How to Stop Dog from Jumping on People?

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on People

The moment you unlock the door, you see that your beloved pooch comes running and jumps on you. He gets excited and tries to draw your attention.

They love to see guests at home. But somewhere, it is scary for guests when the dog starts to jump on them.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on People? – Honestly, this is an issue for most dog owners, especially when guests are about to come. That’s why people often ask, how to stop dog from jumping on people?

To answer how to stop dog from jumping on people, start training them properly from their puppy days. Be casual and patient when they jump. Don’t shout or talk to them but keep full attention. Command them calmly to stay and alarm them about their behavior.

However, it would help if you curated some dos and don’ts for your dogs. Additionally, they need to train them and solve the behavioral issues to the tee to make them realize that jumping won’t be good for them.

Hence moving forward in this content, we will particularly speak about this eternal issue of dog owners.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on People?

Your dog loves you the most and has its way of expressing love. Licking your feet or hands is common. But he loves to jump on you, and you don’t appreciate that. That is why you are following rules to stop him from jumping up.

Step 1

First, to train your dog, you need to point out the root cause, which will connect you to the puppy days. You will see that puppies have this tendency to jump on you or people to have direct eye contact.

But somehow, this particular thing gets missed amidst love and care. Therefore, from now onwards, make it a point and remember that ignore your puppy in the morning when you get up.

Step 2

Just be causal with your dog and use two or three words to praise them. Here you need to show your patience and wait till they get on or her four feet on the ground. Talking about ignorance, you should refrain from making eye contact.

Also, try not to talk with them and keep up your patience level until the dog calms down. On the whole, you should do all other work except paying attention to your dog.

Step 3

Now you need to look closely at whether they get too excited or not. If that happens, you need to put some signals to make them understand that you are not going to allow that.

And make sure that every time they do the same, you should also walk in ignorance mode. If you do this successfully, you can hopefully get a solution to the problem.

Step 4

Next coming to the meal session, it is again a period when you will see that your pooch will get too excited and start to jump in and around. Now, if the puppy starts to behave like that, just put the meal bowl aside, and as soon as the dog gets settled down, serve him the bowl.

Step 5

Once you start doing all these, your puppies will begin to jump again to get your full attention. Now you need to redo the same thing. Just get to the couch, sit quietly and wait till your dog behaves calmly.

Step 6

In the middle of all these, remember one thing dogs with too many sensitive minds may accept easily because this will gt normal with time. But dogs with too many exciting minds are more prone to jumping.

So the moment you see your dog coming towards you or going towards others by jumping and hopping, just set a rule that will alarm them that they are not allowed to do so.

If your pooch is smart enough to follow this, you will not have this problem, and the situation will be more under control.

Step 7

While teaching your dog, you need to be very appropriate and precise about your command. Like if the doorbell rings, he should quickly head off to the crate.

Also, mak hum understand that you are going to leash him with the arrival of any guests.

Step 8

Additionally, while taking the dog for a walk, command him to stand or sit. And say these firmly so that he should dare to jump.

What are the Steps of Behavioral Training for Dogs?

Here we will add pointers that will explicitly talk about the behavior training you need to add to stop dogs from jumping on people.

Teach Compatibility

The first thing that you should start with is to teach them to be compatible with the situation. Create a situation where they can’t jump and tell them to sit.

Give Leads

Again this is a problem when you see your dog jumping on other people. Now to deal with this scenario, you can start giving them leads. Remember that dogs are easy with leads, and it becomes easier for them to follow as well. So this will help you have more control over them.

Keep a Check on Strangers

Here is one thing that you need to do diligently ask people not to approach your dog too often. Request them not to do and walk away from the dog. Ask people not to show any interest in them, especially when the dog is excited, and approach the moment he calms down.

Reward Your Dog

Next, you can do when you see someone approaching your dog, you can reward your dog with some tasty treats so that they sit down. Here are how you can reward your dog.

Throw Treats on the Floor

Sometimes situations come up when you cannot make the dog sit down or can’t control the person’s movement on the other end. In that case, you can throw some treats on the floor and make your dog have that.

Now this will make your dog sit and focus on the food. Eventually, that will let you control them properly. But again, you cannot make them jump.

No Game or Treat

Tell other people strictly that they are not allowed to play with your dog at the same time, not allowed to serve him any treat.

If someone else treats your dog or gives him toys, that will excite him more. As a result, it will make him jump more and more.

What are the Training Rules to Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People?

You might want to hurry up and cease your dog from jumping around on people. But there are still some rules the dog owners need to follow to have an easy and smooth training process.

Seek Help from Family Members

As you start the training, take help from the other family members and ask them to assist you. In the meantime, make sure the person you ask for help with should be someone that your dog likes and is friendly. On top of that, don’t get acquainted with someone whom your dog does not like at all.

Command Your Dog to Sit Down

Then the moment the other person approaches them, the dog should follow the sitting posture. If not, then the person should turn away from that person.

Once again, ask the dog to sit down and then call upon the greeter once again. Now you should go on repeating this again and again unless the dog follows the sitting command.

Finally, if the dog understands and keeps on seated, the greeter can treat the pooch as a reward.

Note that whenever a person tells you that they are easy, even when the dog jumps on them, You should not get easy with the verse because you have to be rigorous and consistent with your training.

So it would be best if you were careful while giving treats to the dogs. Ask the other person to follow your instruction so that he does not get much excited.

No matter the dog’s size, you have to be serious about this. You should not skip the training part at all and always be sound and transparent with your command.

Make the greeter understand that the person should not treat the pup if he jumps and does not follow the sitting command.

Now, if you follow the above rules, you can undoubtedly get the answer to how to stop dogs from jumping on people.

How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping on You?

Here, we will highlight how to stop your dog from jumping on you. So once again, you need to adhere to some thumb rules that are compiled in the low-down numbers.

Greet Your Dog

Firstly, the moment you enter the room, you will see that your dog will show those jumping gestures. So initially, you need to greet them slowly so that they become quiet.

Step Out of the Door

Now suppose if this happens that your dog starts to jump on you the moment he sees you, ignore his stunts and right away walk out from there. Just turn towards the main door and step out instantly.

Well, if they do not listen to you, then repeat the same thing over and over again. Every time you take the approach of moving out, they will get worried. And that will help them learn that to get your attention, and they will have to sit.

So, with this, we come to the end of the ultimate guide on how to stop dog from jumping on people. Remember that it takes a lot of patience and time to train to understand that their jumping might scare away people. So, be gentle and never raise your hand to your pet dog.

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