How to Travel with a Dog?

How to Travel with a Dog?

All dog owners want to keep their loved ones with them every outing. This can be pretty tough because dogs are usually not familiar with traveling in a car so traveling can be a bit uncomfortable for dogs.

So, how to travel with a dog? Understand that it’s going to be a bit difficult and lengthy. Remember to go for a compulsory health check-up. Know the rules and regulations of the airlines or train you are boarding. Do some research and find the best crate for your dog.

Everything related to traveling with your dogs will be discussed here. So please continue reading the article till the end to get the information.

How to Travel with a Dog? Why is it Difficult to Travel with a Dog?

The difficulty in traveling with your dogs depends on how your dog behaves in the car. Some dogs love to have a car ride, whereas some dogs get scared in a moving vehicle.

The reason behind dogs getting scared of cars is that they feel like they are stuck in a big moving box, and the continuous rotation of the car makes them anxious, leading to the constant bvisit a veterinarianarking of your dog. These things can make the trip an unfortunate event for both the owner and the dog.

Why is it Necessary to Take a Health Check-Up of Your Dog before Traveling?

If your dog is comfortable traveling with you, it is essential to take a health check-up before the outing. It is important to visit a veterinarian before a trip to take the proper medication and to identify if your dog is suffering from a disease or not.

If you do not get to a veterinarian before the trip, your dog might suffer from car diseases like vomiting, breathing issues, etc.

It is scientifically proven that diseased dogs are not preferable to go for an outing as it can affect the pet’s health to a greater extent. So it is necessary to take your dog to a veterinarian before a tour.

Steps that You Should Follow While Traveling By Your Car

If you have decided to take your pet with you to your traveling destination, then you should go through the points discussed below to make your journey memorable and safe for your dog.

Traveling in a car with a pet has always been very challenging for all dog owners. To make this journey more manageable, comfortable, and memorable for yourself and your pet, you can go with the following steps discussed below.

The steps to follow while traveling with your pet in a car are

  1. The owner should familiarize his dog with the car before the outing day by taking the pet for short rides daily.
  2. Let your dog travel empty stomach to avoid sickness in the car like vomiting. Whereas it is vital to give the pet the required amount of water during the journey as nervousness can make them thirstier.
  3. Always keep the car adequately ventilated and ensure that your dog is getting sufficient air to avoid suffocation of your dog in the car.
  4. Always tie your dog’s cage with the seat belt or carry a dog seat belt to protect your dog from falling in the car.
  5. If you are carrying your dog without any cage, then make sure to prevent him from letting his head out of the window to avoid the tiny dust particles from getting trapped in your dog’s eyes.
  6. Always maintain a frequency in stopping the car to take your dog to a potty break to prevent your car from getting dirty.
  7. Never leave your pet alone in a closed car as it can make them anxious and scared.

How to Travel with Your Dog on a Plane?

If your dog is comfortable traveling in flight, you can take your dog on a plane. It’s essential to carry a pet carrier to make your dog feel comfortable throughout the journey.

Some airlines also charge for your pet, and your dog’s weight is measured as per the regulations of the country of destination. It is also important to take the proper documentation of your pet along with you.

Rules Imposed on Dog Owners on a Flight

If you have ever traveled with your pet on a flight, you might be aware of the rules a dog owner must follow while taking his pet along with him.

Here are some of the standard rules imposed on the dog owners during flight

  1. The dog should be carried in a properly ventilated bag as per the size mentioned in the information bulletin of the flight.
  2. The pet should be appropriately leashed, and its weight along with the container should not exceed the weight of 5 kgs. The owner had to pay a charge for his pet as it was not allowed with the free luggage.
  3.  The owner had to take the rabies vaccination certificates and the proper medication certificates along with him as proof that his dog was fit both physically and mentally.
  4. The owner has to take their pet at their own risk as some countries don’t allow the entry of pets.
  5. If the pet gets injured during the journey, it will be the owner’s responsibility to provide the pet with proper medication, as the authority will not be responsible for that.
  6. The owner has to give a declaration to the authority by agreeing to all the conditions mentioned above.

These rules might differ from airline to airline. But in most airlines, these guidelines were imposed on the dog owners, which they have to strictly follow for carrying their dog with them during the journey.

Traveling with Dogs on Trains: Rules and Regulations to Follow

You can get confused if you are traveling with your dog for the first time on a train. So you need to be aware of the rules and regulations imposed on dog owners carrying their dogs along with them on the train.

In most of the railway’s terminology, pets are often considered luggage, so traveling with your dog on the train is cheaper than traveling on flights.

 Here are some of the rules imposed on dog owners on train

  1. The dog owner should carry their dog in the cabin of a train at AC first class or in the non AC section as pets are not allowed in the AC sleeper class, chair class, or second class of a train.
  2. The owner can also carry their dog in specially designed luggage boxes if the companions complain about the dog’s presence in the compartment.
  3. After booking the ticket, the owner should explain their reason for taking their pet along with them to the chief commercial officer. This will ensure that they are allotted a cabin rather than a random berth.
  4. The dog owner should carry collars and chains for their dog, and it’s the responsibility of the dog owner to arrange food for their pet.

One should contact the parcel office of their boarding station before taking their dog on the journey, as a minimal amount of charge will be taken to ensure your dog’s safe travel throughout the whole trip. This will help in the conveyance of your dog on the journey.

Why is it Important to Keep a Crate Every Time You Travel with Your Dog?

The dog owners must keep a crate with them at every outing with their pets as it makes the pet feel safe and secure and protects it from falling in a car.

Rather than this, if you are taking your dog on a flight, it was strictly mentioned in the guidelines of some airlines for the dog owners to keep a crate with them for carrying their dog.

How to Choose a Perfect Crate for Your Dog?

As a crate is the most crucial part of keeping your dog safe during a flight, the owner should be aware of the facts that should be noticed while buying a crate for the dog to make the pet feel secure during the entire journey.

The things that should be taken care of while buying a crate are

  1. The crate should be large enough as per the dog’s size so that the pet can move quickly inside it.
  2. The crate should be strong enough with an easy grip for the owner to hold the crate.
  3. The crate should be adequately ventilated on opposing sides.
  4. The leak-proof bottom of the crate should be covered with absorbent material.

Now we have discussed all the tips and tricks, what precautions to follow, what to avoid, and which product to choose while planning for an outing with your dog.

All the information discussed above is well researched and will help you make your journey beautiful if you are planning to travel with your dog in the future.

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