Snickerdoodle Dog Breed Traits and Care Tips

Snickerdoodle Dog Breed

Here’s a breakdown of the Snickerdoodle dog breed, focusing on what potential owners need to know:

What is a Snickerdoodle?

  • Not a purebred, but a “designer dog” – a planned mix of Poodle and Schnauzer.
  • Aim: Combine Poodle intelligence and low-shedding coat with Schnauzer loyalty and charm.
  • Fairly recent breed, so still gaining popularity


  • Medium-sized: 11-16 inches tall, 15-20 pounds (sizes can vary)
  • Wavy, soft coat – comes in various colors (black, brown, white, etc.)
  • Adorable, cuddly look, often compared to a teddy bear


  • Generally sweet, playful, and smart dogs.
  • Very people-oriented, can be protective of their family.
  • Need consistent training and socialization, as any dog does.
  • Moderate energy: Daily walks and playtime are important.

Health Considerations

  • Overall healthy breed, but like ANY dog, they can be prone to certain issues:
    • Hip Dysplasia (inherited from Schnauzers)
    • Cataracts
  • Regular vet checkups are key for ANY dog, especially mixed breeds.

Grooming Needs

  • Their beautiful coat IS work: Needs brushing multiple times per week to avoid matting.
  • Regular trims (every 6-8 weeks) are a MUST.
  • Ear cleaning important due to floppy ears.
  • Many owners opt for professional grooming help.

Is a Snickerdoodle Right for Me?

  • Perfect if you want:
    • A fun-loving, medium-sized companion
    • A dog good with kids (with proper supervision, of course)
    • Less shedding than many breeds
  • Not ideal if:
    • You dislike grooming tasks
    • You want a very independent dog
    • You’re rarely home to provide company

Key Takeaways

  • Snickerdoodles are delightful, but not “low-maintenance” pets.
  • Do research on BOTH Poodles and Schnauzers to understand the mix.
  • Be prepared for grooming costs – factor that into your budget.
  • If you love the idea, find a reputable breeder who does health testing on parent dogs.

About Snickerdoodle Dog:

Recently Snickerdoodle Dog has gained very much popularity due to its unique appearance personality and fun-loving nature. This dog is loving, devoted, and gentle in nature.

This dog has a unique appearance and cuddly behavior. Snickerdoodles are medium in size and have a long lush coat. This dog inherits with Schnauzer’s coat and the Poodle’s curly locks that make their coat shimmer in the sunlight. Below know more about this breed.

Size And Weight:

The Snickerdoodle dogs are very cute in appearance. The size and weight of the dog are dependent on their parents. The average height of the dog is between 11-16 inches. The weight of the dog is between 15-20 pounds.

Coat And Color:

The coat of the Snickerdoodle dog is very shimmery as they inherit it from their parents Poodle and Schnauzer. They have a wavy and long hair. The coat is also very much soft. Their coat is also hypoallergenic which is very much suitable for people with allergies.

The Snickerdoodles are found in various shades. These are White, Black, Grey, Brown, and Silver. The Snickerdoodle has a hypoallergenic coat and sheds less than other dogs and they require less grooming. The tail of the dog is pointed at the end like a raccoon’s tail.

Personality And Temperament:

Snickerdoodle dogs are loyal and intelligent dogs. This dog inherits the best traits from their parent dogs Poodles and Schnauzers. These dogs are also quick learners and they excel in their training easily. This dog is devoted to their owner and the family. They develop a strong sense of protectiveness over the family. They are also very loving and caring.

Schnoodles are also very active and energetic dog breeds. To keep them in proper shape and healthy they need exercise. They need regular playtime that meets their exercise needs. To keep them healthy a regular walk is also needed.

Schnoodles are very social dogs and need to socialize from an early age. We should also engage them in fun activities to create and strengthen the bond with the people. These dogs are good with kids as well as adults. So, keep them healthy mentally and physically by engaging them in training, dog sports, fun games, and Interactive games. These games also keep them happy and entertained.

Life Expectancy:

The life expectancy of a Snickerdoodle dog is between 12-15 years. To maintain a healthy life Snickerdoodle dog needs a balanced diet, proper nutrition, exercise, and regular check-ups.

Provide Snickerdoodle dogs with a high-quality diet and regular exercise. Mental stimulation is also important for keeping the dog’s mental health good. Regular exercise is very helpful for keeping the dog’s mental health. A regular check-up with a vet is also important to keep the dog healthy.

Health And Wellness:

Snickerdoodle dogs are happy, cheerful, and healthy dogs. But like other dogs, Snickerdoodle dogs can also face some health issues. These health issues are…

Hip Dysplasia:

Hip Dysplasia is a medical issue that large dog breeds face. Snickerdoodle dogs inherit Hip Dysplasia from their parent Schnauzer. In this condition, Snickerdoodles does not develop their hip joint properly. This medical issue leads the dog to arthritis. In this condition, the dog needs regular checkups with the vet.


Cataracts are one of the medical conditions that Snickerdoodle dogs face. In this situation, the vision of the dog is affected.

A regular check-up with the vet is helpful for the dog’s health issues. So, keep the dog in regular vet check-ups and maintain proper hygiene to avoid any kind of skin disease.

Grooming And Maintenance:

The appearance of the Snickerdoodle Dog is very unique. The coat is the reason for its unique appearance, thus the dog requires regular grooming and care to keep their coat healthy and shiny. See how to groom Snickerdoodle.

  • To remove the dirt from the coat brush the coat at least once a week. This will not only remove dirt but also prevent the tangles as the fur is wavy.
  • The main advantage of the Snickerdoodle Dog is it is less. To keep this less shedding wash the dog with a good quality dog shampoo once in two weeks. If we notice the dog is shedding more than it usually sheds take them to a professional dog groomer or to a vet.
  • To keep the coat healthy Snickerdoodle’s coat needs to be trimmed every 6-8 weeks. This will keep the dog’s appearance neat and clean.
  • Snickerdoodle Dog’s has a floppy ear. Like most dogs, Snickerdoodle dogs also tend to get ear infections. That is why cleaning Snickerdoodle Dog’s ear is very very important to reduce the chances of getting an ear infection.
  • Regular nail trimming is also required for Snickerdoodle Dog. This will help to maintain the dog’s good hygiene and will also help the dog to avoid discomfort.


As Snickerdoodle Dog is a rare and unique breed the grooming of the dog is very much important. To groom this dog contact a professional groomer to keep the look of your beloved pet’s appearance best.


Q. What does hypoallergenic mean?

A. Hypoallergenic is a type of coat that sheds less. Poodle or Dodle dogs are dogs that have Hypoallergenic coats. These dogs are ideal for people with allergies.

Q. Are Snickerdoodle dogs good with kids?

A. Yes, Snickerdoodles are very much friendly and loving with kids. Not only kids they also behave well with other family members.

Q. What is the origin of Snickerdoodle Dog?

A. The Snickerdoodle Dog is a hybrid dog. It is created by crossbreeding a Schnauzer and a Poodle. The Snickerdoodle Dog is the perfect combination that has the best traits of a Schnauzer and a Poodle.

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