Cane Corso Adoption And Rescue Options

Is it wise to adopt a dog of a reputedly hazardous breed, like the Cane Corso, or should you only buy from breeders? The Cane Corso is a huge dog breed that was created to be a war canine but has since been used as both a household pet and a security dog. Nevertheless, it has a reputation for being among the most violent dog breeds.

When it comes to getting new pets, many people choose adoption versus buying. This is not just the more cost-effective choice, but also the kindest. So, here let’s know about the best Cane Corso adoption and rescue options.

Absolutely! Here’s a breakdown of Cane Corso adoption and rescue options, along with key considerations for providing a safe and loving home for this breed:

Pros of Adopting a Cane Corso

  • Ethical Choice: Rescuing a dog in need is a compassionate act and helps reduce overpopulation in shelters.
  • Cost-Effective: Adoption fees are significantly lower than breeder costs, especially for adult dogs.
  • Second Chance: You provide a loving home and a fresh start to a dog that may have had a difficult past.
  • Finding the Right Fit: Many rescues have adult Corsos available, allowing you to select a dog whose personality and energy level already match your lifestyle.

Top 5 Cane Corso Rescues in the US

  1. Cane Corso Rescue Inc.: A nationwide non-profit specializing in Cane Corso rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming. Stringent adoption process to ensure a good match.
  2. Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso Rescue: Nevada-based rescue with a unique combination of ethical breeding and surrender rehoming. Emphasis on obedience training for adopters.
  3. Pet Adoptions Network: Online platform connecting potential adopters with Cane Corsos needing new homes. Secure and private process.
  4. PetCurious: User-friendly website for searching available Cane Corsos across the US, offering customizable search options.
  5. About Time Cane Corso Italiano: Devoted to saving Cane Corsos and other large breeds, particularly on the West Coast. Dedicated volunteers providing exceptional care.

Important Considerations Before Adopting

  • Breed Experience: Honestly assess if you have the knowledge and experience to handle a powerful, dominant breed like the Cane Corso.
  • Home & Environment Check: Many rescues have strict requirements about homeownership, yard space, and lifestyle suitability to ensure a safe environment for the dog.
  • Training is a MUST: Be committed to ongoing training and socialization, especially with an adult rescue who may have prior behavioral issues.
  • Patience and Understanding: Rescue dogs often need time and patience to adjust and overcome past challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Responsible Adoption Saves Lives: By adopting instead of buying, you not only give a dog a home but free up space for another rescue.
  • Not for Everyone: Cane Corsos are fantastic dogs, but their size, power, and guarding instincts demand experienced owners.
  • Do Your Research: Thoroughly research the breed and individual rescues to ensure a successful adoption experience.
  • Success is Possible! With dedication, training, and love, a rescued Cane Corso can become a cherished companion.

Adopting a Cane Corso is a rewarding way to give a deserving dog a second chance, provided you’re prepared for the responsibilities that come with this magnificent breed.

5 Top And Best Cane Corso Adoption And Rescues:

The greatest Cane Corso rescues for adoption must be located before adopting a Cane Corso. Even though there are many excellent shelters, if the staff and volunteers are unfamiliar with this breed, the dog may exhibit some behavioral problems.

So, if you want to adopt a Cane Corso, where should you look? We’ll include five of the top rescue groups that don’t simply work with Cane Corsos.

Cane Corso Rescue Inc.:

The Cane Corso Rescue Inc guarantees that whenever a Cane Corso puppy or dog is adopted, transported, re-homed, fostered, or taken into ownership, it will always be done with the welfare of the breed and all concerned in mind. The goal is to find each dog or puppy the ideal “forever home” while also working to inform the public about caring for this noble breed.

One of the major non-profit rescue groups in the US with a focus on Cane Corsos is the Cane Corso Rescue (CCR). It was started by a group of volunteers eager to help save Cane Corsos across the US by rescuing, fostering, adopting, transporting, and re-homing them.

Although it began in 2005 as a component of the Cane Corso Association of America (CCAA), it changed its name to Cane Corso Rescue Inc. in 2009 and went independent.

More than 1,000 Cane Corsos have been saved from the streets and placed in new homes thanks to the CCR’s assistance since it was founded. There are canines there that are both male and female and range in age from puppies to old citizens.

You must first visit their website,, and complete the application there. Following this, a procedure of assessment will establish if you are a good owner of this breed of dog.

Not only that but your house and loved ones will also be assessed. This implies that you must own your home rather than rent it. Additionally, the CCR team will examine all of your references just in case.

Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso Rescue:

Red Rock Canyon is exceptional since they are skilled Cane Corso breeders! The kennel is accredited by the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Breeder of Merit program, but Red Rock also assists in placing surrendered Cane Corsos in foster homes and loving permanent families in addition to selling puppies.

Since its founding in 2003, Red Rock Canyon has fought for the survival of Cane Corsos in Nevada. To take home a dog from Red Rock Canyon, you must fill out an adoption application.

After receiving your adoption application, the rescue will evaluate a number of characteristics to determine whether you are qualified to adopt a Cane Corso breed.

Additionally, the organization mandates that applicants take an obedience course to master the fundamentals of canine training.

The rescue insists on an obedience training session because Cane Corso is a large dog breed and not everyone can handle their large size and large personality.

Pet Adoptions Network:

The Pet Adoptions Network is an online service that links prospective dog owner with owners of Cane Corsos who need to find new homes.

They assist in screening both the owners and the animals on the website so that everyone has the necessary knowledge and skills to locate the dog’s ideal home.

Cane Corso rescue dogs adoption applicants can do a local or online search for available dogs, fill out an application, and pay the adoption fees for their new companion.

For the protection of everyone involved, including the dog, the entire process is secure and private.

A group of volunteers who have dedicated their lives to helping the neglected or abandoned Cane Corso make up this organization.

Additionally, they occasionally host charitable events during which they raise money for their cause. If you wish to foster a pet or adopt a pet from this love corsos rescue, you must submit an online application, just like with many other dogs rescues.

The rescue will perform a background investigation (including criminal records) prior to your adoption so they can be sure their pets are going to the correct homes.

All of their pets receive the necessary medical attention from them, including shots, microchipping, heartworm prevention medication, flea and tick treatment, and spaying and neutering.


Potential dog owners can look for Cane Corso dogs up for adoption and rehoming on the user-friendly website PetCurious.

By choosing a location, age, gender, size, and whether you want a purebred or mixed-breed Cane Corso dog, you can limit the results.

Hundreds of dogs, including purebred Cane Corsos and mixes, are looking for new, acceptable homes around the United States.

You can establish an email alert to be notified when new pets are introduced to the site if you don’t locate the ideal pet right away.

All of the dogs receive heartworm and flea prevention, are immunized, spayed or neutered, and have microchips.

Additionally, every Cane Corso continues to exist as a valuable part of the rescue’s forever family thanks to the rescue’s tenacity, education, stringent screening, and collective responsive actions.

Generally speaking, the application screening procedure takes four weeks. If the rescue successfully shortlists your application, they will get in touch with you to arrange a volunteer house visit.

The next step is a phone interview with a board member, and if all goes well, you can adopt a Cane Corso!

About Time Cane Corso Italiano:

About Time Cane Corso Italiano has worked to maintain the highest breeding standards for canines with great temperaments and the best possible health.

They are motivated to assist local dogs that are abandoned, rescued, or in need of rehoming since they adore this magnificent breed.

They work hard to place dogs in the greatest families and find them their permanent homes.

They do not blame or criticize anyone for giving up a dog or needing to find a new home for their pet; all they care about is what is best for the animal.

They work with huge breeds all over the United States, particularly from California to Washington, in addition to Cane Corsos.

About Time Cane Corso Italiano takes great care of all the rescued animals. The “staff” is made up of a committed group of knowledgeable volunteers that work tirelessly to save dogs from a variety of sad situations; the majority of their animals come from high-kill shelters where they were slated for euthanasia.

The application process for About Time Cane Corso Italiano is extremely drawn out. You must respond to a number of thorough questions before applying in order to determine your eligibility to adopt one of their gentle giants. On the website, information about the full adoption process is presented.


Getting a new pet requires a significant commitment, especially if it’s a Cane Corso. Without the right training and direction from an experienced owner, these dogs can be terrifying due to their intelligence and loyalty.

You can offer a dog a second chance at happiness and prevent the pet population from growing by choosing a dog from local rescue services or shelters.

You will certainly find your new best friend if you take the time to look through and research the numerous Cane Corso adoption listings at these rescues across the USA.

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