Trazodone in Dogs: Benefits and Potential Risks

Trazodone in Dogs

Here’s a breakdown of Trazodone for dogs, focusing on what owners need to know, along with a revised dosage chart:

What is Trazodone for Dogs?

  • It’s a prescription medication, primarily an antidepressant, used to manage anxiety-related issues in dogs.
  • Helps with:
    • General anxiety and stress
    • Situational fears (fireworks, vet visits)
    • Aggression linked to anxiety
    • May be used with other behavior modification therapies

Important: Dosage is HIGHLY Individualized

  • The chart you provided is a STARTING POINT ONLY. Vets adjust dosage based on:
    • Dog’s size/weight
    • The severity of the condition being treated
    • How the dog reacts to the medication
  • It’s NOT a one-size-fits-all situation.

How It Works

  • Trazodone affects serotonin levels in the brain, promoting calmness and well-being.
  • Often takes a few weeks to see full effects.


  • Can significantly improve a dog’s quality of life when anxiety is interfering.
  • May help a dog be more receptive to training/behavior modification.


  • NEVER self-medicate your dog with Trazodone.
  • Trazodone can interact with other medications – full vet history is crucial.
  • May not be suitable for dogs with certain health conditions (heart, liver, etc.).

How to Give Trazodone

  • Comes in tablets, capsules, or liquid form.
  • Ideally given WITH food to reduce stomach upset.
  • Vet will provide clear instructions, and might adjust the dosage over time.

Potential Side Effects

  • Drowsiness is common, especially initially.
  • Increased thirst
  • Less common (but possible): vomiting, diarrhea, changes in breathing/heart rate

Key Takeaways

  • Trazodone can be a lifesaver for anxious dogs, but safe use is KEY.
  • ONLY a vet can determine if Trazodone is appropriate for YOUR dog and calculate the right dosage.
  • Think of it as a tool, often best used alongside training to address the root cause of anxiety.

Revised Dosage Chart Disclaimer

Dosage charts online are for REFERENCE ONLY. They should NEVER replace a veterinarian’s guidance. It’s dangerous to dose your dog solely based on a generic chart.

Trazodone For Dogs Dosage Chart

Trazodone in Dogs – Not all dogs can handle anxiety very well. They often get scared of fireworks, loud noises, and thunder. They even get panic and get tensed in some situations.

To help them cope with these situations we use Trazodone as an antidepressant. Trazodone is also helpful in treating stress, anxiety, and aggression in dogs.  So, in this article let’s know here the trazodone for dogs dosage chart. See this below…

What is Trazodone?

Trazodone is a medicine used for dogs for their behavior modulation. This is basically an antidepressant that helps dogs to deal with anxiety and stress.

Trazodone inhibits serotonin reuptake in the brain helps to promote well-being sense in dogs and helps to calm the dog. This medicine comes in the form of capsules, liquid, and tablets.

This medicine is also used in combination with other drugs to manage aggression in dogs. Trazodone helps to manage a range of mental conditions. These are…

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Insomnia related to depression
  • Compulsive behaviors
  • Noise phobias
  • Fearful vet visits
  • Aggression
  • Major depressive disorder

With this range of health issues, this drug is also helpful in improving the dog’s appetite, mood, and energy.

Trazodone Dosage For Dogs:

The trazodone dosage for dogs depends on the dog’s need, size, and weight. It is important to consult a vet before giving trazodone to dogs. However, I am giving a dosage chart depending on the dog’s size and weight. To know about this see the chart below…

Weight (in kg)         Trazodone Dose (in mg)

Under 2 kg               Ask Vet
5-10 kg                      20-25 mg
10-15 kg                    50-55 mg
16-20 kg                   75-80 mg
20-30 kg                  100-120 mg
35-40 kg                  150-175 mg
45kg and more       200-250 mg

Benefits Of Trazodone For Dogs:

Trazodone is helpful for dogs in many ways. See below the benefits of Trazodone for dogs.

Manage Anxiety:

Trazodone is one of the best medicines that helps to reduce anxiety in dogs. This medicine is also helpful in reducing aggression in dogs.

Manage Fear:

Fear is one of the emotions that causes various behavioral disorders in dogs. Sometimes dogs feel fear to go to the vet or start barking when left alone. In this case, Trazodone is a helpful medicine to give to dogs.

Sometimes dogs also get scared of loud noises, fireworks, and thunders, to ease the fear Trazodone is very helpful.

Reduce Abnormal and Compulsive Behaviors:

Due to depression and anxiety dogs sometimes start to behave abnormally. Trazodone helps to reduce this abnormal behavior.

Improve Sleep in Dogs:

Due to depression and anxiety dogs are unable to sleep, which makes them restless. Trazodone helps to improve sleep, reduce depression, and keep our dog happy and healthy.

Precautions of Trazodone:

As I described earlier Trazodone is a safe drug for dogs, but there are some precautions that we should know before giving our dog Trazodone. These precautions are…

  • We should not give our dogs Trazodone if they are hypersensitive or have an allergy. This drug can cause allergic reactions in some dogs.
  • Trazodone is also prohibited for dogs that have heart, kidney, or liver diseases.
  • If a dog is under medication then consult a vet if we can give a dog Trazodone or not. Because Trazodone reacts with other medicines that can be harmful to a dog.

How To Give Trazodone To Dogs?

We need to follow some rules to give Trazodone to the dogs. Giving Trazodone to the dog in the wrong manner can lead the dog to a fatal condition. So, below let’s know how to give Trazodone to the dog.

Trazodone is a veterinarian-prescribed drug. The Vet will explain clearly how to give Trazodone to the dog. If you have confusion then see which form of Trazodone the vet has advised for your dog.

If you are giving the Trazodone liquid, then measure the recommended amount and mix it with canned dog food, yogurt, or peanut butter and feed the dog.

If you are giving the tablet or capsule then mix the drug with food and feed the dog. Do not give the capsule or tablet directly as it can cause choking hazards in dogs.

After giving the medicine give the dog some water. Always monitor the dog after giving the Trazodone.

Side Effects Of Trazodone For Dogs:

There are some side effects of Trazodone for dogs. These are…


One of the common side effects of trazodone is drowsiness. 30 minutes after giving trazodone to a dog we can monitor that the dog is getting drowsy. Depending on size and weight the effect can vary to different dogs.

Decreased Activity:

Decreased activity is another side effect that we can monitor in our dog after giving trazodone. The dog will feel sleepy and inactive all day long after having trazodone.

Increased Thirst:

After giving trazodone to a dog we notice that the dog is drinking water than usual. This is one of the side effects of trazodone for dogs.

Vomiting and Diarrhea:

In a few cases, vomiting and diarrhea can occur in dogs after having trazodone.

Difficulty Breathing and Increased Heart Rate:

difficulty breathing and increased heart rate are other side effects of trazodone for dogs.


Trazodone is basically an antidepressant drug for dogs that are facing anger, depression, fear, or anxiety. Here I have provided all the information about trazodone and the trazodone for dogs dosage chart. Hope this is helpful to you. Though trazodone is safe for dogs always consult a vet before giving your dog trazodone.


Q. Are Trazodone Safe For Dogs?

A. Yes, trazodone is safe to use for dogs. trazodone helps to ease and calm down a dog if the dog is facing depression, anxiety, or fear. But remember always consult a  vet before giving a dog trazodone as they can provide us with the proper guidance.

Q. What Is The Maximum Trazodone Dose For Dogs?

A. The maximum dosage of trazodone for a dog is 5-15 mg per pound. We can give this dose a maximum of three times a day depending on the condition of the dog. We should not give dogs high doses of trazodone as it can be deadly for dogs.

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