How to Unstick a Dog after Mating?

How to Unstick a Dog after Mating

How to Unstick a Dog after Mating? – If you are one of the dog owners who let their pet breed produce their offspring, you might have come to the point where they get stuck with each other after completing the mating process.

This is a natural process dogs often face during breeding, but if it lasts for a longer time, it can be dangerous for the dog’s health, due to which most dog owners search for steps regarding how to unstick a dog after mating.

After mating, the male and female dogs may become stuck together due to the presence of a membrane called the copulatory tie. This is a natural part of the mating process and typically resolves on its own within a few minutes.

To help the dogs unstick, you can gently pull them apart using a towel or other soft cloth. It is important to avoid pulling too hard, as this can cause injury to the dogs.

If the dogs are unable to unstick on their own after a few minutes, it is important to contact your veterinarian for assistance. Your veterinarian can help to safely separate the dogs and ensure that they are not injured during the process.

Unsticking dogs after mating requires caution and should ideally be done by a veterinarian. However, if professional help is not immediately available, follow these steps:

  1. Remain calm: Stay calm and avoid panicking, as the dogs may sense your anxiety.
  2. Separate the dogs: Gently try to separate the dogs by applying steady and even pressure to their hindquarters or using a leash and collar.
  3. Use lubrication: Apply a water-based lubricant, such as mineral oil or lubricating jelly, to the mating area to help reduce friction.
  4. Take breaks: If the dogs remain stuck, allow them short breaks to rest and relax, as they may naturally separate on their own.
  5. Seek veterinary assistance: Contact a veterinarian immediately for guidance and professional intervention. Attempting to forcibly separate the dogs can cause injury or distress.

Key Takeaway:

Forcing dogs apart after mating can cause serious injury. Patience and calmness are essential.

This guide explains the “tie” that occurs after dog mating. It emphasizes the importance of remaining calm and avoiding attempts to manually separate the dogs.

All You Need to Know About Dogs Mating

When a dog attains puberty, it usually develops an interest in mating, and it doesn’t matter if the dog is male or female. Having sexual intercourse with the opposite gender is all the dog wants after attaining puberty.

This process is also responsible for producing offspring. The female dogs are used to attract male dogs after getting their first estrous cycle by peeing at different locations. During mating, the penis of the male dog ejects the sperm cells inside the female genital tract, which get caught by the fallopian tube and then sent further to the embryo for getting develop into a complete baby.

Why Do Dogs Get Stuck with Each Other?

We all know that almost all dog breeds get stuck with each other after completing the process of mating.

It happens naturally and is the last step that occurs with the dog when they are about to complete their mating.

The fact responsible for the dogs getting stuck with each other is the swelling of the bulbus glandis within the female genital tract.

When the dogs undergo the process of mating, the blood rushes into the base of the penis between the intercourse, which makes the gland, the bulbus glands, swell in size, due to which the penis of the male gets enlarged and gets stuck within the female genital tract.

For How Long Do the Dogs Stay Stuck with Each Other?

The dog getting stuck with each other while completing their mating process is not a serious thing that the dog owner should worry about. It happens due to some changes in the size of the penis by the blood flow.

As per the research done by the cynologists on the behavior of dogs who are undergoing the process of mating, it was noticed that the dogs who are performing the function of mating for

the first time stay stuck for a bit longer compared to the experienced one. The dogs who are new to this process take almost five minutes to forty-five minutes to get unstuck,

whereas the trained dogs take around five to twenty minutes to get unstuck.

When is a Vet Visit Necessary?

Yes, indeed, most dog breeds new to the process get stuck for almost forty-five minutes which is around one hour. The time taken by different dogs may also differ by basing on the breed types that have been going through the process.

But if the dogs stay stuck for a long time, like 8 hours or ten hours, it can be dangerous for both the canine friends as it can cause severe problems related to sexual intercourse, like infection in the sex organs and damage to the tissues and many others.

At this stage, an instant visit to a veterinarian becomes very important to take the necessary precautions to prevent the dog from getting affected by the severe complications caused due to sexual intercourse.

A veterinarian might also have to adopt surgery to separate the dogs from each other if the condition went critical.

How to Unstick a Dog after Mating?

If you have never let your pet mate with another one, it was the first time for both of you.

Then it’s expected that you will panic and get scared after watching your canine friend in such scenarios as it seems dangerous for the dogs,

but it’s not like that. As we have discussed above, it’s a natural process that happens with every dog when the dogs are almost satisfied and are going to end the procedure of mating.

Veterinarians throughout the whole world always used to say that interrupting the ongoing procedure due to that scenario can be harmful to both dogs.

A dog owner is often suggested not to do anything while the dogs are undergoing the process as the canine friend can get separated from each other independently.

Whereas, if your canine friend is new to this procedure, the pet might also get scared after experiencing this scenario which can cause severe anxiety and stress to the canine friend while trying to get separated from each other.

At this moment, when the dogs get stuck together, you have to play your role as an owner, your dog needs to stay calm and composed to get separated from each other, and this is the point where you can help the pet not physically but mentally.

All you can do is follow some proper steps to calm the pet and encourage and take care of the pet to move further in the process.

A dog owner can follow steps to calm their canine friend while they get stuck during mating are discussed below.

Make Them Feel Your Presence

If you notice that your dog has some difficulty getting stuck, it can be due to anxiousness. All you have to do now is make them feel your presence, and you can roll your fingers over their head to make them feel relaxed and let them develop the confidence to get unstuck.

Encourage Them to Get Unstuck

Your encouragement can work wonders to raise the confidence level of your dog. You can use a cue word that your dog is familiar with.

The best word to choose in this case is “you can do it” or “relax” the use of this word is enough to indulge the self-belief of the dog in detaching himself.

Use of Cannabidiol

All dog owners are aware of how beneficial the use of Cannabidiol is when it comes to controlling the dog’s anxiety.

So a dog owner can go using some cannabidiol over the head of the dog, which will make the pet relaxed to a greater extent and stop them from getting anxious.

As we have already mentioned above, you cannot help the dog physically when it gets stuck during mating.

All you can do is make the pets calm to let them develop their confidence to unstuck themselves, for which the best steps to be followed are discussed above.

Rather than this, the other thing that a dog owner can do is take the pet to a veterinarian if it notices some critical condition in the process, like getting stuck for a long time.

Why Should a Dog Owner Not Help the Stuck Dogs Physically?

It is strictly suggested that the dog owners avoid helping the dog physically while getting stuck to each other during mating. This is because it can cause severe damage to the sex organs of both the male and the female.

As we all know that during the copulation, the penis of the male goes inside the female genital tract to mate,

which is a susceptible procedure, and a little bit of disturbance during this can cause severe issues like the physical damage to the female’s vulva and the genitalia of the male and can also destroy the sperm cells entering the embryo through the fallopian tube.

Whereas if an excessive force will be applied to the dogs, then the female dog can suffer from extreme pain, which can also be life-threatening.

Do Neutered Dogs Also Get Stuck During Mating?

The neutering process is done in male dogs where the surgeon makes a small incision in the front of the scrotum and removes the testicle. The tying up of the spermatic cord prevents the dog from testicular tumors and prevents prostate problems.

Now the question is, do neutered dogs also get stuck during mating? The answer to this doubt is probably yes.

This happens in that case when the dog is newly neutered, as, in this condition, the dog still possesses a high level of testosterone hormone,

which keeps on increasing the drive of the dog to mate leading to the swelling of the base of the penis and getting a copulatory tie.

So, here we are with the full information that can help you complete your search regarding how to unstick a dog after mating.

We hope that all the information discussed above in this article has cleared all your doubts. Thanks for staying till the end with us and reading the entire article.

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