Shih Tzu Dog Price In America

Shih Tzu Dog Price In America

Factors That Affect the Price Of Shih Tzu in America:

A Siberian Shih Tzu’s purchasing price varies significantly based on several variables. This covers the puppy’s pedigree, the breeder’s repute, and the breeder’s location. See below the factors that affect the price of Shih Tzu in America.

Breeder Reputation:

Purchasing a Siberian Shih Tzu puppy from a respectable breeder should cost you, on average, between $600 and $1,500. The cost of the puppy may increase significantly, perhaps reaching $2,000 or more, if it has a unique pedigree or unusual coat colors.


The bloodline of a Siberian Shih Tzu always has a significant impact on the dog’s cost. Puppies from Champion Bloodline are significantly more expensive than puppies from other common breeds of Shih Tzu. In addition, mixed-breed huskies cost a lot less than purebred ones.


Another important factor that influences Siberian Shih Tzu prices is age. Younger puppies generally cost more than senior dogs. For instance, a 4-week-old puppy will probably cost you more than a 6-month-old Siberian Shih Tzu.


Health is another factor that affects the price of Shih Tzu in America. A healthier puppy costs more than any other puppy.


Coat Color is another factor that affects the price of Shih Tzu in America. The rarer the coat color costs more. A healthy coat also affects the price of the Shih Tzu.

Price Of Shih Tzu In Different States Of America:

Shih Tzu Dog Price In AmericaReputable Breedersadoption fees
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Alabama$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Alaska$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Arizona$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Arkansas$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In California$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Colorado$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Connecticut$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Delaware$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Florida$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Georgia$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Hawaii$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Idaho$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Illinois$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Indiana$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Iowa$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Kansas$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Kentucky$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Louisiana$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Maine$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Maryland$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Massachusetts$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Michigan$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Minnesota$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Mississippi$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Missouri$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Montana$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Nebraska$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Nevada$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In New Hampshire$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In New Jersey$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In New Mexico$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In New York$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In North Carolina$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In North Dakota$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Ohio$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Oklahoma$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Oregon$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Pennsylvania$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Rhode Island$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In South Carolina$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In South Dakota$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Tennessee$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Texas$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Utah$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Vermont$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Virginia$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Washington$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In West Virginia$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Wisconsin$950 and $2,400$100 - $500
Shih Tzu Dog Price In Wyoming$950 and $2,400$100 - $500

Shih Tzu Dog Price In America

Is The Shih Tzu Popular In America:

Yes, Shih Tzu is one of the most popular dog breeds in America. This is one of the reasons for their high demand and cost.

Shih Tzu Availability In America:

Shih Tzu is widely available in America. In the city region.

Price Of A Shih Tzu In America:

After closely researching their pricing, we have concluded that most Siberian Shih Tzu puppies under the age of six months cost between $400 and $1,200.

Furthermore, if you want to purchase a Siberian Shih Tzu puppy from a champion bloodline, you need to budget at least $1,500. 

Monthly Maintenance Cost:

The monthly maintenance cost of Shih Tzu is…


Because Siberian Huskies have a lot of energy, feeding them is an essential aspect of their care. Depending on your dog’s unique dietary needs and the quality of the food you select, a well-balanced, nourishing meal can run anywhere from $40 to $60 a month.


Siberian Huskies typically have two shedding seasons a year, during which time their thick double coats are heavily shed. The average cost of a professional grooming session ranges from $50 to $100, depending on the services rendered and where you live.

Medical Costs:

The cost of routine medical care can range from $100 to $300 per month and includes immunizations, flea, tick, and heartworm prevention medications, as well as routine vet checkups. 


Although huskies are highly clever dogs, training them to obey can be challenging. Since huskies are not as food-motivated as other breeds, it can be difficult to come up with useful training rewards.

Early socialization and training are essential for a well-mannered and well-behaved Shih Tzu, but many Shih Tzu parents find that their dog requires reinforcement to reach the necessary training level.


The first immunizations given to a puppy are essential to its health and welfare. This price often ranges from $75 to $100 for each set, shielding them from a variety of illnesses and infections.

Shih Tzu Dog Price In America

Why Get A Puppy From Shih Tzu Breeders in America:

In comparison to Siberian Shih Tzu puppies from backyard breeders, you need to budget more money if you decide to buy a puppy from a respectable breeder. Additionally, some dog breeders might belong to a well-known kennel club, such as the American Kennel Club (AKC), which might have a favorable effect on the dog’s pricing.

Why Choose Best For Pets To Purchase Shih Tzu Puppies In America:

Some pet breeders actively invest in the assessment and testing of various medical disorders because they are concerned about the health of their pets. 

Additionally, some breeders offer socialized and trained pets for sale. Investing more money in a Siberian Shih Tzu now could result in higher training costs down the road.

Benefits Of Purchasing A Shih Tzu In America:

This dog’s striking features, such as its multicolored or blue eyes and gorgeous, thick coat with a variety of odd colors, add to its enticing appeal. So, here let’s know the benefits of purchasing a Shih Tzu in America.

Playful Dog:

Huskies are also incredibly energetic, playful, and nimble animals. They make terrific running, hiking, camping, and riding partners because they love being in nature. Outstanding Lifespan:

If well-maintained and free of major health issues, the average lifespan of a Siberian Shih Tzu is 12 to 15 years.

Low Requirements:

The Shih Tzu breed is initially developed to function on a small amount of food. It is not out of the ordinary for this breed to periodically refuse to eat. Even though a Shih Tzu may need less food per pound than a dog of a different breed, they still require a well-balanced diet high in fat and protein.

Simple to Maintain:

A Siberian Shih Tzu requires very simple grooming. Huskies don’t smell, thus they don’t need much maintenance.

These dogs maintain their cleanliness and parasite-free coats through self-cleaning. It is advised, therefore, that you give your dog a bath at least twice a year.

Cute Look:

Of course, it is impossible to overlook this breed’s appearance. Many find this breed beautiful because of its brilliant coat, upright ears, and brush tail, which give it a wolflike look. 

Shih Tzu Dog Price In America

Common Shih Tzu Health Conditions

  • Eye Problems:
    • Dry Eye (Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca): $50 – $300 per month for ongoing medication
    • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): No cure, management of secondary problems can be costly
    • Entropion (inward folding of eyelids): $300 – $1,500 for surgical correction
    • Cataracts: $2,500 – $4,000 for surgical removal
  • Ear Infections: $100 – $300 per incident, possibly recurring
  • Dental Disease: $500 – $2,000+ for dental cleaning, extractions, depending on severity
  • Hip Dysplasia: $1,500 – $6,000 for surgery, depending on the procedure needed
  • Patellar Luxation (Slipping Kneecap): $1,500 – $3,000+ for surgical correction
  • Hypothyroidism: $20 – $50 per month for lifelong medication
  • Kidney Issues (Renal Dysplasia): $500 – $8,000+ for diagnostics and treatment, depending on severity

Cost Considerations

  • Insurance: Pet insurance can be a lifesaver, offsetting significant unexpected costs.
  • Early Detection: Regular vet visits help catch issues early, potentially lowering overall treatment costs.
  • Maintenance: Dental hygiene and proper nutrition help prevent problems down the line.
  • Breeder Responsibility: Choosing a reputable breeder who prioritizes health decreases your risk of owning a dog prone to expensive conditions.

Preventative Care Costs for Shih Tzu in america

Annual Vet Exams & Vaccinations:

  • Vet Exam: $50 – $100 per visit
  • Core Vaccinations (DHLPPC, Rabies): $75 – $100

Parasite Prevention:

  • Heartworm Preventative: $10 – $25 per month
  • Flea and Tick Preventative: $15 – $30 per month

Other Routine Care:

  • Dental Cleaning: $300 – $800 per year (under anesthesia)
  • Professional Grooming: $50 – $100 every 6-8 weeks, depending on location and coat maintenance.
  • Nail Trimming: $10 – $20 at the vet or groomer, potentially DIY if your dog tolerates it.

Total Estimated Annual Costs:

  • Minimum: $500 – $800 (basic vaccines, parasite prevention, occasional grooming)
  • Average: $800 – $1500 (including annual cleaning and more frequent grooming)
  • Higher: Potentially significantly higher if regular at-home dental care isn’t perfect and extractions become necessary.

Factors Affecting Cost:

  • Location: Costs vary across the US, with higher costs in urban areas.
  • Vet Clinic: Prices differ between clinics.
  • Grooming Needs: How often your Shih Tzu needs professional grooming will affect costs.
  • Health Issues: Catching issues early can reduce overall long-term costs.

Cost-Saving Tips:

  • Wellness Plans: Some vet clinics offer plans that bundle preventative care for a monthly fee.
  • At-Home Dental Care: Regular brushing can reduce the need for frequent professional cleanings.
  • Pet Insurance: Consider a policy to offset unexpected expenses or help cover preventative care.

Important Notes:

  • Prevention is always cheaper than treating established diseases.
  • Good breeders prioritize health, reducing your long-term risk of expensive health problems.

How Expensive Is It To Own a Shih Tzu:

Here’s a breakdown of costs associated with owning a Shih Tzu in America, beyond the initial purchase price:

One-Time Costs:

  • Adoption Fee (if applicable): $100 – $500
  • Initial Supplies: Crate, food/water bowls, bed, leash, collar, toys, etc. – $150-$300
  • Spay/Neuter: $200 – $500 (highly recommended)
  • Microchipping: $50 – $80

Recurring Costs:

  • Food: $20 – $50 per month (high-quality food)
  • Preventative Care: $500 – $1500+ per year (vet exams, vaccinations, parasite prevention, dental cleanings, grooming)
  • Grooming: $50 – $100 every 6-8 weeks for professional grooming. Potentially less if you can do some at home.
  • Supplies: Treats, toys, shampoo, nail trimmers, etc. – $20-$50 per month.
  • Pet Insurance: Varies greatly, but generally $30-$80+ per month
  • Training Classes: $100-$300+ for puppy or specialized training

Unexpected Costs:

  • Illnesses: Even healthy Shih Tzus can incur sudden expenses, especially for breed-prone issues like eye or joint problems.
  • Accidents: Injuries can require diagnostics and treatment, sometimes surgery.

Estimated Total Costs

  • Year One: $1,500 – $3,500+ (higher due to initial costs)
  • Subsequent Years: $1,000 – $3000+, depending on your dog’s health, grooming needs, and your location.

Cost-Saving Tips:

  • Adopt: Adoption is significantly cheaper than buying from a breeder.
  • Wellness Plans: Some vets offer bundled care for a monthly fee, potentially saving on regular checkups.
  • At-Home Grooming: Learn basic coat care and nail trims to reduce professional grooming frequency.
  • Pet Insurance: This can be huge, offsetting the costs of unexpected health problems
  • Responsible Breeder: A good breeder focuses on health, reducing long-term vet expenses.

Important Considerations:

  • Shih Tzus are prone to certain health conditions: This can increase lifetime costs.
  • Grooming is essential: Neglecting grooming leads to matting and potential health issues.
  • Training: While not strictly medical, training early is crucial for a well-behaved and happy Shih Tzu.

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