How to Build an Outdoor Dog Potty Area on Concrete?

How to Build an Outdoor Dog Potty Area on Concrete?- Being a dog owner is one of the best feelings in the world, but it is also pretty challenging, especially when it comes to the potty schedule or potty area of the dog.

How to Create a Designated Outdoor Dog Potty Area on Concrete

Building a designated potty area for your dog on concrete offers convenience, protects your lawn, and keeps your home odor-free. Here’s a step-by-step guide:


  • Cinder blocks (optional)
  • Weed inhibitor fabric
  • Nutrient-rich soil
  • Sod (pre-grown grass)
  • Watering can

To create an outdoor dog potty area on concrete, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a suitable location: Select an area on the concrete that is easily accessible and can be designated as the potty area.
  2. Install artificial turf or grass patches: Lay down artificial turf or grass patches specifically designed for dog potty areas on the concrete surface.
  3. Set up a drainage system: If possible, incorporate a drainage system beneath the turf or grass patches to allow proper drainage of urine.
  4. Use a potty pad holder: Alternatively, place potty pad holders on the concrete surface and secure them in place. This provides a designated area for your dog to relieve themselves.
  5. Regularly clean and maintain: Clean the potty area frequently by removing solid waste, rinsing the surface, and disinfecting as needed.
  6. Encourage and train your dog: Guide your dog to use the designated potty area consistently and reward them for successful potty habits.

Additional Considerations

  • Drainage: If possible, consider a slight slope or a drainage system under the area to prevent urine pooling.
  • Potty Training: Guide your dog to the designated area and reward them for using it.
  • Cleaning: Regularly remove solid waste, rinse the area, and disinfect as needed.

Key Takeaways

  • A designated potty area saves time, protects your lawn, and promotes a healthy environment for both you and your dog.
  • Follow these steps and use the right materials for a well-functioning and easy-to-maintain potty space.

Remember: With some planning and effort, you can create a convenient and hygienic solution for your furry friend’s bathroom needs.

Why is Building an Outdoor Potty Area Necessary?

Like humans, dogs also have to relieve themselves from the consumption of nutritious materials again to generate energy for the body’s movement.

Almost all the dog owners made their canine friend learn their daily schedule and how to stay disciplined, among which one of the most important parts is the time and the area to potty.

The dog owners made their canine friends learn that they have to relieve themselves outside, and that was the problem; only teaching the dog about the rules is not enough.

It is essential to make a proper potty area for the dog because when the dog keeps on urinating here and there in the garden,

The concentration of nitrogen present in the dog’s urine overreacts with the active proteins of the grass by making them more fertilized and leads to the death of the plant.

So to prevent the life of the beautiful plants on the lawn, a proper potty place for a dog is necessary.

What are the Benefits of an Outdoor Potty Area for Dogs?

Building an outdoor potty area for a dog on concrete can benefit the owner in many ways, which are discussed below.

Savage of Time

A proper outdoor potty area for a dog can save a lot of time for the dog owner, and this is because when the dog is provided a potty area, it gets into that place on its own whenever it needs to free up, thus avoiding any further walking sessions during the potty time saves the time of the owner.

Smell-Free Home

If a dog is not trained correctly, the canine friend often used to pee inside the home, causing very unpleasant and severe difficulties for the owner.

Thus, training the dog properly and providing a potty place can free the house from foul smells.

Greenery in the Yard

It was the primary benefit of providing a potty area for the dog. When the dogs urinate at different places in the yard, the plants get dead and lead to a loss of the beauty of the garden. Therefore providing a potty area for the dog maintains the yard’s greenery.

Avoid Contamination of the Pet with Pathogenic Bacteria

Providing an excellent outdoor potty area can be beneficial for the pet’s health to a great extent.

This is because when the dog gets outside of the house’s boundary to relieve himself, he gets in contact with many street dogs carrying pathogenic bacteria, which can cause severe infections to the dog’s skin. Thus an outdoor potty area can also prevent the dog from severe infection.

All the above-discussed benefits from building an outdoor potty area for the canine friend. So, if a dog owner has a question regarding why they should provide their dog with an outdoor potty area, they can go through the factors mentioned above to know its benefits.

What are the Requirements for Creating a Concrete

Potty Area for the Dog?

To build a concrete outdoor potty area for the canine friend, the owner should first know what is required. The essential things for making a potty area on concrete are discussed below.

Cinder Blocks

These are a type of lightweight block that can be used to give a shape to the potty area of the pet as per the owner.

Weed Inhibitor

It is a type of plastic lining that can be used on the concrete before applying soil as this will prevent the grass from the toxicity of the dog’s urine.

Nutrient-Rich Soil

Dogs have a habit of peeing on the grass, so planting grass in the potty area is necessary. Therefore soil rich in nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is essential for growing plants.


Sod is the most important thing that a dog owner needs to build a potty area on the concrete. These are a type of pre-harvested grass rolls that are spread above the structured frame.

All the above-discussed things that a dog owner will need while building an outdoor potty area for the dog on concrete.

How to Build an Outdoor Dog Potty Area on Concrete?

We know that most dog owners don’t have that much knowledge regarding building an outdoor potty area on concrete.

But there is nothing to worry about as by following some proper steps with utmost accuracy, the owner can get perfect in it.

The actions that a dog owner can follow for building an outdoor potty area on concrete are discussed below.

Choose the Location

The first and most crucial place is to determine the location where you want to build the dog’s potty area.

This point is vital because it will decide whether the home will be free from the foul smell of the dog’s urine or not.

So choosing a different place where the smell can’t get into the house is an excellent choice to go with.

Decide the Perimeter of the Potty Area

Now the second step is to create the perimeter of the potty area. It depends on the owner how large he wants the area to be, and it can also be done by measuring a similar size box or anything that the owner wants the size of the potty area to be.

It is suggested that the length should be enough for the dog to do a few circles before relieving himself.

Mark the Dimensions

After taking the measurement, now it’s time to mark the dimensions measured upon the frame that is going to be the potty area.

If you are using freehand for the marking, then the use of a plank of wood is preferred for getting a perfectly straight line.

Construct the Frame

After marking all the measured dimensions on the piece of wood that will be the supportive structure of the potty area, now it’s time for the frame’s construction.

If you are not interested in cutting and grafting the boards, then the use of cinder blocks is the best choice. All you have to do is align the blocks as per the measurement of the dimensions.

Put the Weed Inhibitor

Now, as you are done with all the steps mentioned above, it’s time to fill up the frame with the weed inhibitor.

The use of this weed inhibitor will create a barrier between the weed and the grass. This will provide moisture to the grass by keeping the dirt particles inside.

Add the Soil to the Frame

Now we have come to the last few steps. This step was to put the soil in the constructed frame for the plantation of the grass over it, and the owner is suggested to choose nutrient-rich soil to provide enough strength to the plants for their survival.

After applying the soil over the constructed frame providing moisture to the soil is necessary. For this, all the owner has to do is just take the watering can and water it for a couple of minutes. A little bit of moisture is enough for a proper soil settlement in the frame.

Spread the Sod Over the Frame

Here’s come the second last step of the entire process. After completing all the steps mentioned above, now all the owner has to do is take out the rolls of sod and roll them over the structured frame one by one.

The owner should remember that the sod should get packed tightly with one another. Otherwise, the grass will not take root.

Water the Grass

So now we have completed all the steps, and the last and final step is to water the structured frame. Watering is necessary for providing electrolytes to the pre-harvested plants for generating their roots in the soil.

Most dog owners prefer all the above-discussed methods throughout the world. So if a dog owner is looking for steps regarding building an outdoor potty area on concrete, then the dog owner can completely rely on the steps mentioned above to get the best results.

At this moment, we are done with the entire article and have discussed all the information that can help you obtain knowledge regarding how to build an outdoor dog potty area on the concrete.

We hope that the article has cleared all your doubts regarding the matter. Thanks for staying till the end with us and reading the whole article.

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