How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet?

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet

Playing with your doggy is all fun and relaxed until his hair gets stuck in your carpet, and you have to do some real struggle to get your dog’s hair out of the carpet.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet? –  is always a question for all dog owners. Many ways have been developed to ease dog hair out of carpets.

How to Effectively Remove Dog Hair from Carpet

Shedding is natural for dogs, but cleaning up the hair they leave behind can be a pain. Here’s a breakdown of the best DIY and professional solutions to get your carpets fur-free:

DIY Methods

  • Vacuum Regularly: A vacuum cleaner is your first line of defense, especially one with a pet hair attachment.
  • Rubber Gloves: Dampen a rubber glove and run it over the carpet to gather hair.
  • Lint Roller or Tape: Use these sticky tools to pick up stubborn embedded hair.
  • Pet Hair Remover Tools: Specialized brushes and brooms designed for the job work wonders.
  • Carpet Rake or Brush: Agitate the fibers to loosen trapped hair.
  • Baking Soda: Sprinkle, let sit, then vacuum to remove hair and odors.
  • Fabric Softener: Mix with water in a spray bottle, apply, wait, then vacuum.
  • Rubber Squeegee: Create static to attract hair, then vacuum up the pile.
  • Fur Remover Broom: Special tool that can be used on various surfaces.
  • Sponge Mop: Mop after vacuuming for a final clean.

Additional Tips

  • Groom Your Dog Regularly: Brushing your dog frequently reduces shedding.
  • Wash Dog Bedding: Pet hair often clings to bedding and then transfers to other surfaces. Wash bedding weekly.

When to Seek Professional Cleaning

  • Deeply Embedded Hair: If DIY methods aren’t enough, professionals have the tools and expertise.
  • Severe Allergies: Thorough carpet cleaning can significantly reduce allergens.

Key Takeaways

  • A combination of regular vacuuming, DIY tricks, and occasional professional cleaning is the best approach.
  • Prevention is key! Regular brushing of your dog helps minimize the amount of hair they shed.

Remember: With a little effort and the right techniques, you can enjoy both your furry friend and a clean, hair-free carpet!

Can Dog Hair Affect Human Beings?

It is not your dog’s fault that they shed a lot of hair. That’s in them. But sometimes, this same dog hair can cause fatal reactions in human beings.

They can either bring bacteria, parasitic infections, allergies, or asthma. The ones with dog allergies need to be extra careful.

Pet hair sensitivities include chronic cough and gasping, red and inflamed eyes, nasal congestion, sinus difficulties, and sneezing.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet?

When you see your dog’s hair all over your carpet and floor, the uneasiness you feel is irritating.

Though you can clean your floor with the help of a vacuum cleaner, when it comes to carpet, only vacuum cleaners don’t help.

There are many tried and tested methods to get your dog’s hair out of the carpet.

Baking Soda

Baking soda, an ingredient present in a household, works as a 2 in 1 solution (2 problems, one solution). Baking soda gets dog hair out of the carpet and cleans and deodorizes the carpet.

  • Sprinkle baking soda all over your carpet. And leave the carpet for 15-20 minutes after sprinkling baking soda.
  • Now, take your vacuum and get your dog’s hair out by thoroughly vacuuming the carpet. And just like that, your work is done.

Hair Brushes

Hair Brushes are a handy and comfortable tool to use. For brushing dog hair out of the carpet, use a brush with stiff metal bristles.

Start brushing your carpet with the brush from all sides. And then collect all the hair from one place.

Just make sure to pull out the hair strands regularly from the brush; otherwise, the dog’s hair will stick and clog the bristles of your brush.

Also, ensure not to use the brush on your furniture; otherwise, your furniture will get damaged by the sharpness of the bristles.

Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners

A regular vacuum cleaner can not clean your dog’s hair from the carpet. Moreover, using your standard vacuum cleaner to clean your dog’s hair will damage your vacuum brush.

So, you have to use a special pet hair vacuum cleaner which is specially made for this task. These vacuum cleaners have correction suction and filters, which are perfect for removing dogs’ hair.

Use this pet hair vacuum cleaner like you use the normal ones.

Carpet Rakes

Carpet Rakes is a broom-like tool that works by combining the carpet. This tool even removes the hidden hair/fur of dogs. Also, for your ease, the handle of the carpet rakes is adjustable. It has a long handle that you can remove if you need to go down on your knees while cleaning.

  • For removing a dog’s hair from the carpet, you have to move the tool over the carpet. The pet hair will be collected in the bristles.
  • After the hairs are collected, you can remove hair from the rake.

Fabric Softener

Removal of dog hair from the carpet with the help of fabric softener is one of the easiest ways of removing dog hair from a carpet.

For this method, all you need is a fabric softener (any one will work), a spray bottle, and water.

  • Make a solution of fabric softener and water. And then fill the solution in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the solution on the carpet. Make sure to spray the solution lightly over the carpet.
  • Wait for about 5 to 10 minutes. And then, the pet hairs will start loosening up from the carpet.
  • Then, use a vacuum cleaner or brush to clean the loosened-up hairs from the carpet. And just like that, your carpet is free from your dog’s hair.

Lint Rollers

Lint Rollers are one of the cheapest ways of removing pets’ hair from the carpet. Lint Rollers has a sheet that peels off in layers, exposing a new sticky sheet for use. When the too is not sticky, you have to unwrap the sheet and have to use a new one.

Cleaning dogs’ hair with the help of Lint Rollers is a time taking method. So make sure not to go for this method if your carpet is very long.

Rubber Squeegees

Do you know rubber is a kind of hair magnet? Therefore squeegeeing a carpet will help pull out stubborn pet hairs from it because of the rubber (which acts as a magnet). Try using a long-handle brush squeegee when cleaning the carpet for your comfort.

  • Stroke the carpet and bring out the dog’s hair in one place.
  • Then clean the hairs from that place with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Also, using Rubber Squeegees will not damage your carpet at all, as well as it will clean all the hairs (even minute ones) from the carpet.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves will give your carpet chemical-free clean-up to get rid of those stubborn dogs’ hair. For the cleaning purpose of your carpet, you can use either latex gloves or heavier gloves. The gloves will sweet the places it is hard to sweep or vacuum.

Static power is created by gloves that help fur on the carpet stick to the gloves.

  • Give sweeping strokes to the carpet and pile the dog’s hair in one place.
  • Then Clean or vacuum the pile of dog’s hair.

Wet Cleaning of Carpet with a Moist Hand

This is the most common technique used for cleaning the carpet from pets’ hair. You just have to rub the carpet using your wet hands.

The hair will be gathered in place in a ball-like thing. And then just clean the ball of hair. And your carpet is clean with such ease.

Fur Remover Brooms

Fur Remover Brooms are specially designed brooms to pick up pets’ hair. These brooms are long, so you don’t have to bend while cleaning.

Also, the brooms are designed in such a way that they can be used on different surfaces. You can quickly get this broom in any pet shop.

  • To clean the carpet using the broom-like, you use a regular broom for cleaning.

Sponge Mop

You can also clean your carpet by using a sponge mob. To use a sponge mop, first vacuum the area and gently move your mop across the rug. All the pet’s hair will get collected in one place, and then you can easily remove the hairs.

Balloon Method

Remember, in childhood, whenever we rub the balloon on our hair, we feel some kind of attraction.

However, it is not the best method to remove dog hairs from the carpet. But if you think only a little cleaning of your carpet is required, you can use this method. But remember, it is a very time-consuming method.

  • Rub a blow-up balloon along the surface of the carpet.
  • A kind of static force will be created between the balloon and the hairs present on the carpet. And so the balloons will attract the hairs and pull them from carpet fibers.

Professional Help

Some pet hairs are so stubborn that they don’t get out of the carpet by one of the techniques mentioned above. With time these stubborn hairs get accumulated, and the carpet became terrible.

You can turn up to professional cleaners to clean the carpet in this condition. Professional carpet cleaners have all the latest equipment and eco-friendly chemicals to clean up the carpet.

A professional cleaning may be a little expensive way to clean the carpet, but it is worth it. You can not change your carpet every time because your pet’s hair is not getting out of it.

So just stretch your budget a little and go for professional help cleaning your carpet. You will get back your carpets in excellent condition.

Pets and their love for carpets to play, sit and sleep on them is known to everyone (even to people who don’t own any pets).

So being a dog owner, you simply can’t avoid cleaning your carpet. So, the question continues, how to get dog hair out of the carpet.

The above easy and simple DIY tricks will ease your job of cleaning the carpet. Also, once in a while, go for professional help to clean your carpet.

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