Use High Value Treats: Find Treats Your Dog Loves To Make Training More Enticing

High Value Treats

High Value Treats for dogs – Teaching your dog to sit, stay, or speak is only one aspect of training them. With the right training, your dog may blend in with you and learn appropriate behavior from you. A reward while training is for all of this exemplary behavior! So, in this article let’s learn about what are high-value treats and how to use them.

Here’s a detailed description of high-value treats and their use in dog training, along with key takeaways from the provided text:

What are High-Value Treats?

  • It’s Relative: High-value isn’t about cost; it’s about what YOUR dog finds irresistible. Think of it like your favorite dessert vs. a plain cracker.
  • Variety is Key: Even the best treat can lose its power if overused. Having a range of high-value options keeps your dog excited.
  • Homemade Can Be Great: Simple, healthy options like cooked chicken, cheese cubes, or hotdog bits often qualify as high-value for dogs.

When to Use High-Value Treats

  • New Skills: When teaching something complex, use the best rewards to boost motivation and focus.
  • Challenging Environments: High-value treats can keep your dog focused on you in distracting places like the dog park.
  • Behavior Modification: If your dog is fearful or reactive, extra-special treats can help them associate scary things with rewards.
  • Puppies: Their short attention spans benefit from high-value rewards that keep training sessions engaging.

When to Avoid Overusing High-Value Treats

  • Everyday Training: For basic commands and good manners, use a mix of regular treats and praise to prevent your dog becoming picky.
  • Weight Management: Limit rich treats to avoid overfeeding. Use them strategically, not for every single success.

Key Takeaways

  • Know Your Dog: Test different treats to find what your dog truly goes crazy for. This is where the real training power lies.
  • High-Value Doesn’t Have to Mean Expensive: Simple human foods or small pieces of quality dog treats can be highly motivating!
  • Timing is Key: High-value treats work best when they’re given as immediate reinforcement for the desired behavior.
  • Balance: It’s about finding the right mix of treats and other rewards (toys, praise, play) to keep your dog engaged and learning.

What Are High Value Treats for Dogs? 

Dog treats come in a range of palatability, much like desserts do for humans, even though your dog most likely consumes every piece you give him.

Graham crackers and double chocolate cake, for instance, are acceptable after-dinner snacks. However, let’s face it: every slice of chocolate cake has a better “mouthfeel” and flavor.

Think of inexpensive dog treats as the chocolate cake of treat selections. These are full-bodied, savory treats that your dog will love.

Whether you’re trying to help a fearful dog feel more confident in a challenging environment or praising your dog for maintaining concentration during basic training, these gourmet delights are a great way to boost the ante on treats.

The most effective reinforcers we can give dogs are treats, which are also typically the simplest. A dog that is motivated by play may gladly put in extra effort to chase a ball, but fetch isn’t always an option. But it’s simple to pay for a job well done by taking out a soft goodie from your pocket.

How to Determine Your Dog’s Favourite Treats

When your dog trainer discusses “high value” versus “low value” training goodies, what they mean is that the value your dog attaches to each food reward is what matters, not how much you paid for the treats at the shop. Determine which goodies are more valuable to your dog than others.

There always seem to be exceptions to the general rule, even while there are some fundamental assumptions we make about the kinds of goodies that dogs value more. My training client’s dog was allergic to odor freeze-dried liver and instead preferred bland, dry treats!

Best High-Value Dog Treats 

Fortunately, it’s simple to use a high-value dog treat; store-bought treats are combined with simple homemade possibilities. These are our top picks for affordable dog treats that will facilitate training.

High-Quality, Human-Grade Dog Treats:

Not all expensive treats have to be purchased from a pet supply store. There are a lot of dog-safe savory treats in your cabinet and refrigerator that are ideal for training!

Try These Alternatives:

  • Little fragments of a hot dog
  • Little bits of cheese
  • Cooked and shredded chicken
  • Chop the anchovies.
  • Chop up the sardines.

Use the aforementioned foods in moderation to prevent consuming too many calories and gaining too much weight.

When You Should Use High-Value Dog Treats for Training:

Treats with a high value are perfect for rewarding positive behavior so that your dog knows when they’ve performed admirably.

In addition, they are the ideal training aid, which your dog will undoubtedly strive to obtain. Unquestionably, when a dog sees something they truly want in the works, they labor harder and respond faster.

Teaching your dog a new command or working to overcome a phobia or long-term behavioral issues (like separation anxiety) are excellent examples of when to use a high-value treat. High-value goodies are frequently essential to the training program’s success on days like today.

Similar to this, we need to utilize high-value treats to hold our dog’s attention when we anticipate lots of distractions, such as while training recall outside. They might prefer the smell of a rabbit over their treat if they are not too picky about the incentive.

A high-quality treat that works well for both treating and training is beef jerky. Furthermore, you may easily carry it in your coat pocket when you leave the house.

working with a recently adopted puppy that struggles to concentrate. Puppies are inquisitive about their surroundings and have short attention spans. Premium dog treats enable them to remain focused on the training task at hand.

supporting a timid or anxious dog. It is simpler to teach a fearful dog how to handle frightening stimuli if you have a pocket full of extra special treats to give him as a reward.

training amid disturbances. If all you have to offer your dog in the park is the same dry biscuit he receives every day, he could be less interested in you, but you’ll see faster results with expensive treats.

work entailing counterconditioning and desensitization. When a lesson becomes difficult for your dog, rewarding him with something unique will help keep him motivated.

Treats that your dog adores are always a wonderful idea, but when it comes to utilizing them efficiently during training, it helps to know your dog’s unique hierarchy.

When You Should Not Use High-Value Dog Treats for Training:

  • It’s interesting to note that the best choice isn’t usually a high-value treat. They become less impactful and lose their “sparkle” if we utilize them excessively.
  • “Lower” value goodies, are a better choice for regular daily training. Treats like beef jerky should be saved for more challenging training sessions.


The kind of treats you use when training your dog (or just want to give them a special treat) depends on your dog’s personal preferences.

And remember, it’s not always about food! Many dogs find toys, attention, and other real-life rewards incredibly rewarding too. Knowing what your dog likes and what they’ll work for will make your training more effective.

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