How to Draw Courage the Cowardly Dog?

How to Draw Courage the Cowardly Dog?

How to Draw Courage the Cowardly Dog?- Courage, the cowardly dog, is a popular dog cartoon character who has gone famous all over the world.

How to Draw Courage the Cowardly Dog: Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a breakdown of how to draw Courage, plus tips for getting a great result:


  • Drawing paper
  • Pencils (HB for sketching, darker pencils like 2B, 4B for shading)
  • Eraser
  • Compass (optional)
  • Colored pencils or markers (pink, brown, black, white)


  1. Head and Face:

    • Circle: Draw a circle for the basic shape of Courage’s head.
    • Guide Lines: Lightly draw a vertical and horizontal line intersecting in the center of the circle.
    • Eyes: Sketch two large ovals above the horizontal line, leaving space for the nose.
    • Mouth: Draw a wide, curved line below the horizontal line.
  2. Ears:

    • Draw two long, upward-curved lines extending from the top of the circle, representing Courage’s distinctive ears.
  3. Body:

    • Oval: Draw an oval shape below the head, slightly overlapping it, for the body.
  4. Legs and Tail

    • Legs: Draw four simple stick-like lines extending down from the body.
    • Tail: Draw a thin, slightly curved line extending from the back of the body.
  5. Details:

    • Nose: Draw a small triangle in the center of the lower half of the circle.
    • Eyebrows: Add two expressive curved lines above the eyes.
    • Pupils: Draw two small circles inside the eye ovals.
    • Teeth: Add one or two teeth sticking out from Courage’s mouth, giving him a worried look.
    • Whiskers: Draw a few thin lines on either side of his nose.
  6. Outline and Refine:

    • With a darker pencil, carefully outline the shapes of Courage’s body and features.
    • Erase any unnecessary guide lines.
  7. Coloring:

    • Body: Use light pink for the main body color.
    • Ears, Nose, Spots: Fill in spots, nose, and inner ears with a slightly darker brown.
    • Eyes: Color the irises black and leaving a small white dot in each eye for highlights.


  • Light Touch: Start with very light pencil lines so you can easily make adjustments.
  • Proportions: Pay attention to the proportions of Courage’s features – big eyes, floppy ears, and a small nose.
  • Expression: Emphasize his worried expression with raised eyebrows and a slightly open mouth.
  • Don’t Rush: Take your time and enjoy the process!

Key Takeaways:

  • Start with basic shapes (circles and ovals) and gradually add details.
  • Use light pressure to sketch, then outline and shade for depth.
  • Pay attention to Courage’s unique features to capture his iconic look.

Remember: With practice, you’ll be drawing Courage like a pro in no time. Have fun and let your creativity shine!

What Materials are Required for the Perfect Drawing?

We don’t have to say how important a role the material required plays in giving a perfect look to the drawing.

So, you have to carefully choose what materials to choose as per our suggestion. The materials you can choose for drawing the courage of the cowardly dog are mentioned below.

Different Shaded Pencils

The different shaded pencils are specially for beginners, as using different shades for different structures will help them easily fill up the colors in the drawing.

A Piece of Cardboard

The use of cardboard is necessary for all types of drawings, as it prevents the paper from moving while the painting is going on.

A Compass

A compass is only needed when you cannot draw a circle properly, which will be most helpful in drawing the outline of the head and the eyes.

Some Soft Pastels

As this is the drawing of a cartoon, soft pastels will be more appropriate for a perfect drawing as these are easy to blend even with fingers.

An Eraser

You are all aware of how necessary an eraser is while making a drawing, as it helps to erase the mistakes you make during the drawing.

A Scale

A scale is needed to draw the border of the drawing paper and also to draw the lining within the head and the body to give it a proper shape.

A Tissue Paper

As you will be using soft pastels in this article, therefore the use of tissue paper can be helpful because it will prevent your fingers from getting dirty.

All those mentioned above are the most important materials you will require while drawing courage for the cowardly dog. So it is suggested that you never forget to keep the materials aside when you are all set to draw the sketch.

How to Draw Courage the Cowardly Dog?

Now, as you are aware of what materials to use for a proper drawing, it is time to know what exact process you should follow for making a perfect drawing of courage the cowardly dog. The steps you can follow for properly drawing the sketch are mentioned below.

Draw a Circle

The first step you have to follow for making the drawing is to draw a circle in the middle of the paper, and the circle will probably be the base of the face of the timid pink dog.

Draw Two Lines Bisecting Perpendicularly

After drawing the circle, you can next draw two intersecting lines within the circle, making sure that the measurements of both sides are the same.

Draw Two Ovals at the Upper Half

Now it comes to the main portion of the drawing, the base of the eye. For this, you must just draw two ovals at the upper half of the intersecting lines you have drawn.

Draw an arc at the Lower End

To draw the mouth of the dog, you need to draw an extended arc at the lower portion of the arc, within the lower parts of the intersecting lines. Remember that the arc should start from one end of the lower arc and end at the other end of the lower arc.

Draw Two Lines Above the Circle

Now the structure of the face is done, it’s time to draw the base structure of the ears. You can do this by drawing the lines above the ovals by maintaining an appropriate distance between the two.

Draw Another Oval Below the Previous Circle

Now you are done with the structure of the face, the next step you have to do is draw the base of the body and a long oval like an extended shape of an egg attached to the previous circle.

Draw the Tail

Start a line from the lower portion of the enlarged oval up to at least 3 inches, and then below the line, draw another line and join both the lines with the help of three small semicircles. Keep the middle semicircle a little above the rest two to give a specific design.

Draw the Legs

To draw the legs, the process followed is the same as that of the tail, but the line should be straight. The legs should be drawn by following the proper procedure and should be at an appropriate distance from each other.

Draw the Hands

To draw the hands, you have to draw two lines joining each other on one side of the enlarged oval, making it look popping out from the body, and then repeat it on the other side.

Join the Ending Portion of the Hands

Now to make the hand look more realistic, join the two hands at the front side where you have curved the lines by repeating the same design as the tails so that it looks like the dog has joined his hands.

Draw Two Pointed Arcs at the Arc on the Face

The dog’s body is almost complete, and now it’s time to complete the face. For this, all you have to do is draw two semi-arcs at the ending point of the larger arc you have drawn below the eyes of the dog. This will be the structure of the lip.

Draw a Triangle in the Middle of the Two Arcs

The triangle in the middle of the two arcs you have drawn as per the above steps will be the nose of the dog. Make sure to slightly curve the middle portion of the triangle to make the nose look as exact as the timid dog’s.

Draw the Eyebrows

How can the look of the dog be complete without the eyebrows? To make the eyebrows, you have to draw two curved lines above the eyes on both sides and make it a bit pointed at the end.

Draw the Pupils

After drawing the eyebrows, it’s time to draw the pupils within the eye and draw two small circles in both eyes to make them look like pupils. Don’t forget to color the eye you have drawn, as this will give the eye a more realistic look.

Properly Draw the Ears

The base structure is already done in the fifth step, and now it’s time to complete the ear structure. All you can do is draw a curved arc from the free end of the line, join it to the site where the line from the circle intersects, and repeat the same procedure on the other side.

Draw the Mustaches Over the Lip

It’s not necessary to mention that the look is incomplete without the mustaches. All you can do is just draw three lines at both the arcs you have drawn over the lip of the timid pink dog.

Fill it Up with Colors.

Now the drawing of the courage the cowardly dog is almost complete. It’s time to fill it with colors to give it a more realistic look. You can use light purple over the body, dark brown over the ears and the nose, and white on the eyes.

The above-discussed steps are based on the preference of the cartoon artists on the techniques they used to prefer for drawing.

So if you are looking for the steps to draw the image of courage, the cowardly dog, then you can completely rely on the above-discussed steps to get the best results.

What Things Should You Avoid While Making the Drawing?

The correct process you can follow while making the drawing is mentioned above, but still, there are some mistakes you should avoid while making the drawing to make it look better.

Avoid Using a Free Board

If you use the piece of cardboard without pinning it up with paper, then there’s a chance that the paper can move within the process. That is why the use of a freeboard needs to be strictly avoided.

Avoid Using a Boldly Pointed Pencil

You should strictly avoid using a boldly pointed pencil while making the drawing, as it can lead to rough lines in the sketch.

Most of you have often tried to draw that famous timid pink dog, but the drawing can’t look that great due to a lack of skills and proficiency.

That’s why a great guide on how to draw courage the cowardly dog is what you need right now. Remember, you should always avoid using the things mentioned above while moving forward with the process.

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