How Much to Pay a Dog Sitter?

How Much to Pay a Dog Sitter

How Much to Pay a Dog Sitter? As a dog owner, you will always make sure that your pet receives the best care as they are family.

Here’s a breakdown of dog sitter costs, how to choose a sitter, and when to consider a teen sitter:

How Much Does a Dog Sitter Cost?

  • Professionals:
    • $20-$30 per day visit
    • $40-$75 per overnight stay
    • May offer additional services (mail, plant watering)
  • Teens: Approx. 60-70% of professional rates, depending on experience. Great for simple care and active dogs.

Factors Affecting Cost

  • Number of Pets: More pets = more work
  • Medical Needs: Specialized care requires more expertise, hence costs more.
  • Time: Longer stays or multiple visits daily increase the price.
  • Location: Higher cost of living areas mean higher sitter rates.
  • Age of Dog: Puppies need more attention.
  • Sitter Experience: Professionals with certifications may charge more.

Why Hire a Dog Sitter

  • Personalized Care: Your dog stays in its own familiar environment.
  • Lower Stress: Less exposure to other dogs means less risk of illness or conflict.
  • Companionship and Exercise: Sitters play, walk, and keep your dog happy.
  • Special Needs: Trained sitters can handle dogs with medical requirements.

Choosing a Dog Sitter: Key Questions

  • Professional vs. Teen? Match the sitter’s experience to your dog’s needs.
  • Credentials: Are they licensed, insured, and belong to professional organizations?
  • References: Check with past clients.
  • Training: Do they have pet first aid/CPR skills?
  • Meet and Greet: See how the sitter interacts with your dog.
  • Services Offered: Clarify activities, house sitting duties, etc.
  • Medical Info: Provide details on medications or special conditions.
  • Contact and Backups: Ensure there’s 24/7 support and emergency plans in place.

Key Takeaways

  • Investing in a Good Sitter is Worth It: Peace of mind knowing your dog is happy and safe is priceless!
  • Do Your Research: Match the sitter’s skills and rates to your pet’s specific needs.
  • Clear Communication is Crucial: Set expectations for visits, routines, and emergency protocols.

Why Hire a Dog-Sitter?

If you are going on an extended vacation or are going to be away from your home for a long time, you have to decide about leaving your pet dog in a safe and secure place. Few people and dogs do not like boarding kennels, so they consider the option of a pet dog-sitter.

Dog-sitters often come home and take care of your pet and your house. The main benefit here is that your pet gets to stay at a known location and surroundings, and that will help it keep calm and stress-free.

Your pet would not interact with many other dogs like in kernels, and there is less chance of being exposed to infections or diseases.

Pets always need companions combined with fresh air and outdoor exercise. The dog-sitters are well trained to take care of dogs with health conditions.

Hiring a dog-sitter ensures that your pet is in good hands who are experienced and trained and your pets are in a familiar environment.

How Much to Pay a Dog Sitter?

The amount of money to be paid to the dog-sitter depends on different levels of services offered by the professionals. The costs may be between $20 to $30 per day and $75 for a night. Per-week rates would be between $250 to $375.

The pet sitter rates would be $27 to $31 per day. Dog-sitters may charge $25 for about 30 minutes to $32 for an hour. If you have more than a pet, they can charge $5 extra for each additional pet.

Dog Kennels can cost more than a personal dog sitter. Cheaper dog kennels may lack the warmth and love of home. Overnight charges for pet-sitting are $40 to $75 per night. This arrangement comes with several other benefits.

  • You have someone take care of your place at night.
  • Your dog has someone stay over for the night, and this helps it remain calm and stress-free.
  • You will have someone take care in case your pet requires medical assistance.

Factors Influencing the Cost Charged by the Dog-Sitters

We have discussed the average rates charged by the dog-sitters; however, the expected rates depend on certain factors that affect the cost of your pet-sitter.

Number of Pets

There is a lot of difference between taking care of one dog and several dogs simultaneously. Handling more than a dog might lead to trouble if the pets get into trouble.

There might be one pet who is more active than the other. Dog sitters charge more when they have to take care of more than one dog.

When you have pet dogs who have a typical pattern for eating and exercise, it is easier to care for them. However, if the pets have different characteristics, it becomes difficult for the sitter to manage the pets. So, if you have several breeds of dogs, the costs will go up.

Medical Condition

Certain dogs need medical attention or special care. Your pet might need to be given injections, and you might need a trained sitter who is comfortable giving injections.

Dogs might bite if any stranger gives the injection, and hence the dog-sitters charge more for providing any special treatment.

So, when your pet needs extra care with medications or nutrition, you will end up paying more for the pet who has no special needs or medications.

Time and Number of Stays

Charges for pet sitting rest on time spent by the sitter with your pet. Rates are dependent on the number of walks taken with your pet or the number of play sessions.

A quick visit twice or thrice will be different than a night stay as it requires more time and commitment.

The number of walks decides the price for the dog sitters. Rates for pet sitters depend on activities, playtime, and stayover time.

If the professional is required to lodge at home, they are sure to charge more. Short-term visits will always cost less than long-term ones.


Dog sitters decide their pricing as per the rates at your location. If you live in an area where the cost of living is higher, you have to pay more than in the areas with a lower cost of living. Charges for dog sitters in big cities and urban areas are much higher than in rural areas.

Age of the Dog

Puppies will be charged more than a fully grown or mature dog. Since puppies are hyperactive and playful, they need more attention and time. Hence the sitters charge more.

The puppy needs to be watched closely as it does not know the basic commands and may even start behaviors like digging.

Dog Sitters Experience

Professional sitters may charge more than an inexperienced person. Professionals are trained, and they know their duties well. They are trained to make the dog comfortable and can also deal with the dogs with special needs.

How Much to Pay a Teenage Dog Sitter?

If you want someone to take care of your pet while you are away from home, it is convenient to look for some known person rather than make them stay in kennels.

You can always ask your neighboring teenager who needs extra cash to be your dog sitter. It will be helpful as there are chances that your pet would be well aware of the teenager and would gel with them.

Teenage dog-sitting rates will mostly be lower than the rate charged by professional dog sitters. But you should do a background check of the teen to know if they have had any previous dog sitting experience and how long they have been doing this kind of job.

You may have an advantage with the teenager taking care of your dog as they might be active and take your dog for long walks and play with them.

Teenage pet sitters are paid around $ 15 per day. Few additional tasks or staying at home may increase the charges. The prices may depend on the number of visits and other responsibilities involved.

Several factors affect the rates of teenage dog sitters, like experience, availability, responsibilities, and environment.

Professional vs. Teenage Pay Rates

Professional sitters charge more as they have all the necessary qualifications and experience. They will come to your house for 15 minutes to 60 minutes for visits.

They may offer a few other house activities like picking up the mail or watering your plants, and taking care of small actions.

The company that hires professional dog sitters on contract offers training programs for them. They are also given knowledge about animal behavior and how to deal with pets. Professionals are trained to take care of dogs with special needs and those who require medical administration.

Teenage pet sitter rates will always be less than professional sitters as they have less experience and no official training. If the teen is your neighbor or someone is known to you, you can ask them for more visits. Overnight charges of the teen would be less than the professionals.

A teenage sitter would be helpful if your dog knows them and gels well with them.

How to Choose a Pet Dog Sitter?

Selecting a pet dog sitter is essential when you want to leave your pets in safe hands and a neat and clean environment. There are many points you have to remember while selecting a dog sitter.

  1. Hire a professional pet sitter as they belong to professional organizations.
  2. Check if they have the business license and are insured.
  3. Ask for at least three references to cross-check.
  4. Check if they are trained in first aid and pet CPR.
  5. Meet your pet sitter to know them better and learn about their background and observe their interactions with your pet.
  6. If their duties include that of a house sitter, list down the activities to be carried on.
  7. List down the activities you would like them to have with your dog in your absence.
  8. Ensure that the company provides you with a 24-by-seven availability by phone and email.
  9. If any, you need to give them any medical background details of your pet and provide them with more information about medicines and injections if your dog needs them.
  10. You also have to check if there is any backup available during emergencies.
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