How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog?

How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog?

Here’s a detailed description that incorporates the information provided, along with key takeaways for parents and kids looking to bring a dog into the family:

How to Welcome a Dog Into Your Family: A Guide for Kids and Parents

Having a dog as part of the family can be an incredibly rewarding experience, especially for children. Dogs provide companionship, teach responsibility, and offer unconditional love. However, convincing your parents might take some effort. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the process.

Why Might Parents Be Hesitant?

Before launching your campaign, try to understand why your parents might say no:

  • Safety Concerns: They might worry about potential bites or unpredictable behavior.
  • Busy Schedules: Additional responsibilities might feel overwhelming.
  • Cleanliness: Dogs shed and can create messes.
  • Financial Cost: Food, vet care, and supplies add up.

Strategies for Convincing Your Parents

  1. Demonstrate Responsibility: Take initiative with existing chores, homework, and keeping your space organized without having to be nagged.
  2. Plan for the Future: Create a detailed schedule outlining your dog care plan (walks, feeding, grooming, etc.). Show how you’ll balance it with your own obligations.
  3. Prove your Commitment: Volunteer at a local shelter, dog-sit for a neighbor or even foster a dog temporarily. This gives you hands-on experience and shows your dedication.
  4. Research Your Breed: Don’t just pick a dog because it’s cute! Show that you’ve researched the breed’s energy levels, size, and temperament to ensure it’s a good fit for your home.
  5. Address Expenses: Offer to contribute with savings, allowance, odd jobs, or pet-related chores (dog-walking for others, etc.).

Benefits of a Family Dog (Emphasize these!)

  • Companionship: Dogs are loyal friends, reducing loneliness and providing comfort.
  • Responsibility: Caring for a dog teaches important life skills.
  • Physical Activity: Regular walks and playtime promote healthy habits for everyone.
  • Stress Relief: Dogs offer unconditional affection and reduce anxiety.
  • Socialization: Meeting other dog owners expands your social circle.
  • Protection: Many breeds have natural guarding instincts for added home security.

Apartment Living Considerations

  • Choose Carefully: Smaller breeds are generally better suited for apartments.
  • Exercise is Essential: Commit to plenty of walks and park visits to keep your pup happy and healthy.
  • Neighbors: Practice good dog etiquette: train your dog well, address excessive barking promptly, and always clean up after your pet.

It’s a Two-Way Street: Listen to Your Parents

Be open to their concerns and work together to find solutions. A calm, respectful approach is key. Remember, compromise might mean a smaller dog, agreeing to additional chores, or exploring other volunteering options if they’re completely unreceptive to bringing a dog home.

Key Takeaways

  • Patience is Key: This might take time. Don’t give up! Keep demonstrating your maturity.
  • Actions Speak Louder: Showing responsibility in other areas of your life goes a long way.
  • Knowledge is Power: Knowing your stuff about breeds, care, and training shows your seriousness.
  • Empathy Matters: Understanding your parents’ concerns is important, even if you disagree.

Adopting Responsibly

If you do get the green light, consider adopting from a shelter or rescue. This is a great way to give a deserving dog a loving home.

Adding a dog to your family is a big decision. By working together and demonstrating your commitment, you increase your chances of a furry friend joining your home!

How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog?- Why Don’t Parents Agree to a Canine Friend?

Parents always think first about the safety of their children. So if you are asking your parents to get you a canine friend and they refuse, then one of the primary reasons might be their concern for your safety. Sometimes, dogs get mad over silly things and get anxious. There’s a chance of getting bitten by a dog when it gets nervous.

The other reason might be that they don’t want to add any differences to their daily schedule or don’t want to spend hours taking care of the dog.

If you have failed after putting lots of effort into convincing your parents to get you a canine friend, you don’t have to worry. Now we are going to discuss all the things you can do to let your parents know the benefits of keeping a family dog at home.

What are the Strategies that You Can Follow to Convince Your Parents?

You might need to find clever strategies and tricks to convince your parents to get you a fur friend. Check out the below tips to know how to do so.

Make a Daily Schedule Regarding Your Pet’s Needs

It’s essential to show your parents that you are aware of your responsibilities regarding your dog. This will make them realize that you will be able to handle the dog and maintain its basic needs very quickly.

For this, all you can do is make a daily routine regarding your pet’s basic needs and mention at which time you are going to complete it without compromising your daily routine.

Tell Them You are Ready to Take the Responsibility

It would help if you also made your parents realize that you are ready to take all the responsibility for your dog.

To do this, you might have to wake up early in the morning a few days before you are going to buy the dog, and also have to go for a walk early in the morning to prove to your parents that you will be able to take your dog for a walk in the early morning.

Show Them Your Responsible Behavior

If your parents are not agreeing after listening to the efforts, you will put in after getting a dog, then it might be because they don’t trust you that you will be responsible in the future.

 This happens because, once the parents agree, the child forgets all responsibilities, and the parents have to clean up all the things in the end.

To prove that you have become responsible, you have to clean all your room, keep your things disciplined, eat on time, sleep on time, and many other things.

Select the Type of Breed You Want

You should be ready with everything to answer your parents when you are trying to convince them of a dog. To decide which type of dog you want, you have to do detailed research on the kind of dog’s breed on the internet.

If you have a small house or an apartment, you can’t go for a large breed dog, or if you are willing to have a playful dog, you can go for the small breed. In this way, you should choose which type of dog will best suit your home’s ambiance.

Tell Them You Will Take the Expenses of Your Pet

If you are self-dependent, you can also convince your parents by telling them you will care for all the pet’s expenses.

This might also help you greatly, but if you are not self-dependent, you can also say to your parents that you will save your pocket money to take your dog’s expenses on your own.

This will help them realize how desperately you want a canine friend.

Be Calm and Also Listen to Their Problems

Never make the mistake of not listening to the problem of parents while convincing them of a canine friend. One of your parents might have allergies to dogs, so they do not agree to get you a dog. Always try to understand their view and don’t make any rush.

If you are able to perform all the steps mentioned above correctly, then there is a significantly less chance that your parents will not agree to get you a canine friend. If you still fail to convince your parents of a canine friend, you can opt for the below-discussed methods.

Benefits of Keeping a Canine Friend at Home

If your parents are not ready to get you a canine friend, you can convince them by telling them the various benefits of keeping a canine friend at home.

The benefits of keeping a canine friend at home are discussed below:

Gives You a Healthier Life

Keeping a canine friend at home can result in a healthier life. As if you have a dog, you have to wake up earlier in the morning by any means, and the walk you take in the early morning with your dog is the most valuable part.

Playtime with your dog fulfills the lack of exercise in your daily schedule, and that’s how it gives you a healthier lifestyle.

Increase in Your Friends’ Circle

It’s the central fact that if you keep a dog with you, it will eventually help you increase your friend cycle. This might happen because all dogs have a habit of meeting up with other dogs in the street when they are out for a walk.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to talk to a stranger. If your dog intends to be friends with that stranger’s pet, you have to speak with that person forcefully. That’s how our dogs make us more pleasant.

Can Guard the Home at Night

The most important of keeping a dog at home is that you can entirely rely upon your dog to guard your home at night. The canine of your home will instantly start barking after noticing some irregular movements in the house, which is enough to wake you up for opting for the needed precautions.

Keeps Your Blood Pressure under Control

It may sound weird that keeping dogs at home will help you keep your blood pressure in control. But it was scientifically proven that owning a dog at home keeps the owner’s blood pressure in power, as the owner gets daily walk and exercise along with their dog.

According to research, the dog owners get calm after spending some time with their dog, which doesn’t make the owner angry. Keeping the mind calm and getting daily exercise are all we need to control our blood pressure; that’s how our dog helps us to keep our blood pressure in control.

Reduces Stress

As per the research done by the scientific authorities, pets have the power to calm their anxious owner due to the tremendous amount of work they do throughout the whole day. Dogs always used to release positive vibes, which works wonders for removing their owners’ stress.

Reduces the Triglyceride Levels of their Owners

Triglyceride is a type of fat found in the blood of humans. The medical authorities have done a study on dog owners who have diabetes and found out that the level of triglycerides in a dog owner’s body is less, which keeps them healthier to an extent even if they have diabetes.

Keeps Your Cholesterol Levels in Control

The regular act of going on an outing with your dog or the morning playing session with your dog is just enough to burn cholesterol off your body. That’s how keeping a dog can help the owner to keep his cholesterol level in control.

Strengthens their Microbiome

The dog owners already used to have a robust immune system as they are already sharing their home with their canine companion and are not affected by the bacteria from their dog.

But the exposure of their immune system to the common pathogens carried by their dog helps them strengthen their microbiome and helps their internal flora become diverse.

How to Decide on a Perfect Breed as Per Your Home Ambiance?

The most crucial part of convincing your parents to get you a canine friend is choosing a perfect breed per your home’s ambiance and explaining how it could be the best.

Here we will discuss some of the top dog breeds that most people used to prefer, along with their specialties to help you choose the best dog for yourself.

Some of the top dog breeds are discussed below.

Cane Corso

If you are looking for a super active and cute dog, cane Corso is the best choice. This breed of dog was famous for its giant body and strength. It was strong enough to guide them home at night and could drive away any stranger with wrong intentions trying to enter the home.

The dog of this breed can be intimidating at first glance, but it becomes very loyal and friendly with time. Hence you can go for a Cane Corso if you are looking for a cute and robust dog.


If you are a swimming lover and want your dog to be the best swimming partner, you can go for the Newfoundlands as your canine friend. The webbed feet, oily double coats, lung capacity, and broad chest help them be the most incredible dog swimmer.

It can even save your life if you accidentally fall into the water. You should make sure that you will be able to take the expenses of this dog as large dogs require more expenses.

Labrador Retriever

If you are one of the owners who want to make your dog learn all the good manners to be elegant and different from other dogs and like a bouncy, cheerful, and loyal one, you are all set to go. It was the best choice for you. The dogs of this breed were very efficient in grasping new skills, so if you want an intelligent one, you can go for this breed.


As we all know, chihuahuas are the most miniature dog breeds and are very loving and loyal. These dogs were straightforward to handle and were reliable and perfect family friends if treated accordingly. You will not even need to pay a considerable expense to fulfill their daily needs. So, if you are looking for such kind, you can go for it.


If you are looking for a dog with whom your child can get comfortable, it is the breed you can go with. They have an excellent quality of handling a child’s vulnerability and can be the best companion to your loved one.

These are top dog breeds per our survey, whereas you can also go for other species as per your choice. But the important fact is to tell your parents thoroughly about the breed you choose so that they can decide if it is a good choice.

Why Should Parents Get their Children a Canine Companion?

There are many benefits of getting your child a canine companion that we have discussed above, like daily exercise and regular playing sessions, which will keep your child stay fit and healthier.

But now, we are going to discuss some of the significant reasons that a canine companion can bring out your child’s behavior to make your child a person with a unique personality.

The reason why parents should get their child a canine companion are discussed below.

Never Lets Your Child Feel Lonely

If you have only one child, then you should get your child a canine companion. It will make your child feel like they also have a companion with which they can play. Your child will also learn to share things and take care of animals. At last, it will help your child develop a loving nature.

Makes Your Child Responsible

If you get your child a canine companion, they will become responsible. As they must have to take the dog for regular walks and exercise sessions in the morning, they also have to do frequent cleaning to keep the ambiance clean. Hence, as a result, they will become responsible.

Always Protects Your Child

We all know that dogs are very loyal to their owners and are self-sufficient to protect themselves and the owner in times of danger.

If your child is in some trouble, like getting surrounded by street dogs, then your pet will be easily able to save your child from that situation. So if you want someone who can look over your child all the time, you can go for this breed of dog.

Makes Your Child Active

As we all know that dogs are exceptionally playful, so they have the potential to make anyone in their surroundings energetic. If your child always keeps on noticing such kinds of active things in their surroundings, then eventually, the child will also try to become as active as possible.

How to Convince Your Parents if You are Living in an Apartment?

If you live in an apartment, it will be pretty tricky for you to convince your parents to get you a dog.

This may happen because sometimes the landlords also used to have issues with dogs, so they may also sign your parents on a contract before giving you the home by saying that dogs are totally not allowed or if they still want to, then they have to pay for the dog too.

In this condition, there is no chance to convince your parents other than telling them you will take all the dog’s expenses, including the rent of the dog.

Or if that’s not the condition and your parents are just refusing because you are living in an apartment, then all you can do is tell them to go for a small breed dog as it will not require extra space and the expenses is also low.

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