Black Cane Corso :Facts, Origin & History (with Pictures)

Absolutely! Here’s a detailed description of the Black Cane Corso with key takeaways, perfect for potential owners considering this impressive breed:

The Black Cane Corso: A Powerful and Loyal Companion

  • Origins: The Black Cane Corso is a descendant of ancient Italian war dogs, prized for their strength, intelligence, and protective instincts. This breed almost faced extinction but was revived due to dedicated breeding efforts.
  • Appearance: Their most striking feature is their muscular build and large size, reaching up to 110 pounds. The black coat, often accompanied by white or brindle markings, adds to their imposing, regal appearance.
  • Temperament: Black Cane Corsos are intelligent, loyal, and highly protective of their family. While they may be reserved towards strangers, they form strong bonds with their owners. Energetic and playful, they require ample exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Rarity: Black Cane Corsos are relatively rare due to the recessive gene responsible for their black coat. This makes them a sought-after breed.

Important Considerations Before Adopting

  • Training is Essential: Consistent obedience training and early socialization are crucial to ensure a well-mannered and confident Black Cane Corso. Their intelligence and powerful build demand a dedicated owner.
  • Grooming: Although short-haired, Black Cane Corsos still require regular grooming to maintain skin and coat health.
  • Activity Needs: This breed needs substantial daily exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive tendencies. Toys and activities are important.
  • Health: Like many large breeds, Black Cane Corsos are susceptible to certain health issues, including hip and elbow dysplasia. Regular vet check-ups are vital for early detection and management of potential health problems.
  • Diet: A tailored diet rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats is essential to fuel their muscular bodies and maintain overall health.

Key Takeaways for Potential Owners

  • Commitment: Black Cane Corsos require significant commitment in terms of time, energy, and resources for training, exercise, proper healthcare, and socialization.
  • Family Dog: Their loyalty and protective nature make them wonderful family dogs, provided they receive the necessary guidance to integrate well with children and other pets.
  • Experienced Owners: Due to their size, strength, and guarding instincts, Black Cane Corsos are often better suited for experienced dog owners who can provide leadership and consistency.
  • Not for Everyone: While magnificent dogs, Black Cane Corsos are not the ideal breed for first-time owners or those who lack the time and resources to properly care for them.

Responsible Ownership is Key The Black Cane Corso is a stunning breed with potential to be a devoted and loving companion. Understanding their needs, providing thorough training and socialization, and being a responsible owner will lead to a fulfilling and enriching relationship with this amazing dog.

About Black Cane Corso

As per the research done on the breed of Black Cane Corso, information has been obtained regarding the dog breed profile of this breed that it starts to attain its full growth from the time of their puberty and gets an overall weight of almost 110 pounds throughout its lifetime. This can also been seen in a Grey Cane Corso.

This dog breed mostly remains active and energetic and has a very friendly and affectionate nature towards its owners.

This dog belongs to a very ancient Italian breed, and it has been proved that its ancestors were once used by the rulers of that time as military dogs.

The Black Cane Corsos have recorded their name as one of the strongest dogs from the earliest times. That is why people still now believe that this dog is among the best guard dogs.

The most important fact to know about the Black Cane Corsos is that it has become rare nowadays as the genetic traits used by the scientists from the other breeds of this dog.

This is to transfer the recessive traits for giving the progeny a black color that has now started to disappear from the body of the parent dogs due to the presence of glutamine in the body.

Black Cane Corso Appearance

Here comes the most interesting thing about this dog breed, cane Corso. The appearance of this Corso dog breed is the most significant reason people are attracted to it while planning to adopt a guard dog for home.

The most dominating feature of this Black Cane Corso is its large, muscular and heavy appearance. It presents itself so well with a bit of proper training that no other dog will be able to compete in this aspect of the look and body structure.

The cynologists who have done studies on this breed’s Cane Corso have commented that the females of this dog breed usually attain a size of 84 pounds in their lifetime, whereas in the case of the male of this breed, it attains almost 110 pounds in their lifetime.

Generally, this dog used to possess a wrinkled forehead, broad chest with some marks, and cute-looking folded ears.

The puppies of this breed look cuter than the adult ones, and while coming upon the coat of this breed, it can be of different colors like grey, black, fawn red, and many others with some spots on it and very less fur.

Black Cane Corso

Black Cane Corso Temperament

It has been obtained from the reports of research that the Black Cane Corso possesses a big difference in its personality from the other dogs of the breed.

They are also working dogs and stay active, healthy, and productive throughout the day. Still, they require a lot of nutritious food for the proper regulation of bodily activities and to keep their immune system healthy and active.

The breeders have stated that the dogs of this breed are usually adaptable to any kind of environment and can easily tackle any difficulties they face with their body in the new place if they get sufficient nutrients per day.

It has been remarked by the dog owners who have been an owner of a Black Cane Corso that they are very familiar with the people of their family but don’t possess any kind of affection towards the unknown persons and other animals. Still, proper leash training may also make the pet learn such things.

Due to this, the owner might not be able to adopt another pet along with a Black Cane Corso. Below are the facts to make a Black Cane Corso familiar with other animals.

  • Introduce the pet with the Cane Corso from childhood.
  • Feed them together and encourage them to share.
  • Give them a walking session together.
  • Take them for grooming sessions with each other.
  • Treat them equally while giving treats.

These steps will help you to make your Black Cane Corso familiar with the other pets of your home.

Black Cane Corso Guide

You might have gotten the information from the facts discussed above that this breed is a rare one, and to take care of this dog properly, the owner has to follow some proper steps and also have to maintain the necessary precautions for a Cane Corso puppy and an adult Cane, Corso.

Here are the proper steps the dog owners can follow while caring for a Black Cane Corso.

Adopt Proper Grooming Sessions for black cane corso

This is one of the most important steps the owner needs to take care of while having a Black Cane Corso. Although this dog possesses less fur, there’s a chance of getting its coat dry and itchy due to the trapping of bacteria outside.

This can only be prevented by proper grooming sessions and proper cleaning of the pet’s coat with a dog-friendly shampoo. Thus, regular grooming sessions are suggested for the canine.

Always Keep Toys by Their Side

It is well known that this dog remains active most of the time and keeps searching for tasks to balance the amount of energy released in its body. So in such conditions giving them access to toys or certain stuff will make them spend their energy on playing with them.

Thus the dog will lack chances of getting anxiety attacks and will also not roam outside. Thus it is suggested.

Regular Vet Visits as per veterinarian

This is another one of the most important steps to take care of while being the owner of a Black Cane Corso. Although this dog is very strong, they also have the chance of getting affected by infectious diseases.

A regular visit to the vet will ensure that the dog remains free from such infectious diseases, as the vet will do a proper health checkup of the canine and will prescribe medicines accordingly if it detects something serious.

Proper Feeding Schedules as per veterinarian

A proper feeding schedule is very necessary for maintaining the health of the immune system of the canine and properly regulating bodily activities like metabolic functions, muscle contractions, and respiratory activities.

A proper schedule of the meal and its amount will decide if the food consumed by the canine will be beneficial or not.

It is suggested to the owners that they should go for feeding the canine three times a day to avoid any kind of nutritional deficiency in the canine.

Black Cane Corso

Black Cane Corso Diet Requirement

Now, suppose you’re going to adopt a Black Cane Corso. In that case, you will need suggestions regarding how much proteinaceous materials for the canine will fulfill its nutritional deficiency and what products will be the best to go with.

Here we have come up with a table that will give you an ultimate guide regarding the percentage of nutritious materials for the any Corso per day, like Grey Cane Corso or a Brindle Cane Corso  and the food products to go with it.

Name of the Proteinaceous Materials Percentage Required per Day Food Products to Choose    

Protein 1 gram of protein per pound of body weightGreen Peas, barley, quinoa, chick peas Vitamin A 5000 IU / Kg DMFish liver, egg yolks, potato, carrots, sweet potatoes

Minerals  0.5 % of the total diet per day  Wheat bran, vegetable, organ meats

Folic acid 0.750 mg/kgGreen leafy vegetables, beans, torula yeast  Sulfur 0.3 % of the total diet per day  Eggs, lentils, oats, turkey

Magnesium 150 mg per dayBeans, leafy greens, fish, pumpkin, and squash

 Manganese 1.25 mg /1000 kcalApple, cherry, potato. cucumber

Carbohydrates 0.25 g per dayBrown corn, potato millet, whole wheat, barley

Vitamin B6 0.1 mg for each pound of weightPork, beef, chicken, turkey, sardines

Chlorine 1 g per day  Prawns, canned tunas, salmon, scallops

Zinc 25 mg per 50 pounds of the canine  Spinach, broccoli. Beef, duck, chicken

Chromium 20 – 60 micro g/kg/d  Brewers yeast, apple, green beans, tomatoes

Iron 20 mg per day Spinach, fish, meat

Black Cane Corso Training Guide

No matter how smart the dog is and how better grasping new skills he has. If the dog owner does not teach the dog how to behave properly both in the house and outside, the dog will never behave well in front of others.

To make your dog well disciplined and to make him learn proper leash behaviors, the dog owner has to follow a proper guide. Below are the steps the dog owner can follow to properly train the dog.

Choose a Proper Leash as per the Size of the Collar

This is the most important step, as choosing the leash according to the size of the collar will keep the dog comfortable while having the walk.

The owner’s responsibility is to make the dog first learn how to behave with a leash on the collar, and the owner can also repeat the process until the dog learns how to behave properly.

Give Him Rewards

It is always suggested to the dog owner that they should treat the pet with tasty rewards whenever he listens to the commands or performs the task correctly. This will encourage the pet even more to learn the thing as he knows that a delicious treat has been waiting for him after the completion of this task.

Positive Reinforcement

Sometimes the dog owners used to scold their pet or punish him by putting him in a crate whenever he didn’t listen to the owner.

This behavior needs to be strictly avoided as the Black Cane Corsos are very affectionate to their owners, and such behavior may affect the bond between the owner and the canine.

Repeat it Until it Learns

We all know that a dog’s intelligence will not match a man’s capacity.

Thus it is suggested to the dog owners that they should always keep on repeating the process until the dog learns it perfectly.

It might take some time, but continuity will get you the best results.

Black Cane Corso

Black Cane Corso Health

As per the research on the immune system of dogs, it can be said that most of the time, the dog remains healthy and active throughout his life if he gets sufficient nutrients per day.

If the owner provides enough nutrients to the canine, the chances of the canine getting affected by certain infectious diseases decrease.

Whereas instead of this, the canine also possesses a chance of getting affected by some of the most common body-related issues of dogs like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, joint pain, idiopathic epilepsy, Demodex mange, and eyelid-related issues,

In such cases, the owner is suggested to go for a rapid vet visit instead of trying home remedies for treating the pet

As owners usually don’t have excess to such medicines which can properly cure such diseases, and using home remedies in such severe cases may even lead to the condition getting worse.

Black Cane Corso Needs

Now let’s come to the final point, which will make your concepts regarding Black Cane Corso crystal clear.

While coming to the living needs of the Black Cane Corso, the requirements are almost the same as that of a Brindle Cane Corso or a Blue Cane Corso.

The black cane Corso also needs a sufficient amount of food that can fulfill the nutritional deficiency of the canine, along with proper workout sessions for proper maintenance of the body and, most importantly, love and care from the owner.

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