31 Lazy Dog Breeds: The Perfect Companion for Couch Potatoes

31 Most Lazy Dog Breeds :- Domestic dogs are the most beloved pets that most people are happy to have. There are so many breeds of dogs that every fan can choose the right animal. Each breed has a certain set of qualities and characteristics.

The Ultimate Guide to Laid-Back Canines: Top Lazy Dog Breeds

If you’re looking for a canine companion content with cuddling on the couch and leisurely strolls, consider a lazy dog breed! These breeds are known for their relaxed personalities and low energy levels.

Understanding “Lazy” Dogs

  • Less Energetic: Lazy dogs don’t need (or want) hours of running and playing.
  • Lower Exercise Needs: Short walks or indoor playtime often suffice.
  • Enjoyment of Relaxation: They’re happy to nap or lounge most of the day.

Top 31 Lazy Dog Breeds

  1. Bichon Frise: Fluffy and playful, perfect for apartment living.
  2. Maltese: Small, sweet, and known for their luxurious coats.
  3. Pekingese: Independent yet devoted lapdogs with minimal exercise needs.
  4. Chihuahua: Tiny but feisty, with surprisingly low energy levels.
  5. Pug: Playful companions who love naps more than running.
  6. Shih Tzu: Friendly and adaptable to various lifestyles.
  7. English Bulldog: Stubborn but gentle with low energy needs.
  8. French Bulldog: Minimal exercise required, but prone to weight gain.
  9. Great Dane: Gentle giants who don’t demand constant activity.
  10. Chow Chow: Aloof but fiercely loyal, with moderate exercise needs.
  11. Basset Hound: Easy-going and perfect for families with children.
  12. Greyhound: Surprisingly laid-back despite their racing heritage.
  13. Japanese Chin: Tiny and content with short walks.
  14. Saint Bernard: Gentle and patient giants, best with cooler climates.
  15. Pomeranian: Fluffy, alert, and enjoy leisurely strolls.
  16. Great Pyrenees: Calm guardians, happiest with a yard.
  17. Dachshund: Short legs, big personality, and prone to digging.
  18. Tibetan Terrier: Cat-like in their independence and love of naps.
  19. Havanese: Playful and ideal for apartments and city living.
  20. Clumber Spaniel: Gentle and larger than other spaniels.
  21. Yorkshire Terrier: Hardy despite their size, they enjoy being pampered.
  22. Bullmastiff: Powerful but loving guardians with moderate activity needs.
  23. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Adaptable and affectionate companions.
  24. Chinese Crested: Hairless or Powderpuff varieties, both are low maintenance.
  25. Bernese Mountain Dog: Friendly giants who need some space.
  26. Newfoundland: Patient and gentle, perfect for those wanting a larger breed.
  27. Spinone Italiano: Affectionate and calm, enjoy spending time with their humans.
  28. Whippet: Gentle Greyhound relatives, known for their bursts of energy followed by long naps.
  29. Neapolitan Mastiff: Impressive size, but gentle couch potatoes.
  30. Shar-Pei: Unique and independent, perfect for laid-back homes.
  31. Boston Terrier: Playful yet content with shorter walks and indoor playtime.

Key Takeaways

  • Lazy dogs make wonderful companions, even for apartment dwellers.
  • Research specific breeds: Consider temperament, health issues, and grooming needs.
  • All dogs need some exercise and attention.
  • Find a breed that matches your lifestyle and activity level.

If you’re looking for a dog who’ll enjoy a lazy day on the couch as much as you do, one of these breeds might be the perfect fit!

31 Most Lazy Dog Breeds:

In order to stay fit and healthy, any dog needs to be outdoors. They also need a small amount of exercise. But “lazy” dog breeds use less energy and don’t require a constant outburst of emotions. So, see below the lazy dog breeds.

Bichon Frise
This nice dog is a little white cloud. His name – Fill, It is beautiful and clever small dog.

1. Bichon Frise:

Bichon Frize is calm and very sweet. Cheerful and sociable, the Bichon brings good humor to a home. Intelligent and obeys orders and likes to learn tricks that make him spend time with his master.

The Bichon is a cuddly and affectionate little dog who likes to receive cuddles. He can live in an apartment due to his small size. This is one of the lazy dogs.

Very shallow depth of field. Focus on the eyes.

2. Maltese:

The Maltese are one of the most beloved decorative dog breeds among modern dog breeders. These little animals are energetic, smart, playful, and easy to learn. All this, together with a pleasant character, and a luxurious exterior, helps four-legged pets to be at the peak of popularity for a long period of time.

Now Maltese puppies are quite popular among other breeds, and exhibitions are held periodically. The breed got its name from the Greek island of Melita, which is now called Malta. Maltese has always been considered a symbol of luxury and wealth. This is one of the lazy dog breeds.

Sad dog laying down at park

3. Pekingese:

The Pekingese is a Chinese sacred dog. This is an excellent breed for apartment living. Dogs love to sit on their laps for hours. They catch the mood of the owner and know how to adapt to it.

Dogs love to be the center of attention and are completely loyal to their owner. As a rule, this is not a very active pet. He does not like noise and fuss but prefers a quiet, peaceful environment. Therefore, Pekingese is most often recommended to older people. This is one of the laziest dog breeds.

The Pekingese is also a snorer. These pets make the most diverse range of sounds, sometimes it seems that the dog is sick. But no, she just breathes. Like many short-faced and especially woolly dogs, Pekingese suffer from breathing problems and from heat, try not to overheat your dog. Pekingese also often have problems with their eyes.


4. Chihuahua:

Chihuahua is one of the smallest breeds in the world, individuals of this breed do not even reach a kilogram in their weight. Due to their small size, their lives are constantly stressed, which makes dogs shiver, even if the apartment is warm and cozy.

The Chihuahua responds to any threat with a deafening bark – you should be prepared for this. It may even seem to some that this is an angry and aggressive dog.

But in fact, constant readiness is a forced payment for a small size. Surrounding your pet with love and affection, you will get a return of two hundred percent. This is considered a lazy dog breed.

Funny Sleepy Pug Dog with gum in eyes sleep rest on floor

5. Pug:

A true sofa dweller, the pug was bred in China, and often served as an imperial gift. It is clear that it is not the imperial business to walk the dog. That’s laziness and settled in the genes of this breed.

Due to the structure of the head, dogs of this breed have very short airways, so pugs often experience problems with the “breather” under heavy exertion. In general, you yourself understood that all sorts of obstacle races are contraindicated for them. If you do too, your dog.

These small pets are perfect for living in small apartments, they are friendly, and gentle, love to play with children, and love you and your couch.

Last but not least, your chair. If you are not ready to share with the dog all the soft horizontals in the house, firmly explain this to your pet. Because pugs snore at night. Yes, and during the day, too, what is already there.

Shih Tzu
An adorable Shichon (A Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise cross) puppy sits in a blooming garden and watches the world go by.

6. Shih Tzu:

Shih Tzu is a little dog with a real lion’s heart. Friendly and devoted without a trace to their owner, pets, or real generalists. If the Shih Tzu lives in a small apartment, she will be a calm and lazy dog.

Living in a house with a larger territory, this dog will frolic and willingly play active games. Shih Tzu dogs get along well with other animals in the house, finding a “common language” with them. This is one of the lazy dog breeds.

The Shih Tzu is lovely, friendly, loyal, and lively for his family. The dog’s cute small size and adorable manner make it a favorite pet for many people.

The dog feels great, both in the apartment and in a large country house. Children and other animals are not a problem for the Shih Tzu, although you will need to supervise children who play with the dog.

English Bulldog
English bulldog puppy.

7. English Bulldog:

Unlike their relatives, English bulldogs look harsh. Powerful in the shoulders, pets were previously fighting. The protruding and powerful lower jaw gives a ferocious look to these dogs especially. For all their ferocious appearance, English Bulldogs are lazy and friendly pets.

They have a slightly stubborn disposition, but at the same time, they are excellent protectors of the family. These dogs are very devoted to their owner and try to rest next to their owner even at night.

Often these dogs are started by lonely people, for whom the English bulldog becomes a true friend and comrade, and not just a pet. There is even a proverb that the English Bulldog is not yet a person, but is no longer a dog.

French Bulldog
Cute french bulldog lying on field

8. French Bulldog:

The breed of these dogs, beloved by many dog breeders, is not distinguished by the beauty and grace of the body, is not considered “glamorous”, but at the same time remains popular. French Bulldogs can only be active during childhood. With age, these dogs become really lazy.

Therefore, the owner will need to make efforts to prevent the animal from becoming obese. The French Bulldog, even during a walk, can get tired and sit comfortably right in the middle of the path.

These dogs, former rat-catchers, are true companions and family favorites and have high intelligence, which allows them to be trained in various tricks and commands.

Great Dane
Large sibling dog

9. Great Dane:

Most dog breeds were bred as working dogs for hunting and guarding; The Great Dane is one of those breeds. Today’s Great Danes have lost their ferocity as hunters and guardians, but they have not lost their courage and determination to protect the human family.

The large size and loud barking of the dog will, if not frighten, then stop intruders.

ver time, great Danes began to be brought into the house as companions, so these dogs lost their toughness in character. At the same time, over the years of selection, the courage inherent in this breed has not been lost.

Great Danes are very kind and affectionate animals, with a light, playful disposition. They do not like physical activity, preferring quiet time spent next to the owner or household.

Chow Chows
chow-chow on the green grass

10. Chow Chows:

This is one of the oldest breeds and was considered the favorite dog of the imperial family in ancient China. The animal resembles in appearance a mixture of a bear and a lion. The nature of this breed is aloof. But, despite this, the pet will be a faithful and devoted friend to its owner.

It is very important that a small Chow Chow puppy be socialized from a very early age, otherwise, you may encounter increased shyness or even aggressiveness towards people in the future.

Dogs of this breed do not require physical activity or constant stress. With thick and long hair, these dogs can suffer in hot climates. Owners should keep this in mind when trying to keep the animal in a cool room in the summer when the air temperature is high. This is one of the lazy dogs.

Basset Hound
Basset Hound Laying on the Grass

11. Basset Hound:

Calm and lazy pets are great for families with small children. Basset Hounds are devoid of irritability. On the contrary, they are very friendly and have a soft, complaisant character. The Basset Hound is attached to his family, so he loves to always be around.

Due to their temperament, Basset Hounds get along well with other pets. Attempts to train a dog at home may not be successful. In addition to natural laziness, Basset Hound has an enviable stubbornness.

The only thing that can interest an animal is tasty-smelling food. Basset Hound is a unique “sniffer” and one of the few things that can get these dogs active is treats.

Italian Greyhound dog sitting on sofa with owner woman.

12. Greyhound:

It is believed that all greyhounds require an active pastime. But it is not so. Greyhounds can perform two roles active and passive. As a hunting dog breed, the greyhound is often used for dog racing.

At the same time, being brought up in a family where these types of physical activity are not given importance, the Greyhound will be a calm and lazy animal. The gentle disposition of these dogs and their devotion to their owner deserve special attention.

Moreover, calm representatives of this breed will be happy to spend the evening with the owner, sitting at their feet. This dog is considered a lazy dog.

Japanese Chin
Japanese chin relaxing on fall leaves

13. Japanese Chin:

If you want a dog that will weigh less than a three-kilogram weight, then this dog will definitely suit you. The breed does not need training at all, it simply cannot run because of such physiology and small stature, but there are disadvantages in everything.

The downside here is wool, you will have to take care of it regularly. Enough brushing every day, so that the dog looks well-groomed and the coat lies evenly on its skin. This is one of the laziest dog breeds.

Saint Bernard
St. Bernard’s puppy on the grass in the summer Park.

14. Saint Bernard:

A breed of dog that has earned recognition among mankind for its ability to help travelers in the cold. In the Alps, large and strong dogs still help to find lost travelers and tourists among the snowy rubble.

Large St. Bernards, real giants with the same kind heart. These pets are gentle and friendly, despite their impressive size. True family favorites. The downside of this breed is profuse salivation, which not everyone will like. St. Bernards are real sloths, a daily walk is enough for them as physical activity.

Cute pomeranian dog smiling on the sofa, looking upward to copy space

15. Pomeranian:

Pomeranians are small dogs with harmonious physiques, short and straight backs, not-too-wide chests, and square bodies. These dogs move smoothly, freely, and confidently.

They have a wedge-shaped head in proportion to the body, small almond-shaped dark brown eyes, small erect ears, black or coat-matched lips and nose, and a scissor or level bite.

The Pomeranian is recognized as an independent breed by the American Kennel Club, which has also developed a standard that these dogs must meet.

Great Pyrenees
Photograph of a great pyrenees lying outside in a fresh pile of dirt recently dug up from a nearby hole.

16. Great Pyrenees:

The Great Pyrenees is an ancient breed dating back hundreds or thousands of years. Raised as a sheep/goat guard dog, he was considered the dog of the peasants.

The Pyrenean Dog is a breed with a “big” heart. They love being around people and are used as therapy dogs because of their soft fur and loving nature.

Great with children and families, but will become defensive if you’re not careful. They also get along well with other dogs and love to play, given their size. In a few words, their striking appearance is described as elegance, strength, and smiling.

Dogs that are highly sensitive, independent thinking, or assertive may be more difficult to manage. This is one of the laziest dog breeds.

One of the world’s best loved dog breeds, the Miniature Dachshund….otherwise known as a ‘Sausage Dog’

17. Dachshund:

A miniature dog, reminiscent of a running sausage. Due to the fact that this dog was bred for hunting, you will have to endure constant burrows in your walking areas.

If you take the dog out into nature and give it 2-3 square meters, then the dog will be happy to spend all the time there and dig its holes in order to find something or someone. This dog has a vulnerable spine, which will require frequent follow-ups and examinations in specialized clinics.

Tibetan Terrier
Puppy Dog Portrait. Portrait of a young male Tibetan terrier  puppy lying obediently outdoors. Selective focus, copy space

18. Tibetan Terrier:

These small dogs were originally kept by Tibetan monks as companions. Tibetan terriers are cat-like in nature. They are very curious, affectionate, and love to sleep at your feet.

Despite their inquisitive nature, tabbies do not like excessive activity and long walks. Small dogs don’t need a lot of space. They feel comfortable in a city apartment.

Beautiful young havanese dog is sitting on a gravel forest road in soft light in late summer

19. Havanese:

The Havanese Bichon is the national dog of Cuba, which began its triumphal march around the world from the Canary Islands. The Havanese prefer being indoors rather than staying outdoors.

Which makes him a good house dog. A small dog has all the qualities of a companion, it is playful, friendly, very cheerful, and smart, and it can play with a child for a long time or relax on the couch next to its beloved owner.

Clumber Spaniel
A Clumber Spaniel sat outside looking around

20. Clumber Spaniel:

The Clumber Spaniel is the most unusual spaniel of all spaniels, it is much larger and heavier than its counterparts, and also differs from them in character.

Clumber spaniels were bred for hunting game birds on the land, and at one time they were bred exclusively by aristocrats. Today, Clumber Spaniels are considered rare dogs, and for the most part, they are kept as family companions.

Yorkshire Terrier
Curious Yorkshire terrier on the sofa

21. Yorkshire Terrier:

These lap dogs are very hardy and energetic. Thanks to his friendly disposition, he easily finds a common language with other animals. This is offset by their small size, litter box habitability, and independent nature.

Yorkshire Terrier makes contact and loves to be in the spotlight, but is able to entertain themselves without the involvement of the owners. Representatives of the breed love games, but get tired quickly, so excessive physical activity is contraindicated for them.

Aggression on the part of the Yorkshire Terrier is explained by the hunting instinct in relation to smaller animals, perceived as a game, and the lack of timely socialization.

Beautiful young bullmastiff standing

22. Bullmastiff:

Real guards, with a good soul and complaisant character. Large dogs inspire confidence, but at the same time remain loving and good-natured pets. In order for the pet to stay in shape, he needs regular walks in the fresh air, short in time. The rest of the time the animal can lie quietly on its bedding or next to the owner.

It is worth noting that in puppyhood, bullmastiffs are quite active, but with age, energy is replaced by venerable calmness and poise. Dogs of this breed are quite independent, so the owner will need to make an effort to teach the animal basic commands.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Beautiful King Charles Spaniel Puppy posing in the garden

23. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

Cavalier King Charles spaniel easily adopts the character and habits of the owner. They get along well with children and have a gentle and affectionate nature.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel love to sleep on a pillow or lap, which is why they are often chosen as family companion pets. They make excellent therapy dogs. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels love to be surrounded by love and attention. They seek to please a person and rarely show aggression. Sleep a lot.

Chinese Crested
Chinese Crested Dog is a breed of dog.”nDogs of this breed can be either hairless – naked individuals (hair is found only in the head, tail and extremities), and with soft veil-like hair covering the whole body – puffs (Powderpuff). They are odorless and do not fade (with the exception of downy ones).

24. Chinese Crested:

Like the Greyhound, the tiny, wiry, and exceptionally alert Chinese Crested is also remarkably lazy despite its lean appearance. The Chinese Crested is incredibly agile.

The Chinese Crested is just not motivated to go out and run like other dogs with the same build. If this is what you are looking for, the Chinese Crested may be the right dog for you. In addition, she is among the best dog breeds that do not shed.

Bernese Mountain Dog
One large Bernese mountain dog stands in the nature on a sunny day close up

25. Bernese Mountain Dog:

Bernese Mountain Dog is a big good-natured pet that gets along well with children. These are sociable dogs that do not like to be left alone.

Bernese Mountain Dog loves to eat very much. They are lazy, can lie all day, and do nothing. They don’t like long walks, but they don’t mind running around the park with other dogs. They rarely bark and cannot be left alone.

Newfoundland on grass

26. Newfoundland:

Large representatives of this breed have extraordinary friendliness, goodwill, and attractiveness. Good giants, reminiscent of a teddy bear. These dogs love society, so from a very early age, a puppy needs to be socialized.

Of course, such a pet requires space and is suitable for people living in a private house. Dogs of this breed are quite lazy, they can lie in their place all day long, only occasionally getting up on business.

These dogs do not need active physical activity, but you will need to take care of the animal’s coat very carefully. Newfoundlands have a thick coat that needs to be carefully combed, washed, and trimmed.

Spinone Italiano
Typical  Spinone Italiano dog  in the spring garden

27. Spinone Italiano:

Spinone Italianos are very affectionate dogs. They do not show aggression at all either to the owners or to other people. The dog will bark at a stranger, but after a minute he will run to get acquainted and demand attention. Animals are very good with children, even small ones.

Most of all Spinone Italianos likes to spend time with his master. The dog will not move a single step in the presence of the owner, he will lie next to him. The animal is calm and obedient, and it is also very smart.

Puppies rarely gnaw on furniture and shoes, and adult dogs do not bark hysterically at any sound. Therefore, it is a good choice for an apartment.

Animals get along well with other dogs if they are socialized early. They do not show aggression towards their own kind and immediately try to make friends. In the case of cats, it is better to take a kitten and a puppy at the same time so that the pets grow up together. If you place a puppy with an already adult cat, he will be too intrusive in search of games, which the cat will not like much.

side eRecord of a beautiful, young Whippet (greyhound)

28. Whippet:

The Whippet is the closest relative of the Greyhound, characterized by greater affection for humans and less tolerance for children. The worst nightmare for this dog is loneliness and lack of attention from the owner.

Approximately 40 minutes of fresh air is enough for the Whippet, but you will have to get used to the fact that he will constantly drag you along, pulling on the leash. Because of this, walking is better to entrust an adult, not a child.

Neapolitan Mastiff
Dog Neapolitane Mastiff

29. Neapolitan Mastiff:

Not only tiny dogs are suitable for inactive owners. Mastiffs of impressive size are also suitable for keeping in apartments and small houses. They are also called “gentle giants” because mastiffs love to lie on the couch.

These are calm, friendly dogs with balanced characters. They do not need active games and walks, they are contraindicated for large physical exertion. A couple of walks a day for 20-25 minutes will be enough for them.

Shar Pei
Shar pei puppy on nice green background

30. Shar Pei:

Shar-pei is good watchmen and companions, they are devoted to their man and very careful with strangers, they adapt perfectly to the daily routine of their owner, and if a person does not need a lot of activity, then the dog will not need it either.

The character of Shar-Pei is calm and independent. They are loyal to their master, but wary of strangers. Grooming for these dogs is minimal.

Once a month they need to be washed, cut their nails and clean their ears weekly. Shar-Pei adapt well to their owner’s daily routine. They are happy to walk in the park, and are content with short walks.

Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier puppy sitting in the winter scenery

31. Boston Terrier:

This four-legged dog is loyal even to strangers and loves to play pranks with children. Like all terriers, he is not at all opposed to being active, but his mood is highly dependent on weather conditions. In the heat and snowstorm, the Boston Terrier will go out for walks with the same “enthusiasm” as you do.

The easiest way to entertain a pet is with a ball. In this case, you do not have to move much, because the dog will bring the toy right into his hands.


There are breeds of dogs that are born for active running. Some dogs or puppies are “lazy” about physical activity. These animals will prefer to just walk at a measured pace, not run, and at times lie down to sleep or rest. If you are the type of person who prefers these dogs, then this list of lazy dog breeds gives you a guideline for choosing a “lazy” dog breed that can become your favorite.


What is the laziest dog to have?

There’s no one specific breed that can be considered the “laziest dog”. However, some breeds are generally known for having a more relaxed and laid-back personality, such as: 1) Basset Hound 2) Bulldog 3) Chow Chow 4) Pekingese 5) Saint Bernard 6) Shih Tzu

What kind of dog breed is lazy?

Some dog breeds that are known for having a more relaxed and laid-back personality include: 1) Basset Hound 2) Bulldog 3) Chow Chow 4) Pekingese 5) Saint Bernard 6) Shih Tzu

What is a low energy dog?

A low energy dog is a breed that has a relaxed and calm demeanor, and requires less physical activity compared to more energetic breeds. Low energy dog breeds include: 1) Basset Hound 2) Bulldog 3) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 4) Greyhound 5) Poodle (Toy or Miniature) 6) Shih Tzu

Is it OK to have a lazy dog?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to have a lazy dog. Some people prefer dogs that are more relaxed and require less physical activity

What are cute lazy dogs?

Cuttest lazy dogs are 1) Basset Hound 2) Bulldog 3) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 4) Pekingese 5) Shih Tzu 6) French Bulldog

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