How to Surrender a Dog?

How to Surrender a Dog

Surrendering your dog is a difficult decision, but sometimes it’s necessary. Here’s a breakdown of the process, reasons for surrendering, and what to expect, along with key takeaways.

Reasons for Surrendering

  • Behavioral Issues: Aggression, excessive barking, or separation anxiety that cannot be resolved.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Moving, new job, or lack of time to care for the dog.
  • Financial Difficulties: Inability to afford veterinary care or other pet-related expenses.
  • Owner’s Health Issues: Physical or mental health limitations that prevent proper care.

How to Surrender Your Dog

  1. Contact Reputable Organizations: Research local animal shelters, breed-specific rescues, or organizations specializing in rehoming dogs.
  2. Complete Intake Forms: Provide honest information about your dog’s health, behavior, and reasons for surrender.
  3. Schedule an Appointment: Most organizations require an appointment to discuss your situation and evaluate your dog.

What to Expect

  • Evaluation: The organization will assess your dog’s health and temperament.
  • Intake Fees: Some organizations charge a surrender fee to help cover care costs.
  • Waiting Periods: Depending on the organization, your dog might be placed on a waiting list before being put up for adoption.

Things to Bring

  • Veterinary Records: Vaccination history and any medical records.
  • Behavioral Information: A detailed description of your dog’s personality, habits, and any known issues.
  • ID and Surrender Forms: Your government-issued ID and any required paperwork from the shelter.

Alternative Solutions

Before surrendering, consider:

  • Behavioral Training: Seek help from a professional dog trainer or behaviorist.
  • Rehoming Assistance: Ask the shelter or rescue if they offer rehoming support to help you find a new home for your dog directly.
  • Temporary Fostering: Explore options for finding a temporary foster home for your dog while you work on a long-term solution.

Key Takeaways

  • Surrendering a dog should be a last resort after exhausting other options.
  • Choose a responsible organization that prioritizes the well-being of animals.
  • Be honest and transparent about your dog’s history and needs.
  • Understand that there might be fees and waiting periods involved.
  • It’s a difficult decision, but remember you’re doing what you believe is best for both you and your dog.

How to Surrender a Dog?

In this section, we will only elaborate on the ways that you need to follow to surrender your dog. You can call the services pet helpline if you face difficulties.

Step 1

Initially, you are going to collect the contacts of the dog rescuers and check which organization is prudently taking care of the same. If possible, you can visit in person or simply dial the numbers of the pet helpline to check their availability.

Step 2

Next, once you are in contact with the dog rescuing organization, they will carry out a questionnaire where they will confirm certain answers.

First of all, they will ask you about the age, and health condition of the dog, next they will also need the answer that why do you want to surrender your dog. To be precise, you need to come up with the reasons behind that.

Now animal reducing facilities are always in favor of keeping the dogs with you at home so they may ask you to contact a specialist who can help you resolve the issue that concerns you. In that case, they help you get a solution to the problem that makes you surrender your dog to the animal rescuers.

In the meantime, the specialists might ask you to go to animal trainers or may ask you to take help of the dog day-care facilities.

Now if your concern is related to finance then you can always seek financial help as well because there are organizations who are aware of such monetary help.

Step 3

Once you have already made up your mind that you want to surrender the dog. No need to hesitate at all.

Just bring the dog to the rescuing shelter. Talk to them and discuss whether the facility has agreed upon or not. If yes then you can know more about the fees and hand over the pet to them.

Thus, the above three steps are the ultimate answer to how to surrender.

Reasons Behind Surrendering Your Dog

Here in this context, we will particularly shed light on some specific reasons that make you surrender your beloved dog. You can also contact a clinic if you feel like the reasons can be solvable.


Note that the first main problem is aggression, and it is a serious issue that needs detection and treatment, and you might need to surrender a pet. Your unexpectedly angry dog might be suffering from an injury or disease that is giving him a lot of pain and worry.

Inflammation, broken bones, internal traumas, tumors, and lacerations are all potential causes of agony. Other ailments can influence your dog’s brain, causing him to act aggressively.


Howling can be one of the reasons that make you surrender your pet. If your pet goes on howling for a long duration then of course that becomes a matter of concern.

Your dog may communicate with you in a variety of ways, including howling. It’s a reaction that dogs exhibit to high-pitched noises that include melancholy and even displeasure, and might bring complaints from the society you live in.


The third possible reason for surrendering your pet is the unnecessary barking. If the barking becomes too bothersome or severe, the animal services department of the city cops may be contacted. Keep in mind that this step can only be taken as a last option if a dog is shouting excessively

Separation Anxiety

If you are a working person then your dog might have to stay alone at home. In that situation, they might suffer from separation anxiety. Therefore you can surrender the dog to help your dog get rid of that.

Surrendering Your Dog for Adoption

If needed you can even contact the anti-cruelty organization or foster homes which are always ready to shelter your pooch.

They are open to all the pets that come for adoption. Therefore in a way, this is also the best way to answer how to surrender a dog. Such an organization is familiar with the reasons and they do support the cause as well.

Therefore you don’t have to worry about your pet because the anti-cruelty always does their best so that the pooch feels at home.

Also, they volunteer to take care of their behavior as well so that they don’t behave aggressively or get into a kind of depression or suffer through the anxiety stage.

In addition to that, they have personal trainers who introduce the dogs to their new routines slowly and carefully. They endeavor to make the environment peaceful and completely stress-free. On the whole, they try to incorporate a homely ambiance.

Rules to Follow While Surrendering Your Dog

Here we will help you move forward with the process of surrendering your dog. But before that, you need to follow certain rules. So stay tuned and get an idea on that.

First of all, you need to email the resuing center and get a documented approval in regards to renouncing your dog. Then simply forward the photos and all the additional details that describe your dog.

Once done you will receive an online application form you just need to fill in the details and pay a one-time fee.

With the completion of the above-said process, you will receive a confirmation mail and you need to submit the date on which you want to surrender the dog.

Now it’s up to you how you want to surrender you can either request the rescuing facility to send their official transport or you can take him or her personally yourself.

What do You Need to Carry to Surrender Your Dog?

Surrounding your pet’s not easy altogether because you need to go through many challenges. But the animal rescuing centers always deal with this kind of separation very compassionately. Once you decide to be with them they will help you to the tee.

But yes whenever the owner surrender, they must contact any well-known animal rescuing center and make it a point that you have all the documents. So here we will discuss the things that you need to carry while surrendering your dog.

Record of the Pet

Firstly you will have to submit the file that has the complete record in regards to your pet vaccination details. In addition to that, it should also need to have all the prescription records of your vet.

Information on the Dog’s Behavior

One more thing you need to submit along with the medical record of the pet is the information on how your pet behaves.

Also, need to submit all the data about the regular habits of your pet. On top of that, you should also state the food habit as well like is he only on the formulated dogs food or you have served him homemade foods.

Transportation Details

While carrying your dog to the rescue center make sure that your dog is leashed properly. If needed you can also carry the carrier.

What Happens to Surrendered Dogs?

Rescue animal centers have a clear motive that the dogs will get high-quality care and treatments.

No such care is possible only when you share the complete information regarding the pet. Don’t worry because the pet helpline surrender provides security to the pets and so far many of the dogs have got their placements here.

What a Surrender Appointment is all About?

The surrender’s appointment contains all the details like the health report of the dog, and his or her behavioral analysis as well.

The moment you book the appointment the employee of the concerned animal rescue team will collect all the necessary information from you.

Once done they will carry out a primary analysis and scrutiny. On the whole, the surrender will last for 45 minutes.

But in the meantime, you need to bear one thing in mind that make sure your dog is in sound health condition otherwise euthanasia is considered fit for such dogs.

What is the Importance of Making a Surrender Appointment?

Well, the surrender appointment is necessary because it helps you understand what is the present situation of the resources.

So you need to schedule the appointment before head so that they can give you a specific time slot.

The animal rescue centers won’t be able to track the number of dogs approaching them for surrender in a day.

And that will hamper their capacity to offer the topmost care and treatment to the dog.

What Happens if Someone Does Not Make the Surrender Appointment?

As said earlier that surrender appointment to any animal rescue center is vital. But yes in case you fail to make the appointment, in that case, the specific animal rescue center will refer you to some other rescue help-pet pet helpline.

What are the Things to Carry While Going for a Surrounding Appointment?

Well, here you need to carry certain personal documents like any identification card from the government before surrendering a pet.

Else you can also submit the license. Next, you need to submit detailed documents in regards to the dog.

Finally, you will have to submit the appointment surrender form for the pet.

Now if you forget to bring the appointment letter in that case just make sure that you reach the animal rescue center just 15 minutes before the scheduled time so that you can fill up the whole form.

Once done stay assured that your dog has found the best home to stay comfortably.

Sometimes, training also doesn’t help with such cases. Before surrendering your dog you will have to understand that to let go of them you need to follow every procedure very diligently.

You will have to talk to animal rescuers who are in the process for a long. Hence, this article on how to surrender a dog will be extremely useful during the process.

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