Ear Cropping for Cane Corso

Ear Cropping for Cane Corso

Understanding Ear Cropping in Cane Corsos

Ear cropping is a cosmetic surgical procedure where a portion of a dog’s ears is removed. While once common for certain breeds, including Cane Corsos, its practice is increasingly controversial due to ethical considerations and limited benefits.

History of Ear Cropping

  • Origins: Historically, ear cropping was done on working dogs thought to be at risk of ear injuries during combat or hunting.
  • Cosmetic Reasons: In modern times, the primary reason is often cosmetic, aiming for a specific appearance.
  • Cane Corso Tradition: The practice is tied to the Cane Corso’s history as a powerful guardian breed, but many breeders are choosing not to continue it.

Is Ear Cropping Worth It for Cane Corsos?

  • Appearance: It does alter the dog’s appearance but may not be a significant improvement as the breed naturally possesses upright ears.
  • Health Benefits: Historically thought to reduce ear infections, there’s no scientific evidence to support this claim.
  • Ethical Considerations: The procedure can be painful and carries risks of complications.

Arguments Against Ear Cropping

  • Unnecessary Surgery: There’s no clear medical benefit for Cane Corsos.
  • Painful Experience: The procedure and recovery period can be uncomfortable for the dog.
  • Changing Standards: Ethical concerns and shifting opinions mean fewer breeders and veterinarians support cropping.

Things to Consider

  • Cropping Age: Done on puppies between 8-12 weeks old.
  • Cropping Styles: Styles like “show crop,” “short crop,” “battle crop,” and “long crop” offer different looks.
  • Professional Procedure: Always opt for an experienced veterinarian to minimize risks.
  • Aftercare: Proper post-surgical care is crucial to prevent infection and promote healing.

Cost of Ear Cropping

The cost of ear cropping for a Cane Corso can range from $400 to $900, depending on the veterinarian and location.

Alternatives to Ear Cropping

Instead of resorting to a cosmetic procedure, consider:

  • Embracing Natural Appearance: Appreciate the uniqueness of your Cane Corso with its natural ears.
  • Focus on Health and Training: Invest your time and resources in providing quality care, training, and socialization.

Key Takeaways

  • Ear cropping is a personal decision, but one with ethical implications to weigh.
  • For Cane Corsos, there are no compelling health benefits to ear cropping.
  • Many owners and breeders are choosing to forgo the procedure, embracing the breed’s natural look.
  • If you consider cropping, prioritize your dog’s well-being, opting for a qualified veterinarian and following strict aftercare protocols.
  • Ultimately, a happy and healthy Cane Corso is far more important than a purely cosmetic change.

What is Ear Cropping?

Ear cropping is a surgical procedure that involves removing part of a dogs ears. It is typically done for cosmetic reasonsor to prevent ear infections. Ear cropping is a controversial practice, and its legality varies from country to country.

About Ear Cropping and the Reasons Behind It

Many of the dog owners who are new to this field might be unaware of ear cropping in dogs and why it is done.

So here we have come up with some information to clear the doubts of the freshers regarding this.

As per the research done by the cynologists on the ear cropping of dogs, a piece of information has been obtained that ear cropping is a process followed from the very early times by dog owners and Cane Corso breeders.

Usually, the lower portion of the dog’s ears gets cropped to give the canine’s ears an upright triangular appearance. People used to believe that cropping the ears of the canine gives the dog a perfect look.

In earlier times, the motives that the people used to possess for cropping the ears of the canine were true a bit because the dogs of that time were mostly war dogs, and cropping the ears of the dog made them clinch their ears towards the direction of the sound faster than the uncropped dogs.

Along with this, the cropping of the ears is also believed to prevent the dog from ear infections because the long and uncropped ears are believed to be more resistant to ear infections.

But people now are mostly using this process to make their dog look better in appearance.

Is it Worthy to Crop the Ears of a Cane Corso?

As we have discussed above, cropping in dogs is mainly done to give a better look to the canines who used to possess floppy ears.

The cane Corsos usually don’t have floppy ears, so based on making it different in appearance, it is not worth it to make the canine go through such a harmful process.

The Neapolitan mastiff from which the dog Cane Corso has been derived was one of the strongest war dogs used by the early Greek rulers.

So the parent breed of the Cane Corso used to have cropped ears at earlier times to clinch their ears faster in the direction of the coming sound.

Based on the information discussed above, it can be said that it is not at all worth it to crop the ears of the Cane Corso because the dog doesn’t have floppy ears, as seen in Blue Cane Corso or a Grey Cane Corso.

Its cropping doesn’t have much effect on its look, and there are many medications available now which are quite enough to prevent the dog from ear infections; thus, there’s no perfect motive for making the canine go through such a harmful process.

Reasons Why People Go For Ear Cropping for Cane Corso

Now it is well known that many dog owners still used to crop the ears of their Cane Corso even after knowing it is not so worthy.

But as per the studies over the history of dogs, it can be beneficial to the canine in many ways. So here we are going to discuss below some reasons why people still used to crop the ears of the Cane Corso.

For a Better Appearance

From the time the breed Cane Corso originated, the rulers used to crop their ears, and there’s also a motive to make them look even more threatening. This is one of the major 12 facts about Cane Corso.

With time, many things related to the procedure have changed, due to which the process has also become less painful now as anesthesia is used during the cropping.

Thus it can be said that the main motive of the dog owners behind the cropping of the Cane Corso’s ears is to give them a more threatening look.

For Better Hearing

The people of the earlier times were used to a belief that the cropping of the ears of the canine promotes the capability of hearing.

As per the scientific research on the dog breed Cane Corso, tapering of its ears has no effect on its hearing capability as it does not possess any kind of relationship with the eardrum of the canine.

Thus a reason behind the tapering of the ears of the canine can be depicted as the promotion of the capability of hearing, but scientifically it’s a complete myth.

Prevention from Ear Infections

As per a survey, most dog owners have commented that the cropping of the ears of the canine can help protect the dog from ear infections.

People just used to have a belief that this process used to reduce the risk of the puppy getting ear infections, and hence they provide this painful therapy to the canine.

All the above-discussed factors are the points and the main reasons due to why the dog owners used to crop the ears of their Cane Corso.

Problems with Ear Cropping of Cane Corso

Based on the information we have discussed above, it might be clear to most of us that cropping the Cane Corso’s ears is unnecessary, as there is no scientific evidence that can prove that this can benefit the canine health in any way.

If an experienced veterinarian performs the process, the dog’s chances of suffering from serious issues like infections in the stitches or wounds might be avoided. Still, if the process is unprofessional, this simple cosmetic procedure might lead to deadly conditions for the canine.

Most of the time, dog owners go to the general groomers who do not possess much knowledge regarding the cropping of ears and just do it by following some guidelines.

In such cases, the groomers used to do it improperly, and this tapering also led to the dog suffering from excessive pain on the spot.

Thus, it is better to avoid the dog getting his ears cropped as this is in no way beneficial to the health of the canine, and if done in the wrong ways, then may also make the canine get a deadly condition.

Cost of Cropping a Cane Corso’s Ear

Many dog owners are still interested in cropping the ears of the Cane Corso because they are fond of the look the canine gets after getting its ear cropped. These dog owners used to look for the price for cropping the ears of the Cane Corso.

As per the research done by the cynologist on the process of ear cropping in Cane Corso, information has been obtained that the price of cropping the ears of the Cane Corso may range from $ 400 to $ 900.

This is an approximate cost that most veterinarians take during tapering the Cane Corso’s ears, but this may also vary depending on the quality of the facilities the authority provides.

So an approximate idea about the cost can only be obtained after visiting the hospital premises.

What is the Proper Age for Ear Cropping of a Cane Corso?

Dog owners need to know the proper age of the dog, so the canine can get the ears cropped.

This is because everything has perfect timing, and doing the thing before passing this time might have some negative effects.

As per the studies done on the dog breed Cane Corso, it can be said that the best time at which the ears of the canine can be cropped is the age of 8 to 12 weeks.

This is because when the pup grows up, the ear cartilage starts to get down due to the weight of the canine hanging ears of the canine thus, cropping the ears at an early age is preferred.

The dog owners might often get worried about the health of the canine after seeing the extreme pain it suffers after the process.

Still, a proper schedule to take care of the canine’s health will be sufficient for a faster recovery process for the dog.

Different Styles of Cropping the Cane Corso’s Ears

Now, as the dog owners will go for cropping the ears of the Cane Corso, both the owner and the canine should get the ears of the canine cropped after knowing every detail behind it.

It is always suggested to dog owners that they should visit a professional veterinarian for the cropping of their canine ears.

Here we have come up with four styles followed by the professionalists for cropping the ears of the Cane Corso to give the canine a perfect look.

Long Crop

This type of tapering the dog’s ears in which only three-quarters of the canine’s ears remain after the successful cropping.

Battle Crop

This is the type of ear crop in which a very low cut is done on the ears of the canine and will not be responsible for protecting the ears of the canine from dirt and insects.

Short Crop

This type of ear crop is quite different from the battle crop as it is a bit longer than the battle one. In this ear cropping, only two third of the ear of the canine gets left.

Show Crop

This is one of the most preferred styles of cropping the dog’s ears. Because in this style, the ear gets a cut of medium size, and the type of this tapering gives the dog a perfect look.

The above mentioned are the four types of ear cropping styles available for canines, the dog owners can go for any of them as almost the same procedure is used for each type of ear cropping,

But all the dog owner has to do is go to a professional for keeping the procedure safe for the canine.

What to Do Before the Ear Cropping Procedure?

You must plan frequent appointments with the veterinarian or the surgeon before the planned ear crop to go over the procedure and express your preferences for the crop your dog should have.

In the event that you are unclear about the length of crop you prefer, they will also demonstrate how tall a regular crop will appear on your dog.

Remember that 30 days before the anticipated operation date, all required procedures—vaccinations, fecal examination, and blood testing must be completed.

The puppy has to fast the night before the procedure. Be careful to remove any food from your puppy’s grasp the night before going to bed.

Water can be provided until you get to the hospital or clinic. In case the puppy’s behavior goes out of hand due to its hunger, you can also look up how to train Cane Corso puppy.

How to Deal with the Problems after Cropping the Ears of the Cane Corso?

Suppose the dog gets his ears cropped by a local groomer or an inexperienced person. In that case, there is probably a higher chance of the dog getting affected by some severe diseases which can’t be treated properly by the canine owners.

The problems with the stitches of the cropping might include certain bacterial infections over it.

As we all know, dogs have a habit of licking wounds on their body which might lead to the wound in the ear of the canine getting itchy, leading to various discomforts.

It has been suggested to the dog owners that they should never go to treat such a kind of disease at home with some home remedies or the little knowledge of medication they have regarding this matter because this kind of act may even make the situation more critical.

Vets will provide medicines after a complete checkup of the canine, which gives them an approximation regarding what kind of medicines will suit the best canine in such conditions.

Thus going to a vet for ear cropping for Cane Corso is preferred more.

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