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Dog Ear Tattoo

Here’s a breakdown of dog ear tattoos, focusing on whether it’s a good idea for humans:

What are Dog Ear Tattoos?

  • Body art inspired by a dog’s ear shape, either realistic or stylized.
  • Personal Meaning: Often a tribute to a beloved pet, either living or passed. Symbolizes love, loyalty, maybe even a specific dog’s personality.
  • Not to be confused with: Actual ear tattoos done on dogs for identification purposes.

Is It a Good Idea? Depends…

  • Personal Choice: There’s no “right” or “wrong”. If it means something special to YOU, that’s all that matters.
  • Permanence: Like any tattoo, it’s there for life. Make sure you’re absolutely committed to the design and placement.
  • Artist Matters: A skilled tattoo artist is crucial for capturing the ear shape and any details you want to honor your dog.
  • Potential Misunderstanding: Some people might find it strange, especially if they don’t know the context. Be prepared for questions.

Things to Consider

  • Design:
    • Realistic portrait of your dog’s ears?
    • Abstract, playful ear shapes?
    • Include your dog’s name or other elements?
  • Placement: Highly visible (wrist, arm) or more discreet (ankle, behind the ear)?
  • Cost: Varies depending on size, detail, and your chosen artist. Be prepared for touch-up costs as well.

Key Takeaways

  • If a dog ear tattoo holds deep meaning for you, go for it! It’s a unique and personal way to express your love.
  • Do your research: Find a reputable artist, discuss your design thoroughly, and be comfortable with the cost.
  • It’s OK if others don’t “get it”. This tattoo is about the bond you share with your dog, not anyone else’s approval.

Dog Ear Tattoo: Is It Insane If I Get One For Myself?

Are you thinking about getting a dog ear tattoo done on your arm or any of your body parts? Well, you are not alone on this. I am with you, I badly wanted to get this done for a long time but was confused.

However, now after I research on the internet, it is clear to me that I am not alone. Many people have already got such tattoos to show their love for their dogs. If you are like me who is looking for the answer if a dog ears tattoo is a real thing to get done, then this article is for you.

What Does It Mean By A Dog Ears Tattoo?

A dog ears tattoo is typically a sort of body art. This art generally involves inking some art (in this case dog’s ear). It is to show the endless love one has for their dog. This trend of tattooing the dog’s ear became famous among celebrities and was seen as a great method to show creativity and individuality.

You can choose a dog ears tattoo design as per your choice. It can be a realistic representation of your dog’s ears or just an abstract interpretation. Also, you can choose the color of the dog ears tattoo as per your choice.

There is a wide range of color options available for a dog ears tattoo. You can choose between vibrant colors or solid black to create your desired design.

Although your dog might not get the message it shows your friendship, commitment, loyalty, and appreciation toward your beloved pet. Most of the time, dog ear tattoos are preferred by pet parents who have lost their precious dogs and now want to keep them in their memories.

Why People Get Dog Ears Tattoo?

Dog ear tattoos are among the most unique ways of paying tribute to a beloved dog who is no more with you. You can use simple outlines or you can take your dog’s photo to the tattoo artist to get your dog’s ears tattooed.

I lost my pet 6 months back due to an overdose of Cerenia, and after that, I wanted to do something to tribute to him. But I wasn’t sure if I could get a dog ears tattoo or not.

So, I started looking for dog ears tattoos online and got to know that many people are already doing it around the world. It gave me the confidence to get one for myself.

However, I was thinking about getting my dog’s face tattooed on my wrist to keep him in my memory forever. If you are like me, you can do the same to keep your dog’s memory alive even after he leaves you to take eternal rest.

How Much Will I Have To Spend For For My Dog Ears Tattoo?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question because the cost of your dog ears tattoo varies based on many factors like the complexity and size of the tattoo. However, the price starts at around $50. So, if you are thinking of getting just a simple dog ears tattoo then $50 will be enough.

However, if you are thinking of getting something special done like the entire face of your dog then you may have to spend around a few hundred dollars for your tattoo. On the other hand, if you choose a simple pre-made design from your tattoo artist then you won’t have to pay much.

However, it is always better to ask at least 3-4 local tattoo artists in your area to get a prominent idea of the cost. Every place has a different price range for different things. So, to get a precise idea of how much it is going to cost you for a dog ears tattoo, you should talk to your local tattoo artists.

Also, you should talk to your tattoo artist about how much you will have to spend on products for touch-ups and aftercare for your tattoo. It is important to know the touch-up and aftercare product costs because these will also add to your total cost.

What Does Your Dog Ear Tattoo Generally Represent?

Well, normally there is not any standard meaning or representation behind a dog ear tattoo. It depends on the individual who is getting the tattoo done. For example, I want to get a tattoo done with my dog’s face.

I am doing this to keep my beloved dog in my memory forever. Similarly, if an individual is getting a tattoo done, only he or she can tell you the true meaning of that tattoo. For different people, the tattoo means something else.

Some people want to tribute to their dogs, some just want to show their love and care for their dogs. Other than that, there is no hidden meaning behind a dog’s ear tattoo.

What Are The Best Places For A Dog Ear Tattoo?

Although a tattoo can be done any place you are comfortable with, there are some common places where people tend to get their dog ears tattooed. So, here in this article below, I am going to name those common places where people prefer to get their dog ears tattooed.


This is the most common place to get a dog ears tattoo. It can be your inner arm or outer one.


Not very common place for dog ear tattoos, but often people seem to carry a tattoo on their ankles.


You can get the dog ears tattoo on your chest to show how much your dog is close to your heart.


This is the most common and my favorite body part to get the dog ears tattoo done. I am going to get the tattoo on my wrist.


Hope my content gave you a satisfactory answer to your question. So, if you want to get a dog’s ears tattoo, just go for it. Many people are doing it. Although it is not very trendy yet, you can start making the trend. Be a trendsetter with such a lovely tribute to your beloved dog!

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