Male Cane Corso vs Female Cane Corso: What’s the Difference

We all know that nowadays when buying a furry friend and a potential guard dog for home, the most common name that comes to mind is Cane Corso.

Moreover, it also becomes important to know which one can be better, male or female, and for this reason, Male Cane Corso vs Female Cane Corso: what’s the difference?

Choosing the Right Cane Corso: Male vs. Female

The Cane Corso is a magnificent breed, but choosing between a male and female requires careful consideration. Understanding their differences will help you find the perfect companion.

Key Differences

  • Physical: Males are typically larger and more muscular than females.
  • Temperament: Males tend to be slightly more energetic and independent, while females can be calmer and more focused. This is not absolute, and individual personalities exist within each sex.
  • Health: Both sexes are prone to certain health issues like hip dysplasia. Males may have a higher risk of prostate problems, while females are susceptible to uterine infections.
  • Training: Both are intelligent and trainable, but males might require a little more patience due to their occasionally stronger independent streak.
  • Care: Essential care is similar for both sexes. However, females need special attention during their heat cycles and have an increased risk of needing spaying for health reasons.

Which Sex is Right for You?

Consider the following factors to make the best decision:

  • Experience Level:
    • Experienced owners may find managing a male’s energy and independence more manageable.
    • New owners might do better with a female’s generally calmer demeanor.
  • Household Dynamic:
    • Males can be more assertive with other dogs. If you have other pets, a female might integrate more easily.
    • Females can be protective and nurturing, which may work well with children.
  • Lifestyle:
    • Males often have higher energy levels and require more extensive exercise. A less active lifestyle might better suit a female.
  • Intact vs. Altered:
    • Spaying or neutering can impact health and behavior. Discuss these differences with your vet.

Temperament is Key

Remember, these differences are generalizations. Individual personalities of puppies can vary, so it’s crucial to:

  • Spend Time with the Puppies: Observe their energy level, interactions with littermates, and how they respond to you. This will help you gauge their temperament.
  • Consult the Breeder: A reputable breeder can offer insights into each puppy’s personality and potential fit within your family.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right Cane Corso is a personal decision. There’s no inherently “better” sex.
  • Both males and females make fantastic pets with the right training and environment.
  • Understanding the subtle differences between the sexes helps ensure you find the perfect fit for your family.
  • Regardless of your choice, a Cane Corso needs strong leadership, socialization, ample exercise, and consistent training for a happy, healthy life.

Focus on finding a healthy puppy with a temperament that aligns with your lifestyle, and you’ll build a wonderful bond with your new Cane Corso.

Male Cane Corso vs Female Cane Corso: What’s the Difference?

Now, if a dog owner is new to this field, they might also wonder why it is necessary to know the difference between a male and a female Cane Corso before buying them from a cane Corso breeder.

So to help those beginners regarding this, we are here with some detailed information on this topic.

As per research on this dog and the comments made by the dog owners regarding this breed, it can be said that knowing the difference is important in many aspects, which will help the dog owner properly take care of the canine.

For example, as the appearance of the male and female is different, there will be some changes in the grooming, as the female dogs will get an oestrous cycle.

Therefore, there will also be some changes in its diet according to the vet’s suggestion, and there might be some changes in the exercise requirements too.

So, based on this, it can be said that for properly taking care of all the health requirements of the canine, it is very important for the owners to know the difference between the male and the female Cane Corso.

The Physical Differences Between the Canines

When it comes to differentiating the dog based on gender, the most common difference which strikes the mind first is the thought of the physique. So let’s discuss the physical difference between the male and the female Cane Corso first.

Male Cane Corso

The male Cane Corsos usually have a height of 25 to 25.75 inches and a weight of almost 99 to 110 pounds, which is quite more than that of a female Cane Corso. The body of the male Cane Corso also differs a bit in appearance as it possesses a rectangular head with a very heavy body that looks muscular.

The most significant difference is the power-packed muscles of the canine, which gives the male Cane Corso a more bossy look and differentiates it from the female one.

Female Cane Corso

Female Cane Corsos usually possess a bit of a difference in height from the male as the overall height of the female Cane Corsos ranges from 24 to 25 inches.

It will be difficult to differentiate the Cane Corsos of opposite genders based on their appearance because both are quite muscular and possess a rectangular-shaped head with a heavy body.

The most important fact to notice here is that if someone notices a bit more about the dog’s appearance, the person will have no difficulty identifying that it is a female without looking over its genitals.

Male Cane Corso vs Female Cane Corso

The Difference in Puberty Among Male and Female Cane Corso

Now let’s discuss the stage of puberty in the case of male and female dogs. It is well known to us that, just like humans, animals also attain a stage in their life where they get sexually mature and are almost ready for reproduction.

So now we are going to discuss the differences that occur in the body of a Cane Corso at the time of puberty, straight from a Cane Corso breeder handbook.

Bodily Changes During Puberty in a Male Cane Corso

A male Cane Corso attains its puberty at almost two years of age, and at that time, its body starts to show different types of bodily responses, like the ending point of the genital turning in a bit lighter colour.

The dog gets more attracted to female dogs, and sometimes it also starts to lose interest in its daily routine, like exercise sessions, walking and playing sessions and even meal time.

The most important fact that the dog owners should notice in this case is that they should not allow the dog to mate with another female dog during the first few weeks of its puberty as in this time,

The body has just started to begin sexually mature and that why the bodily changes are visible but the body is not completely ready for reproduction yet.

Bodily Changes During Puberty in a Female Cane Corso

Just like the male Cane Corso, there are some precautionary measures the dog owner has to take while the female Cane Corso is in the stages of its puberty.

It is well known to us that when the female attains puberty, it gets its oestrous cycle which keeps on releasing from the urethral opening of the canine.

This is called the oestrous cycle in dogs. Unlike humans, dogs get this only twice a year, every six months.

During such times, the female keeps attracting the males by peeing here and there on the grounds that the owner will be able to detect puberty in the case of female dogs by noticing the changes in the genital as the vulva turns pinkish during this time.

The dog owners need to stop the dog from mating at the first stages of puberty as the body has just attained its puberty and is not fully ready yet for the process of reproduction and also

Because mating at this time can lead to severe health issues for the canine-like inflammation in the uterus and many others.

Temperamental Difference Between the Sexes

The dog owners need to know the temperamental differences between the Cane Corsos of both males and females because the owner might have to maintain a familiar environment per the canine’s needs to save the canine from anxiety attacks.

Remember that, the temperament will differ depending on the breeds, whether it’s a simple breed like Italian Mastiff Cane Corso, or a mixed breed like Pitbull mixed with Cane Corso.

The Temperament of the Male Cane Corsos

Many dog owners might think there will be a huge difference in the temperament between the male and the female Cane Corsos as most of the time, and males are more active than females. It’s quite true.

The male Cane Corsos are a bit more active compared to the female Cane Corso and also have the potential to do the tasks more efficiently and faster due to a higher energy level.

Moreover, the male Cane Corsos also have very high intelligence, due to which they are easily able to grasp the new skills, and may also turn aggressive if the owner behaves a bit harshly with the canine.

The most important fact about the temperament of the male Cane Corso is that it is not at all familiar with other animals and unknown persons.

The Temperament of the Female Cane Corso

Female Cane Corsos are usually a bit calmer and more composed than the male versions of the Cane Corsos and also possess a very affectionate and loving nature towards the owner.

The female Cane Corsos possess a very negligible difference in their intelligence level as they also possess a very good grasping capability.

You will be able to notice a bit of difference in the behaviour of the canine like the female Cane Corso is not that active and just looking for quality time with the owner all the time and many others.

The dog owners have noted that the female Cane Corso used to perform the tasks assigned to them with utmost interest and concentration than the male one.

Health Differences of the Dogs

Knowing about the health of both the male and the female Cane Corso is equally important for the dog owners before choosing one to adopt as a furry friend.

Because the owner might have to go with the medicines according to the health of both the canines and might also be according to the veterinarian’s recommendation.

Whereas health of the canine can also be considered one of the most crucial factors by which the owner can easily depict the overall lifespan of the canine.

The Health of a Male Cane Corso

Most of the time, people used to think that there might be a huge difference in the health of both male and female canines, but it’s not true.

As per research, the difference between the health of a male and a female Cane Corso is almost negligible. But the male Cane Corsos possess a chance of getting affected by prostate issues like testicular cancer.

The main reason behind the cause of this tumour is termed the Leydig cells, which bind with the testicular hormones and form a tumour of the interstitial cell of the testicle.

This kind of issue in dogs is treated by generally neutering them. In this process, the testicles are removed, and the dog’s lifespan increases by reducing the chances of the canine getting affected by such prostate issues.

The Health of a Female Cane Corso

Now, let’s come to the health of a female Cane Corso. As per the research done on the females of the dog breed Cane Corso,

It can be said that getting infected by some general health problems like elbow dysplasia, joint pain, pancreatitis, and inflammation are quite normal in both male and female dogs.

Whereas in the case of females especially having issues with the uterine tract is quite common

The female Cane Corsos mostly get affected by the bacterial infections in the uterine tract as the chances of bacteria getting trapped in this area gets increased due to the unhygienic environment near them during the period of the oestrous cycle.

For this, the female Cane Corsos get spayed, so the risks of getting affected by such severe diseases decrease. And due to this method of spaying, the dog also gets free from that oestrous cycle, and pregnancy as the uterus and the ovaries are surgically removed during this process.

Male Cane Corso vs Female Cane Corso

The Difference in Trainability Between Male and Female Cane Corsos

It is well known that females always used to possess lower strength than males in animals and humans. So it is clear to us that there will be a lot of differences between male and female dogs.

That’s why it is important for the dog owners to know about the differences in the canine training sessions and what kind of environment to maintain, as the proper training sessions will provide perfect health to the canine.

That’s why early training is necessary, and that is only possible when you know how to train cane Corso puppy. So let’s get into the details of it,

Male Cane Corsos

It is very well known to us that the male Cane Corsos are quite tougher to handle as the amount of energy released in the male is comparatively more than that in the female, due to which there’s always a chance of the dog getting vigorous when the owner gets harsh with them.

It has also been remarked by the owners of the male Cane Corsos that sometimes the male ones get over-excited and keep on doing the tasks more than the owner’s commands and are probably very fast and efficient while performing the tasks in comparison to the female ones.

The dog owners are always suggested to keep the training sessions of the male Cane Corso quite long compared to the others because the canine is super active and probably needs some more exercise compared to the others for proper maintenance of its health.

Female Cane Corsos

We all know that females are very calm, always used to perform their tasks with utmost concentration, and always focused on perfectly performing them.

The dog owners who have been an owner of a female Cane Corso have commented on this dog breed that females are also active during their training sessions but quite slower in comparison to the male ones, which is natural.

It doesn’t mean that the female dog has been suffering from health issues, due to which his performing capability has become slower.

The probability of the female Cane Corsos getting vigorous during the training sessions is very less as females are very understanding.

Whenever the owner gets harsh, they try to understand the reason behind it and then try on their own to satisfy the owner.

Care Guide Difference Between the Dogs

Now it should be well known to the dog owners that as everything among the male and female Cane Corsos differs, their caring guide should also differ.

So here we will be discussing a proper guide regarding the care guide of both the male and the female Cane Corsos to make you understand the difference and to help you in choosing which can be the best for you.

Care Guide for Male Cane Corso

As per the research done on this dog breed, the male Cane Corsos don’t usually need some extra care for proper maintenance of its health.

Just like normal dogs, the male Cane Corsos need proper workout sessions, appropriate dietary nutrients as per the vet’s recommendations, quality time with the owner, proper grooming sessions to look fresh in appearance, and, more probably, some love and care from the owner.

All the above-discussed factors are sufficient for keeping a male Cane Corso healthy throughout his life

Proper vet visits to determine if the dog has got affected by some disease and get him proper medicines, and prevent the dog from mating at the first stages of its puberty are all the dog owner can do for properly taking care of the health of the canine.

Care Guide for Female Cane Corso

Now the steps that the dog owner has to follow for properly taking care of the canine’s health are quite the same as that of the male dog because proper vet visits, nutritional compounds, walking sessions, etc., are almost necessary for all kinds of dog breeds.

The main fact that the dog owners should notice while taking care of the health of a female Corso is to properly clean the female’s vulva while she is in her oestrous cycle and treat her with love and care during this time because this is a very crucial stage of a female dog.

If the canine is on the first day of its oestrous cycle, the owner must stop the pet from mating at the first stages to avoid severe issues. All the above-discussed information is enough to give a clear concept regarding Male Cane Corso vs Female Cane Corso.

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