily digestible foods to decrease pancreatic workload. Examples: cooked vegetables, yogurt, boiled chicken.
  • Limited Protein: Opt for high-quality but lower protein sources (dairy, soy, eggs)
  • Low-Carbohydrate: Vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes are good options.
  • Supplements: Consult your vet about appropriate supplements for your dog’s recovery.

Homemade Treat Recipes

Making your own treats gives you full control over the ingredients:

  • Veggie Mix Donut: Rice flour, low-sodium broth, cooked vegetables.
  • Roasted Lean Dish: Cooked stew meat, barley, zucchini, cottage cheese.
  • Turkey Rice: Ground turkey, rice, frozen vegetables.
  • Fried Ground Chicken: Ground chicken, broccoli, whole-wheat pasta, olive oil.

Key Takeaways

  • Pancreatitis is serious: Seek veterinary attention immediately if you suspect pancreatitis.
  • Diet is essential: A tailored diet is key to managing pancreatitis and preventing flare-ups.
  • Comfort matters: Medication, smaller meals, and even chiropractic care can ease your dog’s discomfort.
  • Homemade can help: Making your own treats ensures safe and healthy ingredients for your recovering pup.

Important Note: Always consult your veterinarian for individualized treatment plans and dietary recommendations for your dog with pancreatitis.

Why Does Pancreatitis Occur?

Pancreatitis occurs due to the activation of the digestive enzymes in the pancreas, which also leads to its inflammation.

The enzyme produced by the pancreas is named insulin and works to digest food absorbed and regulate blood sugar or glucose metabolism.

The hormone called insulin helps to convert the food into energy through the uptake of the sugar by cells. This uptake of sugar through cells decreases blood and glucose concentration in the body.

The inflammation of the most vital organ in the pet’s body can cause secondary damage to the liver, allowing the enzymes to flow over the abdominal cavity.

The disease is so fatal that it can even damage some other parts of your dog’s body, like the gallbladder, ducts, and intestines.

What are the Two Types of Pancreatitis in Dogs?

As per the studies done by the scientific authorities, there are two types of pancreatitis in the case of dogs. These are Acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis,

Acute Pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis is the sudden inflammation of the pancreas without showing any symptoms previously. This type of pancreatitis is very dangerous and can even damage the rest organs of the body.

Chronic Pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis is that stage of pancreatitis that has become serious after ignorance of acute pancreatitis for a longer period of time. It is strictly preferred to consult with the vet after reaching this stage of pancreatitis.

What are the Symptoms of Pancreatitis?

If you doubt your dog has pancreatitis, then go through these symptoms to ensure.

  1. If a dog has pancreatitis, then the back of the dog will get hunched.
  2. The dog might repeatedly vomit as inflammation of the pancreas interrupts the digestive system of your dog’s body.
  3. The dog might also develop a certain kind of pain or distension in its abdomen.
  4. Another major symptom of pancreatitis in dogs is diarrhea.
  5. Your dog might also get a fever while suffering from pancreatitis.
  6. Dehydration also occurs in your dog’s body during inflammation because of a greater fluid loss.
  7. While suffering from pancreatitis, a very playful dog can also become lazy due to weakness.
  8. The dog will also face some breathing issues if suffering from pancreatitis.
  9. Lack of appetite is also a major symptom of pancreatitis.

For How Long Does Severe Pancreatic Pain Last in the Case of Dogs?

If a dog has a normal kind of pancreatitis and is given proper medication after consulting with a veterinarian, then the dog will recover within a few days of treatment. But if a dog has acute pancreatitis, it will take a few more days for the dog to recover. Hence the pain will also last for a few more days.

How to Comfort a Dog with Pancreatitis?

For pleasuring your dog from the discomfort and certain pain of pancreatitis, you can go for the below-mentioned steps.

Avoiding Overfeeding

As the digestive system doesn’t work properly during pancreatitis, don’t feed your dog for 24 hours as the pancreas needs rest to work properly.

Using Proper Medication

After consulting with the veterinarian, proper medication is important to restore the electrolytes of your pet’s body and control the vomiting. This is because vomiting is a major problem in pancreatitis.

Hiring a Chiropractor

You can also hire a chiropractor for your dog to give some comfort, as, during pancreatitis, the muscles of the body get tightened, which causes severe pain to your dog.

Maintenance of the Prescribed Diet

It is very much important to maintain the diet prescribed by the dog’s veterinarian to maintain a balance in the digestive system to keep your dog’s stomach calm.

Feeding Twice a Day

The owner should prefer giving food to their pets twice a day in smaller portions rather than feeding the pup for half of a day at a simple time, as it will be easy for the inflamed pancreas of your pup to digest the food without causing any discomfort.

Which Diet Should You Follow for Comforting Your Dog with Pancreatitis?

Although it is preferred to consult with a veterinarian about your dog’s diet having pancreatitis, you can also go for the below-mentioned to comfort your dog.

  1. The main function of the pancreas is to break down the fats into simpler forms to make the foods easily digestible. But in this case, the organ is affected, so low-fat foods should be included in your pet’s diet to make it easily digestible. Cooked vegetables, yogurt, barley, egg whites, boiled chicken, and low-fat beef are preferable.
  1. Feeding human food to your dogs should be completely ignored during pancreatitis because it contains many proteins. As the pancreas is also effective in the breakdown of proteins, foods with high-level proteins should get removed from your pet’s diet. Dairy, soy, chicken, and eggs are preferred as they have low protein levels, but the quality of the protein is very high.
  1.  Foods with less amount of carbohydrates are also preferred to be included in the diet because it will also result in a decrease in the work of the pancreas. You can include vegetables like carrot, pumpkin, yams, sweet potatoes, squash, etc., in your pet’s diet as these all have low amounts of carbohydrates.
  1.  Using some supplements for the betterment of your dog’s health is also preferable. But it is important to consult with your dog’s veterinarian before giving supplements to your pet.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can provide relief to your dog up to a greater extent. Meanwhile, making treats for your dog by following the recipes with proper diets will work wonders for your dog suffering from pancreatitis, as you will have complete control over your dog’s diet, like what amount of protein, carbs, and fats should be included for the intake of your dog.

Best Homemade Treat Recipes to Comfort Your Dog with Pancreatitis

Homemade food was always preferable to the ready-made ones, but homemade food with a mild taste was preferred for pancreatitis dogs. Below are the recipes you should follow for a better and mild-tasting treat for your dog.

The Veggie Mix Donut

The best recipe for your dog with low sodium and low fats will include the following ingredients. Two and a half cups of rice flour, six tablespoons of low sodium and low-fat chicken broth, along with a mixture of one cup cooked vegetable mixture like peas, carrots, beans, sweet potatoes, etc.


Take a bowl and put all the ingredients in it. Now start adding water slowly and keep on stirring to make a dough. Roll the dough as per the required size, cut it into pieces, and then bake it in a preheated 350 degrees farad for around 20 to 25 minutes, and then let it cool.

The Roasted Lean Dish

The ingredients required for this second recipe are 1 cup of cooked stew meat or fat drained lean roast, three fourth of a cup of cooked barley, one-fourth of a cup of cooked zucchini, a half cup of nonfat cottage cheese, and a half teaspoon of Berte’s digestion blend.


The process of making this second recipe is so simple that all you have to do is just take all the above-mentioned ingredients as per the required amount in a bowl and stir it. Then, your dish is ready to get served to your dog.

Turkey Rice

The third recipe is also the simplest and the healthiest, with a handful of ingredients. The ingredients include a half cup of water, 3 oz ground turkey, half cup of rice, and some frozen vegetables.


Take a pot and mix turkey and rice with water in it and put in on the flame until it gets boiled; once it boils, take it out and let it simmer for 25 minutes, then put the frozen vegetables in it and then boil it again for almost ten minutes to make it ready for getting served.

Fried Ground Chicken

For making this most beneficial treatment for your dog, you will require some ingredients; the ingredients include a bowl of ground chicken, a bowl of chopped stalked broccoli, a cup of cooked whole-wheat pasta, and two teaspoons full of olive oil.


The process of making this dish is very simple; there is nothing much to do. You just have to take a pan, put some oil on it, and keep it on the flame. Now put all the cut veggies in that pan and stir until it gets cooked.

From this, we have understood how important it is to follow a perfect diet and proper medication to comfort a dog suffering from pancreatitis.

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