Freshpet killed my Dog | Is Freshpet Safe for Dogs?

Here’s a breakdown of the Freshpet safety concerns, focusing on what dog owners need to know:

Understanding the Controversy

  • Freshpet is a popular brand emphasizing fresh, minimally processed ingredients.
  • Some recent reports claim dogs became ill or even died after eating Freshpet.
  • This caused fear and doubt, but the situation is complex.

Is Freshpet Truly Dangerous?

  • Most Likely Not: The vast majority of dogs eat Freshpet with no problems. It’s a reputable brand with generally good reviews.
  • Isolated Incidents: Bad reactions can happen with ANY food – recalls occur even with top brands.
  • Possible Explanations:
    • Food Spoilage: Freshpet relies on refrigeration, so improper storage is a risk.
    • Individual Sensitivities: Even healthy food can trigger allergies in some dogs.
    • Unrelated Illness: It’s easy to blame the food, but other health problems could be the true culprit.

What Dog Owners Should Do

  1. Don’t Panic: Bad news spreads fast. Remember, most dogs eating Freshpet are fine.
  2. Talk to Your Vet: They know your dog’s history best. Get their advice before changing diets drastically.
  3. Be Observant: Watch your dog closely after introducing ANY new food. Signs of trouble include:
    • Vomiting/Diarrhea
    • Refusal to eat
    • Lethargy (unusual tiredness)
  4. Check the Food: Make sure it’s in date and hasn’t been stored improperly (left too warm, etc.)
  5. Report Issues: If your dog gets sick, tell Freshpet AND your vet. This helps track potential problems.

Key Takeaways

  • No pet food is 100% risk-free, even with the best brands.
  • Freshpet, like other ‘fresh’ foods, require extra care in handling due to lack of preservatives.
  • Working WITH your vet is the best way to make safe food choices for your dog.

What Is FreshPet?

FreshPet is one of the popular pet food brands. They claim that their food is made with fresh and natural ingredients. The company also does not add any preservatives to their product. FreshPet claims their food is high quality and healthy for dogs.

For many years FreshPet has been one of the favorite pet food brands, but recently the brand has been facing some criticism. Many dog owners claimed that their dog died after eating FreshPet.

Some experts also claimed that the FreshPet is not safe for dogs. However, the company denied the facts and claimed that the foods were safe for dogs. So, let’s know if is Freshpet safe for dogs.

Is Freshpet Safe for Dogs?

Yes, FreshPet is safe for dogs. For a long time, this brand has been one of the favorites of dog owners. This dog food provides nutrition to dogs.

But unfortunately, some dogs faced negative results after eating this food. Some dogs faced vomiting and diarrhea after eating this food while some dogs faced death. This unfortunate incident made some dog owners criticize the brand.

What To Consider Before Giving FreshPet To Dogs?

FreshPet is one of the most popular and best brands of dog food. Most of the dog owners love the food for their dogs.

The company uses natural and fresh ingredients to make dog foods which makes it one of the high quality and nutritious foods for dogs.

But recently some dogs fell sick after eating this food and dog owners claim that the food is not safe for dogs. After such an incident, many dog owners have doubts about this brand’s food. So, here are some factors to consider before giving this dog food to dogs. These factors are…

Consult To A Vet:

Consulting a vet is the important thing we should do if we are doubtful about this food. A vet knows which food is good for our dog and which food is not. A vet will give us their opinion after checking the dog. If they check that the dog has some allergic reaction to this food then they will suggest we not give the dog this food. Always consider the recommendation of a vet when it comes to the dog’s safety.

Look For Allergic Reaction:

If we see the dog is showing some allergic reaction after eating this food then we should not feed the dog this.

Look If  The Dog Is Getting Sick:

If this food is not a suitable food option for a dog then the immediate reaction the dog will show is vomiting or diarrhea. This is the common thing a dog shows when they can not digest food or the food is wrong. So, if we see a dog vomiting after eating this food stop giving them it.

Check The Ingredients:

Dogs have some allergic reactions to some food ingredients. So, we should always check the ingredients of the dog food before buying. If you see any harmful ingredients or any ingredients that the dog is allergic to then do not give it to the dog as it can cause health problems.

Get The Fresh Food:

Before buying dog food we should check the expiry date or the manufacturing date as these are frozen or packaged food. The manufacturing date plays an important role. So, we should always get the fresh product so that our dog does not get sick.

Start By Giving A Small Amount Of Food:

To keep our dog safe from getting sick, give the dog a small amount of dog food. This will help us to know if the food is right for the dog or not. Also, do not feed the dog too much so that we can prevent them from getting sick.

If we see the dog is feeling sick after all the preventive measures then immediately stop giving the food and take them to a vet.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of FreshPet For Dogs?

While this dog food is completely safe for dogs, some dogs may face side effects after eating the food. The possible side effects of FreshPet are…

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Abdominal pain
  • Seizures
  • Liver and kidney damage
  • Allergies


Freshpet is one of the leading brands in dog foods that provides one of the best pet foods on the market. The quality of the product is high and does not contain preservatives.

Though some sad incidents have happened, this is one of the loved and trusted brands by dog owners. If you do not feel comfortable giving your dog this food, you can consult a vet to get their opinion.


Q. Can FreshPet Kill My Dog?

A. No, FreshPet can not kill your dog. It is completely safe for dogs. This company provides fresh and high-quality food. Some dog owners have experienced misfortune by losing their dog but there are many dog owners that rely on fresh dog food.

Q. What To Do If FreshPet Make My Dog Sick?

A. If your dog gets sick after eating FreshPet then consult a vet. The vet can examine and diagnose what wrong happened with your dog and will prescribe medication.

Q. How To Know If FreshPet Is Good For My Dog?

A. Consult a vet if you have doubts about FreshPet. This is one of the high-quality dog food brands. A vet will give you the right opinion on whether you should give your dog this food or not. A vet also can examine if your dog is allergic to the food.

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