Best Recipes Of Homemade Dog Food For Renal Disease


Understanding Renal Disease in Dogs

Kidney illness in older dogs is prevalent. Learn how toxins affect kidneys, causing failure to eliminate harmful substances.

Identifying Symptoms of Renal Disease

Symptoms include urination changes, appetite loss, weakness, blurred vision, and more. Timely vet consultation is crucial.

Stages of Renal Disease for Dogs

Four stages: Latent, Initial, Conservative, Terminal. Early detection through tests is vital for proper care.

Recipe No. 1 - Balanced Dog Food

120g raw beef, 2 cups boiled rice, 1 chicken egg, 3 slices bread, 1 tsp eggshell. Ideal for kidney support.

Recipe No. 2 - Nutrient-Rich Treat

Simple treat: White bread with meat sauce. Suitable for dogs needing supplemental nutrition.

Recipe No. 3 - Protein Control

Prepared with steamed or raw meat, potatoes or pumpkin, eggshell, and chicken fat. Great for reducing protein intake.

Recipe No. 4 - Rice and Meat Combo

Rice, turkey meat, and beef make a nutritious combination. A straightforward method for renal support.

Recipe No. 5 - Balanced Meal Alternative

Boiled potatoes, milk, egg, baby meat puree, bread, and butter. A suitable option for reduced protein intake.

Feeding Principles for Renal Health

Learn about low phosphorus content, moderate protein intake, suitable fats, fruits, vitamins, and the importance of water for dogs with kidney issues.