How to Put a Diaper on a Dog?

How to Put a Diaper on a Dog

Here’s a breakdown on how to diaper a dog and when it might be necessary, plus key takeaways:

Why Use Dog Diapers

  • Urinary Incontinence: For dogs with medical conditions that cause frequent urination.
  • Females in Heat: To manage bleeding and prevent unwanted mating.
  • House Training: Aids in potty training by containing accidents.
  • Travel: Makes traveling with your dog easier, especially on long journeys or in public spaces.

How to Put on a Dog Diaper

  1. Measure Your Dog: Focus on waist size and overall length for the best fit.
  2. Choose the Right Diaper: Disposable or reusable options, consider your dog’s needs.
  3. Position the Diaper: Securely place it with the tail hole aligned.
  4. Secure it: Fasten the tabs snugly, making sure it’s not too tight.
  5. Reward Them! Offer treats and praise to create positive associations with wearing a diaper.

DIY Dog Diapers

It’s easy to make your own dog diapers in a pinch – use these creative options:

  • Modified Baby Diapers
  • Children’s Underwear
  • Pee Pads
  • Socks
  • Old T-shirts

Key Takeaways

  • Diapers are a helpful tool for managing specific situations, but shouldn’t be a permanent solution.
  • Address underlying causes of incontinence or house training issues with your vet.
  • Choose the right diaper style and size for your dog’s comfort.
  • Make the experience positive with rewards and patience.
  • For convenience and ease, consider pre-made dog diapers.

Why Do Dogs Need a Diaper?

You must be thinking about why dogs need a diaper. You will be a little surprised to know that there are many reasons for a dog needing a diaper. Let’s see what these reasons are.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a medical condition caused in dogs because of an infection in the urinary tract, diabetes, or bladder problems.

Though this condition can be treated by medication or surgery, if it doesn’t work out, then diapers will become a part of your dog’s daily life.

Diaper for Female Dogs in Heat

During heat cycles, females need a covering to contain the mess. This allows them to be a part of the family rather than tucked away in a crate or pen.

House Training Issues

Dogs’ diapers can be handy during house training. When you are teaching and training your dog (significantly if your dog is grown up) where to poop and where to pee, diapers are very helpful.

How to Put a Diaper on a Dog?

You have to keep some things in your mind when you have to choose the best-fit diaper for your dog.

Read the complete article to know how you have to put a diaper on your dog.

There are two most important measurements you have to know before buying a diaper for your dog.

The first important measurement is waist size, while the second one is the diaper length. You can refer to the paw-inspired sizing chart when you take the measurement of your dog

  1. To measure the waist size of your dog, start counting from the point where the waistband of the diaper will fit your dog in the best way.
  2. Then check on which category of waist size your dog falls into.
  3. Now you have to determine the best fit diaper length for your dog. To measure the size of the diaper, start measuring from the dog’s underbelly, then measure between the legs of the dog and then measure along its spine, and then finally return to the waist.
  4. Then choose the diaper of the length that fits best for your dog according to measurements.
  5. Now here comes your main work of putting diapers on your dog. To do so, place the tabs underneath. And make sure that the padding is facing in.
  6. Then over your dog’s tail, slip the hole of the diaper.
  7. Then in the next step, fix your dog’s diaper between the back legs and snugly against the dog’s underbelly.
  8. And in the last step, secure the tabs of the diaper, and you are all done.

Dogs have a habit of scratching their diapers off. To get rid of this habit, you can give your dog some reward or praise every time you put a diaper on them.

Your dog will feel that he is doing good. That’s why he is getting the reward. And he will try not to remove the diaper.

How to Make a Dog Diaper?

I guess everyone must have heard or seen that their mothers used to make alternative diapers for them at home.

Dog owners treat their dogs like their own children, and hence they also make diapers at home for their dogs. Making diapers for dogs at home is not a challenging task. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to know how easily you can make a dog diaper.

First Way

  • Take a standard baby diaper. Take the size of the baby diaper that fits your dog. Baby diapers have a measurement guideline on the package from where you can decide which baby diaper fits your dog best.
  • Put the diaper around your dog, and then put your finger at the position of his tail. Then use a pair of scissors to snip a hole in the diaper, cut around, and then your homemade dog diaper is ready by using a baby diaper.

Second Way

  • The other way to make a dog diaper is by using a pair of children’s undergarments. Boy’s boxers are generally preferred if you are making diapers in this way because they have a little more material that can go down the legs a little bit.
  • To make the diaper, slide the used boxers onto your dog wherever his tail lines up. Mark the point with your finger and then cut a little hole from which your dog’s tail can come through.
  • After that, use a sanitary pad. Stick the sanitary pad inside the boxers before putting the diaper on your dog. The sanitary pad will help you to soak up urine.
  • Then with the tail hole cut, your furry pet can wear these homemade diapers. Such diapers are very comfortable for dogs.

Third Way

  • The other way to make dogs’ diapers is by using a pee pad.
  • Draw an hourglass shape (like the shape of a baby diaper) on the pee pad, and then cut out your pee pad. Also, make sure the cut-out pee pad fits your dog.
  • Now you have cut the pee pad according to the measurements of your dog. Now you will have an hourglass-shaped pee pad which will have little flaps on either side.
  • Wrap the pee pad around your dog from the flaps, and then just duct tape it
  • You can also use Velcro or safety pins.
  • As an alternative to a pee pad, you can also use some cloth material. Just remember clothes are not absorbent, whereas pee pads can absorb a large number of liquids.

Fourth Way

  • In this way of making a diaper at home, you will use a sock.
  • You have to cut a hole from the toe of your dog’s tail in both the top and the bottom of the sock.
  • Then cut the ankle portion of the sock almost to the heel.
  • Then loop the hole over your dog’s tail and pull each side of the split ankle portion around each hind leg.
  • Then tie securely on each side, and your DIY diaper is ready.

Fifth Way

  • In this method, you will use a t-shirt to make a diaper for your dog.
  • Lay the shirt flat on the bed or floor, then fold on one side and line its sleeve seam with the centre of the collar.
  • Then fold the other side, just like you have folded the first side.
  • After that, fold the top portion of the t-shirt to create a T shape.
  • Then fold the bottom of the shirt up so that it meets the bottom of the sleeves. This step will also shorten the t-shirt length, which will be suitable for proper diaper length. And that’s all, and your homemade diaper is ready.

DIY methods of making dog diapers are very easy, as you can see in the article. Also, you will not need any fancy material to make DIY diapers.

You can make homemade diapers in just a few minutes. These homemade diapers are very comfortable for dogs to use.

How to put a diaper on a dog is an easy job. Within a few tries, you will become a pro at this work. Also, if you are short of a dog diaper and need it urgently, you can make one at home.

There are many ways through which you can make a dog diaper at home, as you can see in the article itself. Read the complete article to know why dogs need a diaper.

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