How to Remove Tartar from Dog Teeth?

How to Remove Tartar from Dog Teeth

Here’s a breakdown on dealing with tartar on your dog’s teeth, including preventative measures and when to seek professional help. Key takeaways are also included.

What is Tartar?

  • Tartar is a hard, mineralized buildup from plaque mixing with saliva.
  • It causes bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Why Remove Tartar

  • Fresher Breath: Tartar causes the unpleasant smell.
  • Protect Teeth: Prevents severe dental problems.
  • Cost-Effective: Home care prevents costly professional cleanings.
  • Healthier Dog: Good dental hygiene contributes to overall well-being and a longer lifespan.

How to Remove Tartar

  • Enzymatic Toothpaste: Designed to break down plaque and tartar. Brush gently and regularly.
  • Dental Chews/Treats: Chewing action scrapes the teeth, but choose safe and size-appropriate options.
  • Teeth Wipes: Convenient for removing plaque and freshening breath.
  • Medicated Gel: Helps fight bacteria and break down tartar.
  • Dental Spray: Easy application; a good alternative to brushing.
  • Chew Bones: Raw bones can help, but size and hardness are crucial for safety.
  • Dental Additives: Added to water to fight bacteria and freshen breath.

When to Seek Professional Help

  • If tartar buildup is severe, home methods won’t be enough.
  • Your veterinarian can safely remove stubborn tartar under anesthesia.
  • Regular vet checkups are essential for catching dental problems early.

Key Takeaways

  • Prevention is best! Start dental care for your dog when they’re young.
  • Home remedies help maintain oral health but can’t fully replace professional care.
  • Be patient with your dog; introduce dental care routines gradually.
  • Choose safe and vet-recommended dental care products.
  • Your dog’s dental health is a key part of their overall well-being.

What Do You Mean By Tartar?

Usually, the majority of the dogs develop dental problems as they reach three years. But a regular dental cleaning setup will prevent the buildup. Now you have to understand whether the tartar buildup is severe or mild.

If the dog has a bad smell coming from the breath, or if he or she drops the food while putting that into his mouth. It also indicates the development of tartar.

How Does the Tartar Look?

Tartar looks brownish-grey, and the sediment is quite hard. Talking about the hardness, it is hard like the calcium-made rocks. Remember that the minerals present in the dog’s saliva mixes with the food and then lead to tartar buildup.

Now the tartar is honestly a problem because it will confine the bacteria on the surface of the dog’s teeth. Thus resulting in inflammation or infection of the gums.

Why Should You Remove Tartar from a Dog’s Teeth?

In this section, we will discuss why removing tartar from the dog’s teeth is important.

Due to Bad Smell

Tartar occurs due to the development of bacteria, which is the core reason your dog emits bad breath. If you remove the tartar, you can get closer to your dog because that irritating breath won’t keep you away.

Thus, removing the tartar will protect the teeth from periodontal disease.

To Save Bucks

As you know, the plaques initially take place on the teeth, and that hardens into tartar over time. Therefore by then, it will get almost impossible to remove that tartar.

Now to remove that, you need to take professional help from dental experts. Again they will have to inject anesthesia into your dog. Of course, the entire thing will cost a lot.

To Give a Healthy Life

If you want your dog to live a healthy life and wish to have a long life span, then make sure you take care of the dog’s teeth seriously. However, that will add more than five years to his or her span as a reward.

How to Remove Tartar from Dog Teeth?

In this segment, we will brief you on the ways that you can follow to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth.

Use Enzyme-Based Toothpaste

The first thing that you should do is use enzyme-based toothpaste. Your dog may throw tantrums when it comes to brushing but make sure that you start to do the process only when he or she relaxes.

Just put the toothbrush on your dog’s teeth. And start polishing slowly and gently so you can reach every corner of the teeth. The best part is that the toothpaste with enzymes will also freshen up the breath.

Offer Dental Chews or Treats

You have often seen dogs given treats like sticks, biscuits, and bones. They do love to chew those but in the meantime, make sure that you check the combinations on the label and ensure the treat fits well in their mouth.

Talking about the chews, just offer one treat a day and try to monitor your dog while he or she takes the chews now. As a treat gets broken, just put it away in the waste bin, so it doesn’t hamper the dog’s teeth or gums.

The moment your dog chews the treat, he or she seems to separate the tartar from the teeth. It is always good to offer chews that are organic because it’s good for health and, at the same time it keeps the weight of the dog in check.

Finally, always go for the treats your vet recommends so your dog can enjoy that without any health issues.

Use Teeth Wipes

Some specially formulated wipes for dog’s teeth also work the best. They are excellent in removing calcium deposits that, over time, convert into tartar. Note that these tartar clinging to the teeth of the dog, if not removed, can cause problems like gingivitis.

Now to use it, just sit down at your dog’s level and then start to wipe your teeth. Just follow the circular motion so that each of the teeth can be rubbed off easily. But remember that you will have to give some time to your dog so that he or she can adjust to this treatment.

If you search the market, you will come across teeth wipes that consist of baking soda. Just purchase that because it’s also good at erasing the stains from the teeth and refreshes the breath.

Rely on Medicated Gel

The next thing that you can do is just use medicated gel that is particularly curated to remove the tartar. Again take one to two dollops of the gel and just rub the same with the index finger on both the left and right side of the dog’s mouth.

Make sure that you use oral dental care daily, and if done properly, you can surely see the result within a month or less. Once the oral care is used, your dog’s saliva reacts with that, and then it breaks the tartar or the plaque.

The best thing is that it will combat the bacteria and heal the problem like bad breath.

Dental Sprays

One more thing that you can always try is the dental sprays. They are just amazing when it comes to removing the tartar. Once your dog calms down, simply pat his head and neck, then squeeze the spray on the teeth and gums of your dog.

Again the mixture of saliva and the spray will create a reaction that will keep the tartar away from the dog’s teeth.

Now talking about the procedure, simply spray it 30 minutes before serving food to your dog. Now you can do the same after feeding your dog as well. But the gap should be 30 minutes. Make sure you choose the dental spray made of organic ingredients to keep any kind of gum disease at bay.

Dog Chewing Bones

Dog chewing bones is again one of the best things you can rely on when removing the tartar. But you will have to select the bones of the appropriate size. Make sure that it is not too small, so it does not get easily swallowed.

On the other hand, it should not be big enough to create a choking problem. Just be sure that the whole bone fits well into his mouth.

Now speaking of which bones to get, be certain you pick the raw type bones. Otherwise, the bones from the market can get splintered, which may damage the teeth of the dog.

In the meantime, you should also check how hard the bone is and for that, just hit your knee with the bone. If it strikes hard, then, of course, that’s too hard. If not, that is the right one for your teeth because it won’t fracture your dog’s teeth.

Dental Care Additives

The next you can add to your list is the dental care additives. These additives are designed to add freshness to the water and help fight the bacteria responsible for causing the tartar.

Now one thing you need to be clear of is that take recommendations from your vet, whether he suggests dental or water additives.

Most vets suggest having dental care additives because they are odorless, and it’s like a mouthwash that helps keep the teeth and gums cleaned.

These additives are capable of killing the bacteria, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria getting deposited on the teeth or gums. Apart from everything, remember to sterilize the dog’s water container after adding the additives.

Those mentioned above are some smart tricks you can apply to keep the tartar away. Remember that these are home remedies. But if the tartar buildup is too dense and hard, then, of course, you should seek professional cleaning.

Besides that, make it a routine that you should make your dog visit the vet every month for a thorough dental check-up. Make sure you set up the dog’s teeth cleaning routine at the veterinary dispensary.

It will get easier for the dog owners as well. Thus, by now, you have the best solution for how to remove tartar from dog teeth. As dog owners, you need to be very careful about your pup’s dental conditions, right from they are young.

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